$500 “Gaming” Laptop with GPU – Acer Aspire E 15 Review – E5-575G-55KK

Find it at Newegg : http://lon.tv/45ioc (affiliate link) – Acer’s E5 / E15 has a $500 option that comes with a discrete Nvidia GPU. Makes for a usable no-frills gaming laptop. See more laptops: http://lon.tv/laptops and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:57 – Hardware overview
01:12 – Display overview
01:38 – Build Quality
01:51 – Processor / RAM / Configuration etc.
02:24 – Upgradeability
03:05 – Battery life
03:28 – Ports – USB-C is data only
04:59 – Keyboard and trackpad
05:42 – Performance: YouTube , Streaming Video, Web Browsing
06:45 – Performance: Microsoft Word and Office
07:13 – Midroll
07:14 – Gaming: GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V)
08:11 – Gaming : Doom (2016)
08:57 – Gaming: Rocket League
09:50 – 3DMark Benchmark test
10:54 – Kodi and high bit rate video playback
11:45 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The $500 version I am looking at (it can be found between $500 and $550) has an i5-7200U Kaby Lake CPU, 8 GB of RAM, a 1 TB hard drive and a Nvidia 940MX GPU. The RAM and storage can be upgraded and there’s a slot for an M2 SATA drive.

The GPU is one we’ve seen on a few other computers, namely the awesome Mi Air 13 I looked at late last year:

The Acer delivers similar performance here with the E 15. It’s enough to run most current games at low settings although you might have to drop into 720P on a few of them to get a playable framerate. Still it’s better than having no GPU at all.

The display leaves much to be desired unfortunately. It’s a low quality TN display that’s pretty washed out.

But for $500 this is so far the lowest cost gaming capable laptop we’ve seen this year.

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I play steam and ROBLOX no lagg and no problem

Linard Dulay says:

PLEASE REPLY TO MY COMMENT: how to remove the battery ??

Gravelord Nito says:

I have the same computer but with AMD r5 m430. Is that similar or the equivalent to the graphics card for this video’s. Would there be a difference

Mikko Anthony Ting says:

No overwatch?

David Hughes-Robinson says:

Lon.TV you said you might be able to put in an optical drive if you were really determined. I am curious if the motherboard still has a SATA header for an optical drive. It could be an easy way to add an additional 2.5″ drive.

Daniel Weaver says:

Is the low cost Acer or the low cost Dell laptop’s LCD screen better, or maybe I should ask which brand has the best screen? I am considering upgrading my Lenovo G580 (15.6″, 1366 x 768, i3-3120M CPU, 4 GB DDR3 RAM) that I bought on Lenovo’s refurbished deals site for $350 several years ago with a new laptop that’s about the same price as I paid last time. I do want to upgrade to a 15.6″ with a 1920 x 1080 screen this time. I might end up having to pay a little more.

Cristian Dnestreanschi says:

You should test esports not random games… No-one is going to buy a 940mx and fire up rise of the tomb raider at ultra

Jesse Raphael Diaz says:

would you perfer the acer aspire e15 or a alienware alpha for gaming ? both are in my budget and im looking to get a gaming pc or laptop for gta gaming.

Rero rero rero says:

Optical drive? VGA port? What is this, 2007?

Ketan Bhure says:

does it have a heating issue

Plasma_Films22 says:

Does this work with blender please tell me anyone

Xitiz Basnet says:

Can you please make a video on dual booting i.e. Windows and Linux.

raykyogrou03 says:

I just bought this exact laptop and games tend to be a lot more playable after putting my SSD in. But it still stutters a little bit. Has anybody tried inserting a second 4gb RAM stick for performance improvement?

Arturo Chago says:

Could I do this whit a same laptop but with an AMD A9 procesor and AMD R5 graphics?

Mo-Ham-head raped Ayesha says:

I am using the same laptop but the problem is i am getting only 1 hour of backup from the battery…. Is it ok?

Pirate Moi says:

Can i install windows 7 to this?

