Xbox One 2TB Seagate Game Drive Review

Seagate’s Xbox-branded Seagate Game Drive looks rather familiar – perhaps because aside from some green plastics and snazzier packaging, it’s basically identical to another, cheaper Seagate drive.

Buy an Xbox One-compatible 2TB hard drive from Amazon – we get a small percentage of any sale that helps support what we do:

2015 Seagate Drive 2TB –
Xbox One Seagate Game Drive 2TB –
2014 Seagate Drive 2TB [Note: stock availability at £60 comes and goes] –


GothicKittyMadness says:

The Xbox One portable hard drive is exactly the same yeah but it’s packaged and promoted towards people who ant as technical as you or me and might be buying the hard drive for someone else. I think the soul purpose of this drive is that it states clearly that it will work with with the Xbox One.

Mariguaz Medina says:

Could yo take this an put it directly in to the xbox one s

Michael Levy says:

I had the hard drive 2 months before it crashed. It’s complete s***

Nicholas Pine says:

Glad I found this video. I was wondering about this a lot and this has helped. I AU that Xbox drive is $40 more than the 2015 seagate drive, what a bloody ripoff.

Mark Humphreys says:

Thank you I wasn’t sure which one to get and thought Xbox one would be better so am going for cheaper one so you saved me money

Games of Gold says:

Quem for do brasil ai conheça o melhor canal do pais para os amantes do xbox one Games of Gold

Nikola Mihaylov says:


guys i found why the xbox one drive costs more

Elliott Garner II says:

Marketing at it’s worst!! Slap on an Xbox logo and charge more. SMH

Singh Lovemultani says:

works the ps4 one on xbox

paul gordon says:

Really…. You’re complaining about a mere £10… what lol. It’s an official xbox drive hence the extra £10. You may be able to get it cheaper but it’s £10 lol! You created this whole video to tell us you can get it for £10 cheaper……Really lol!


my x1 doesn’t seem to read it what do I have to do

BigMystic18 Gaming says:

can this Xbox hdd be removed from the case and formatted to work in ps4?

Danny E.K. van der Kolk says:

I still went for the xbox version, the bit of extra I’ve paid does not concern me at all. I like the green finish and xbox logo on it.

KiiNgAwesome says:

i just ordered the green one for 49$ free shipping

Antonio Herrera says:

Cool video

mario cervantes says:

how many rpm is this Seagate hard drive?

American Proa says:

Best video. Thanks for this. Green plastic… Oh joy

MEJB7 says:

Does anyone know if you can use a external hard drive for both 360 and One? I have 2 32GB flash drives on my 360 and would love to just put all my 360 stuff onto a drive and still use the same drive for my One.

Rudy x Mitchel says:

Mine broke

Lrdvltr says:

Don’t buy Seagate. I’ve had two of their 1TB externals burn out under 2. WD is the best.

sweekly146 says:

Can you guys do a last gen hard drive upgrade guide? I would be interested in seeing what are the best hard drives for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

BarrytheSuperScot says:

Rich Leadbetter?! As in Editor of Sega Saturn Magazine UK Rich Leadbetter?! 😀

GothicKittyMadness says:

What a giant cock! Does he acutely know how hard drives and the Xbox One work??

Denracer says:

I knew it, I glad I brought the cheaper one.

ThicksetHydra says:

Can someone who has bought this answer a couple of questions I have before I buy it as well?
1. Can you ensure me that none of my saved data from each game will not get deleted when it’s transferred?
2. What’s the difference between pressing ‘install new things here’ and ‘keep current location’?
3. Is this the best external hard drive on the market for Xbox One?
4. Also, do I have the option of deciding what games I can have installed on my internal hard drive and the external hard drive? Like, for example, could I install a game I don’t play so much on the external hard drive only so I could free up space on my internal hard drive for another game? I don’t have to install every single game I’ve got, do I?

AngryEsper94 says:

Really like that green Wii U. Is that a developer model? My cousin has one that he bought from an ex-Nintendo employee for about 10,000¥.

Felipe Pubillones says:

Wait.. A Samsung drive out of a Seagate enclosure? An enclosure mind you that isn’t new and previously opened (as seen from existing damage on case). That’s just a bit fishy. I call b.s.

Brandon Ash says:

this guy has awesome video’s

Discord says:

its quite funny in my country the xbox drive is cheaper then the standard 2015 seagate drive. but got a 7200 rpm external usb 3 G drive instead.

Max Reznik says:

*At Seagate Headquarters

Guy 1: how can we make more money out of the same product

Guy 2: if we say that its XBOX approved more people will buy it

Guy 3: you know what would make it worth an extra $30, green plastic.

Guy 1 & Guy 2: of course, people will pay anything for esthetics

Willbilly1991 says:

im not sure if anybody has thought if this but since it is 2.5 inches you can replace the stock hard drive with that one just take it out of the enclosure


well I’ll be damned

Mattywatgaming says:

My light blinks non stop is that normal

paddypat says:

2 tewabyte! You going to hunt some bunnywabbits?

RAMI H M says:

thanks you very much for your comparison and really this is very very very helpful.
i like and respect seagate and i found it more speed than WD in movie transferring but now i am trying to buy new hard desk for my XBOX ONE and i found the new model of WD which look like xbox one and

Terje Presthus says:

Don’t Seagate make their own drives? Why use Samsung HDDs?
Looked it up, Seagate now owns the HDD division of Samsung.

Blu Gods says:

ooooooo check the xdk’s in the background

paul thomas says:

Great to get my suspicions confirmed. It’s actually a bit of a rip off; I can see some fans would love the swish green colour with the Xbox logo for their systems, but really. Is it worth the extra price? for me no. Thanks for clearing this up.

Josh Gorman says:

Great review, very helpful video!

Julio Cesar Barreto says:

now they launched HD with 4TB, some modification? For Seagate Gamer it costs $ 150 while the 4TB Seagate costs $ 120.

A problem in using these two HD’s on Xbox One, occupying the two rear USB ports?

Bonfire HD GAMING says:

It’s worth it tho cause you get game pass 1mth


yep… and have you ever looked at the avatar store? there’s hundreds of things they’ve made on there… and charge over £1 on everything… i’ve never purchased anything from it, but i wonder… who has?

it’s cringey… thinking that they expect us to enjoy the crap that nobody cares about…

Cross Tour says:

Thanks 🙂

Wingman1977 says:

My XB1 HDD Filled up and I picked up a 5TB WD HDD last week for $120 plus tax at BB. The positive is that I would never have to worry about HDD space for the XB1 (even though I only buy exclusives for it and my PS4). The downsides are that I need to use it’s power supply (since it’s a desktop external HDD and not a portable one) and at night I can see the white light flashing. I’m debating on returning it and getting the 3TB WD portable HDD from BB as well for $110.

conyo985 says:

LOL! The new case costs 18$ more? That’s ridiculous!

TimmyTheSnail says:

Yes I knew the Xbox version wouldn’t be any different!! Purely made so people who don’t research buy it because it says Xbox so they think that’s the only hard drive that will work with the Xbox

Per Bäckström says:

I have the green one. My question is. Can i pick it out from the green box like this guy do and use it in my ps4 pro. Or is it to slow or just wrong for the ps4 pro?

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