You’ll want to get two of these Seagate Expansion portable drives

CNET editor Dong Ngo likes these Seagate Expansion portable drives so much, he advises us to get a pair of them.


innerpurpose says:

I have to admit, I saw Dong’s name in the description and wanted to watch this! Yay Dong Ngo!!!!

Richard Smith says:

Where did he get that stand for the hard drive?!

Firestyle357 says:

Does anyone know if this will work with ps4?

Umar Azmat says:

Testing comparison between external hdd for 1tb

Amanda Woolsey says:

“You want to get a two of these”

Not sure what you meant but wanted you to know to fix it.


CʀɪɴɢɪᴇsᴛBᴀɴᴀɴᴀ says:

So hi maai

eduardoig17 says:

having used SSDs for a while those read and write speeds are slow as hell. lol GO SSDs

Christopher Blackman says:

Got one yesterday. Unbelievably small and light so happy. Not impressed with 190gb missing

Ahmad Allouch says:

this is one of the best hard drives I have Ever used

Miguel de la vega says:

what’s the difference between the Seagate Expansion external hard drive and the Seagate Backup Plus? i’m not tech savvy

JuicyLemon says:

does it work with mac??

LANo says:

Oooooo is so nie, dis vewy good vayu.

LUCIANR81 says:

how thick is the internal 3tb hdd ??


Can you format it to Xbox one

Mark Gowans says:

I just got this drive this morning. I was surprised how small it actually is. Its only a bit bigger than an SSD.

Tarun Dass says:

Can this connect with mobile via otg??

Abhijeet Chaudhary says:

Welcome to shitty wok !!! Can I take yu orda pvease?

Love this guy xD

Miles J. says:

These closed captions!


“So that you can say ‘you got to pee’, and I did, and I really do…”

“I’m don’t know and this has been…”

Boo TV says:


Jamie Cardinal says:

Good, I was wondering if I made a mistake plugging It into my XBO

quantrell says:

I bought mine about a month ago, it’s quite loud and clunky. Is this normal?

Ijay Montemayor says:

Why do u talk like shit

Mickey Mouse says:

Does it work with Ubuntu (Linux)?

Lyron Aguiar says:

Is this better then getting the WD elements hard drive?

Umar Azmat says:

which one to choose from this list. as i want to buy today.
2tb seagate expansion (1 yr local
2tb seagate backup slim ( 2 years warranty little expensive then expansion)
2tb wd my passport black (1 yrs int. or local little expensive then backup slim)
2tb seagate backup slim (3 yrs offical seagate by marsons corp. and little expensive then wd)

so which one to buy. which can be easily remove hard drive n its adaptor to replace in laptop ?
speed read n write

WEPA Games says:

Can I download steam games on it?

Xerxes 2500 says:

Came for hdd left for Asian accent.

Teodor Todorov says:

I love this guy man.. So funny and straight forward. He’s not gonna fool you into buying something just because they sent one to him to review for free.

Naseem Miah says:


Mo Shak says:

But it’s black not purple ?

Xero14 says:

Wait for USB 3.1 bruh

vBDKv says:

But it’s Seagate 🙁

George TJ says:

Has anyone rated the consumption of this particular HDD?

Firefang says:

Came for hdd,
stayed for asian accent

anders ballegaard says:

after getting this drive im not that impressed the seq speeds are pretty good but 4k speeds are crap and the acess times are alot higer than a normal mecanical disk and the acess times are all over the place with 20ms doing really good seq data but up to 1200ms when doing 4k data

Shah Z says:


dini mueter says:

Best comment section on youtube so far. Thank you all.

Starkiller Ren says:

It worked well with my x bo ow

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