$3000 Workstation 16GB VRAM GPU in a laptop? Alienware Graphics Amplifier Review

Like the best of both worlds? Need to game hard but need to go pro with professional graphics at work? I take a look at the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, an external graphics box to see if it can double up as a workstation converter to turn your gaming notebook into a professional powerhouse using either a Quadro or FirePro GPU.

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James Linehan says:

professional applications that can use multiple GPUs could use the Graphics Amplifier GPU as well as and the onboard GPU for processing?

The Technoclast says:

Most detailed review I’ve seen specifically pointing out the noise, GPU clearance issues, and well I’m still in the middle of the video so I’ll let you know what else.

tkymike says:

holy fuck the noise.

White Rabbit says:

3:48 laughed so hard xD

Alberto Pérez Parra says:

Greets from Expert Elite – México.

John Hansen says:

Top notch Review 😀

Jacksat says:

Not in bed yet ?
Ah , you are one hour behind in the UK

Trebor Heminway says:

So the performance was worse with the graphic amp? You showed all those other cards that wouldnt fit right, did you try them. Seems to me that you may be losing performance with the proprietary amp connection, but no way to verify unless you tested the card against a known baseline. I sure wouldn’t want to buy either a firepro or GPU amp based on your results. Besides that, I missed the part where you tell us you need the onboard graphics card to provide the connection to the amp. what a waste.

Cashville6614 says:

whats the music in the background

TheLk0998 says:

The b roll looks awesome 😀
10/10 production :D:D

OG GAMING. says:

LOL I have a alienware  aurora R5 power supply fan it’s so noisy…

Ben Hatto says:

This is one of the only other Alienware 17 owners. I have one. They are awesome.

Ahmad Almarri says:

now am thinking of getting the graphics amplifier for my alienware 13

Yadher Bustamante says:

best review of this graphics amplifier. I want it for gaming with the same laptop. I understand this channel is for autodesk, do you know if this will help me with adobe PP ? I decode 4k video . thanks

Zacronzer Zetto says:

But the AGA can be more upgrade able since its quite a big box (yeah you can swap everything in the box but as it is the AGA is pretty good (except psu and fan roaring sound) but other then that it’s good (the psu Power cord area is kinda small so the psu upgrade is a bit of a pain without modifying the plastic or the psu itself

Sychke says:

It’s not that loud even under load but whatever.

Rutïger says:

Please,a question
Hi! I want to put MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X in my Alienware amplifier. I’ve seen in the video that it won’t be possible to close the lid if i install this graphic card. Is it certain that it will still function adequately even if the lid is not closed properly? Thanks a lot!


what is the track’s name played at 03:52?

origine online says:

Wow so mush noise 🙁

José Enrique Roca says:

Please can you confirm that drivers are available and you can install both Quadro and FirePro inside the graphic amplifier?

Edgar Harris says:

You should definitely throw in ArchiCAD and Revit for us architects, we really need someone doing this test and comparisons with or software; I’m not saying that you should do this with all of your videos, but when ever you showcase a rare and powerful card like this AMD or a Titan, etc… It would be much appreciated and you would certainly expand your viewer base.

Wonderful work.

Thank you.

Steve just Steve says:

couldn’t I hookup an egpu to my express card slot on my precision?

Jonathan Chicoine says:

poor kitty!

Pixel Boss says:

Can you go into more depth with the amplifier? Thx , I love the content btw subscribed

Chung Hang Chin says:

I can’t get my quadro 6000 to work

venky yo says:

review the core with same FirePro , comparison??

Oliver Jackson says:

Razer do a similar thing with the core stealth pretty sure that came to market first.

Trey Roudebush says:

I am looking to buy a new laptop for CAD should I buy an Alienware over a Precision, Zbook, or Thinkpad. Thanks, love your videos keep up the good work!

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