Western Digital My Passport Hard Drive Review

Running out of room? Need more memory with style? The My Passport is quite sexy.

For More Info: https://www.wdc.com/products/portable-storage/my-passport.html#WDBYNN0010BWT-WESN

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Ananya Kirti says:

you’re dumb. Use exFAT.

Donald Wines says:

get I have this hard drive and I want to use it on my cloud book because the Windows 10 takes up most of my space but I’m not sure on how to go about setting it up to hold and run my programs any help would be amazing

Vishal S Krishna says:

Just format to Exfat file system to use with Mac and Pc -.-

AsapLueiii69 says:

A.k.a using it for porn

Keyboarding says:

It looks like a little Xbox.

Bill c says:

Is this made in China or Thailand?

Yasir Hafeez says:

how many platters in this model WDBYNN0010 ?

Prabhu Shankar says:

what is the difference between this new My passport and the my passport Ultra ?? they both are priced at the same range now.. so which one would be better considering all aspects ?? it would be really helpful.. 🙂

SG Ultimas says:

1:35 scared me real bad . Until i rewind it

Just Me says:

Youre into tech so much thst you remember the days of megabyte hard drives but you havent heard of different file system ;-;

Angelo Bodetti says:

What about Android? Can I use it on my NVIDIA Shield? If so, can I move it back and forth between Windows and Android without needing to format each time?

mm101ism says:

What’s better to extend storage with for a PS4? A WD external hard drive or a Seagate external hard drive?

Faiz Sabir says:

Amazing review man! Keep doing the great work and look forward to more. Great vibe and the pace at which you present the information is easy on the ears. Thank you very much!

Vincent Famulag says:

can i store movies in it? and connect and watch it in smart tv? pls reply

Labib Hoque says:

Which one’s better??
WD my passport 4tb or Seagate backup plus 4tb??

Malladi Krishnamurty says:

is it compatible to xp sp1? sp2?

Junito Punto Comm says:

Pretty good description !!

TechDude_Taruka says:

can i use it to store software in it like Adobe photoshop, and still be able to run it straight from the Hard Disk itself?

Robert Collis says:

My Passport has worked flawlessly and is perfect for backup. Pretty much plug and play and simple to transport. Works great with my HP ultra. Not a full TB but close enough.

typoprone says:

The previous design was better. This new looks is cheap and tacky and the glossy half is a fingerprint and scratch magnet. Awful.

Hendra Prasetya says:

why it doesn’t work when plug connected to LCD TV USB port?

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