Jarett NK says:

I have this and now I’m selling it

Mo-Ham-head raped Ayesha says:

Also after downloading the bios files from acer support it booted up and said NO BOOTABLE DEVICE FOUND and then I changed the mode into LEGACY and then it boots up… But it becomes very slow…. Plz help

Videos For U says:

hi I want to buy a laptop please suggest a laptop under $600 for gaming

Aussie Pixelz says:

bruh why are you reviewing an acer gaming laptop and you have REALLY old monitors in the backround

SRBrony says:

Can It Run PacMan?

AnuraG SharmA says:

hi.. I am thinking to buy a new laptop and models that are in my mind are:
1. Acer aspire e15 e5-575 (i5/8gb/2gb Nvidia ddr5)

2.lenovo ideapad 320 (i5/8gb/2gb Nvidia 920mx,2tb hdd, full HD)

3. HP PAVILION X360 BA 075tx

Plz help me to make decision..

ЯХR says:

What is your mouse?

z m says:

ugh. not sure to go with this or the 33bh i3-7100u/4gb/1tb model ($350-480 after 4gb ram/ssd m.2 upgrade)

that would give me no dedicated gpu/i3 but an extra tb storage.

or this would run 600 after the $100 ssd m.2 upgrade. so basically is $120 worth a i5/dedicated ultra low end gpu?

my reasoning is the on board intel chip graphics should be enough to run LOL and possibly even overwatch. How much of an actual performance game would the dedicated gpu model give?

DragonSlayer420Blaze - Speedruns says:

That desc tho, no really its amazing

Truth M says:

Wait I gotta question? on new egg it says it has No SSD. what does that mean? and should I buy it?

Justin Fox says:

You kinda look like a clean, drug free, twin brother of the singer from Die antwoord

Jonathan Bennett says:

Not bad for an inexpensive device

FawkesUniverse says:

this laptop is built well and plays wot and wow very well
backlit keyboard and ssd good buy!

SRBrony says:

Can you Upgrade The Graphics Card on it.

duke togo says:

Will this be a good laptop to play d&d via internet on like fantasy grounds ?

Ram Ardiente says:

When it comes to the quality of the product, what is more worth it to buy? Acer ir Asus?


Where the hell is battlefield 1

IWill FindYou says:

It would be pretty funny if the GPU was a GT 610 lmao

MikeFromCanada says:

In laptops like these, I feel that the dedicated GPU is just a marketing ploy and nothing else. I mean, the GPU in this is the same performance level as anything with Intel Iris graphics like the i5 6560U. Stuffing in a weak GPU just seems to be preying on folks who don’t know any better.

I One Two Far Q says:

Can you test out some other games like Overwatch,Minecraft and Roblox?

Any Thing can do says:

does it give earthing on metal of laptop while charging? ??

Nick StOnge says:

If i just want to stream movies and videos as well as use word will this work without lag and move fast?

The Conformist says:

Bought this same model a few weeks back, well worth the money. Needed it for school, light gaming, and DJing, My Desktop is my go to for gaming, but cant go wrong with this laptop. played Dead Rising 1 at 1080 60 frames and a few other older favorite games. Honestly older games are where its at and if this can run em I’m all for it. Had to take it to Acer’s repair center though, came with a faulty battery. Would only hold a charge of 2 of the 8 hours it promised off of Neweggs specifications.

tipoomaster says:

The Mi Air 13 in the description got the MX150 pascal gpu update – I wonder if this will soon. Would make it a lot more interesting, 2-3x GPU boost for the same price.

InvalidSudo says:

Damn, it sucks that I can’t get this exact model in Canada. There’s only models with iGPUs here.

Fireworks_Guy says:

Do you think this can run one virtual machine?

No mannn says:

Do I need to add storage to download gta and other games?

J&J Outdoors says:

Plz send help

Josh Romans says:

Ok so I have this with the I7-7500U 2.7GHz and 940MX 2GB GPU. Will I be able to play PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds?

ifratc says:

what’s make and model of the HDD inside?

Matrix Millennium says:

I’m getting this laptop on NewEgg and i wondered if that empty dummy drive bay usable at all to add a regular ssd or another HHD does anyone know?

kok zzs says:

u should review something more recently, acer aspire 5 with nvidia MX150

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