These are, by far, the weirdest video cards we could find on the market today.

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Ba Eu says:

1976: we will have flying cars in the future;

2017: couldn’t find banana

anish jangid says:

LCD display for the stats., liquid cooling seats with overclocking*overflowing the flush with RGB lighting…..COLORFULL’s upcoming TOILETS!!

JM M says:

The cheap is expensive, in the end it consumes a lot of electricity. The consumption is too high, Those graphic cards are a long-term ruin.

Khang Lê says:

isn’t it kamen rider agito logo?

Ill be back in five mins says:

Nvidia Quadro4 400 NVS PCI

TW GUYS YT mobile gaming says:

That *GTX 1050TI* so cute in my opinion and i want it so bad 🙂

Georgino Estevez says:

hey Linus, do you know about a fake graphic cards? they’re using Nvidia brand or whatever.., the fake graphic cards are called Nvidia Prototype and Nvidia Bulldozer. If you don’t know about them, well maybe you’d like to check em out

NoiseBomb says:

My old gtx 295 (og design) had the craziest setup of all video cards I have ever seen. It had 2 freaking pcb’s and a fucking lawnmower as a fan 😀 Thermals were a bit on the hotter side but man it was a beast back in the day.

TR Jurczyk says:

1:31 very well made nails Linus 😀

Vladimir Tiepac says:


Mark Henderson says:

Low profile is available now

Alan Sutcliffe says:

Who did your nails?


I have that 1050ti

Chub Yub says:

More about what actually works than conformaty. Who wants to spend that kind of money on “innovation”.

Khyle Denielle says:

Linus Do Grapichs Cards Giveaway Like if You Agree ??

Ruihang Yang says:

china is taking over the world like amd taking over nvidia

chris dias says:

6:44 is Linus wearing nail polish??????

Poor gamer says:

All i need is a gtx770

Worm Dude says:


Jacob Jacb says:

Nvidia reference cards 1070 and up have aluminium case i thought? My 1080 certainly feels like its metal. Definitely not plasticy

Delta-Tech says:

Ya, but, Will they run Crysis?

ammar alhay says:

Guys do you recommend the volcan oc ?

Iwillgame12 says:

Who saw the nails of the hand at 6:45

Daisukeisfun says:

Anyone notice they used windows 98’s startup when they showed windows 95 XD

Caleb Hansberry says:

Windows 95 being shown on an IBM PCjr REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Evan R. says:

turbo buttons are supposed to slow down the pc for playing games that require a older processor
for example you would use the turbo button when playing a 286 game on a 486 cpu

bhpowerup says:

can you make a video of unique amd graphic cards

AleXXX 666 says:

No. Fkin. Passive. Sh1t. Lowpro is ugly, but great, that this thing exists in the world. Screen is nice for window cases, but holy moly it must be greatly higher priced 🙂

Tom 2404 says:

I have a gt430 that is pci

MathGuy Michael says:

I have the MSI 1050 ti Low Profile card

Andrew Jarvis says:

was looking at RX 580s on Ali Express. they got some stylish Yeaston Cards but they seem to cost more than what is available in the states

BIG moss says:

4:19 I’m dead

iiZooM CSGO says:

Time to play csgo at 3000fps

Unknown says:

that gtx 1050ti low profile can run bf1 over 60fps on medium/high graphics, and more, and not pass over 65°

Project military memorial jeep zj says:

1500 for the colorful Vulcan

Srcsqwrn says:

I literally just bought that GTX 1050 Ti the other day. It was one of the last Graphics Cards my computer store had. It has been decent enough so far. I didn’t realize it was an oddity. I’m just getting into computers right now. Learning as I go.

Minh Tai Tran says:

Give away anyone >>>>ME

Noob Plays says:

I remember watching this when this video released. Jeez, its already been a year

TheXGamer says:

The best card is the GTX Blue Eyes White Dragon 9000.

Gamers page new says:

Kamen rider agito logo
Nice work china

Eagle God-Heart says:

Id buy some of em… far as i see though, whoever gets me the best performance for the longest is good enough for me…

Ts2 Channel says:

hello sir now aday i have low knowledge on the GPU spec ….. if i want to use for design autocad so which i need to care about ? and how about if i want to play pubg play?

Léo P. says:

I would totally buy the fanless one 😮

TheRealXesc says:

I’s totally pay extra for the LCD Display on all my cards, if they’d show either fan speed or temps, without requiring any data from the computer, ie. as standalone controller.
Perfect in a mining setup, where you might run in Linux or other OSs without proper setup (SMOS).
I wish my Strix cards would default to Color=Temp, without having to run Aura – makes it super easy to check the rig status at a glance, before turning on the lights. (Red=Hot)

Ironic Zombie says:

Win 95 and turbo button, Linus is really showing his lack of legacy pc tech knowledge here.

Space Pixel says:

“Only shooting stars break the mould”

Cyro-Nydd says:

That iChill looks like a friggin’ spaceship.

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