WTF is a WiFi Hard Drive? (Corsair Voyager Air Review)

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This is a review of the Corsair Voyager Air wireless hard drive. This drive is WiFi enabled , giving it the ability to connect to both wireless networks and mobile devices. The Voyager Air also features a built in battery making it perfect for travel, allowing you to access your favorite multimedia on-the-go.


Vince says:

Can you use while on a plane?

Adrian Traczyk says:

can i edit videos on my ipad pro throught the crosair Voyager? that would be killer shit 🙂

Raphael Vivant says:

How do you add a wireless password to the wireless network created by the hard drive? Because otherwise everyone can access my files if there are in proximity with the drive.

Rabnud Species says:

189.99 if you wanted to know.

DJ PL says:

i guess that will disconnect your device from your wifi router …. kind of undesirable

Tom Mulliner says:

Will this stream to a PS4?

nanda Kishore says:

Where is his cap?

Sawce God says:

So càn I store apps games ect. On there and if I cant can anyone point me in the direction of something like that

Lithium Shadow says:

This would be super handy for my YouTube channel! I must have :3

Burhan Rana says:

So many wi-fi networks

david ha says:

what are the top hard drive enclosures (wireless)?

drjd2real says:

Is there gapless playback with music files?

Dk Gupta says:


fahad alkamli says:

Well the idea is good but it also have bad things? i mean really when ever i want to check files on my hard disc i have to disconnect my wifi and connect to the hard disc’s wifi? it would be awesome if there is a way where i can check my hard disc without a cable and  similarly keep my wifi connection on.

Karl Munford says:

So you’ve got to flip your wireless connection to the Wireless Hards drive’s wifi to connect to it, then once you’ve finished flip back to your local router to browse the web or receive emails? Or are you saying that it takes the place of your regular router too? I’m guessing it does else you may as well purchase a NAS and get the best of both worlds.

charly evans says:

I have a Optoma HD28DSE projector but the USB on it wont power up usb hard drives to view movies. But it has wifi compatibility. Can a projector play movies from a wifi Hard drive?

Abhyuday Tewari says:

Back when the content on this channel was legit

lewis Humphreys says:

anyone know a good portable wifi source?

Alan Gold says:

This is all I need. No pc at all, just android phone and iPad Air. With all my photos on hard drive. Perfect

theMiniMen says:

WOW the difference between the old content and new stuff!!!! Chalk and Cheese

Charles Mosley says:

Is it secure?

Duane Locsin says:

I think because this is an old video but Mac OS can read ExFAT.
That I think is the better option if you want to have a HD that can be read by both Windows and OS X.

Erik Werbickas says:

Is it encrypted when you get it factory default software?

Shawn Afshar says:

Awesome no wires

DroneXFun says:

This is so nice without all the yelling and screaming from the newer vids.

vacationboyvideos says:

your hot now and u where hot back in the day.

Ferny 69 says:

That mic. tho haha

geez its so weird as to his current mic.

thetruth says:

Is it on w/o desktop being on in other words does it stay on always and accessible from all devices?????

Escalio89 says:

so, my question is, if i connect via wifi to this voyager things, can i use my mobile data so i can keep connected to the internet while i use this stuff?

Weisi Song says:

So cute! >_<

Weunelect says:

Will this transmit while being plugged into a wall socket? I read that most only work on the battery and stop while being charged. What HDD works on an AC plug with it’s own WIFI?

Farnese Vandimion says:

this is so retarded. Just connect a regular hard drive to your router. So you dont have to CHANGE WIFI NETWORK TO SEE YOUR MEDIA

piyush tiwari says:

Can you please upload seagate wireless hard drive 2tb

yelby says:

Are you able to upload to the hard drive from your device?

GoukenslayWAO says:

is this how all wireless harddrives work? using a wifi or a bluetooth signal?

djayawarman alamprabu says:

Can I copy file to the wireless hard drive? Or I can only download and stream file from it?

srinivas yegireddi says:

yes it works

Max W says:

It’s weird watching his older videos. He seems less energetic and more concentrated on his presentation.

Fireworld says:

can i send all my photos on my phone straight to the hard drive wirelessly with out using the app? Just send it from the stock photo app on iphone.

Tim Ramirez says:


Wade Rogers says:

Just a couple of questions:  
1.  Can you connect to it using an iOS device (iPad, iPhone) and a Windows device at the same time or does the reformatting of the drive make it an ‘either/or’ situation?
2.  Can you run the charger (which on a USB buss bar just provides a positive/negative connection and not a duplex data connection) and stream media while it’s charging?
I’m thinking of installing one on my boat, which has the 12 volt cigarette plugs, and I’d mount it semi permanently so I could secure it and allow it to charge while being used.  Thanks…

Tomas Voicenko says:

Great idea and something is new, but the only issue i think is that if WiFi is not secured that anybody or i would say some peter pan with Linux Kali can really quick get into WiFi and take control and steal data…

srinivas yegireddi says:

but you can see frequent disconnects.

Charles Monu says:
Kellie Williams says:

Will this work with a Kindle Fire?

Critycal says:

Hello, if I’m connected to the voyager can I still use the internet if I’m at home? Thanks

Wicked Infinity says:

Wait to it doesn’t need to be on a router to give wifi

Jack Mccaw says:

What type of knife is that?????

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