WD’s new My Book and My Passport external drives

Read the CNET review here – http://cnet.co/2dJLUDN
CNET editor Dong Ngo shows off a (his) new collection of external hard drives, namely the My Book and My Passport from WD.

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Manol Chalakov says:

2:30 min video for 30sec of info 😀

Clubbeats97 says:

then you find out they designed it like that so Xbox one customers will buy it for the external storage just because it looks like it

roy says:

@ 2:25 does he say what I think he says. “dong low”?

Daniel McMahon says:

Watched this just for the “Because I’m Dong Ngo”

Urooz Virk says:

how does My Passport compare to Seagate Backup Plus Slim/Ultra?

Steven Moreira says:

Is this new My Book faster than the current My Book? Or is it just a 2016 refresh with a new look?

typoprone says:

New design is sooo ugly. I won’t be buying any more WD drives.

john M says:

So where did you dong go?

armaan811 says:

Will this work as an external HD for PS4 Pro?

Dango Ruiz says:

My man Dong always delivers.

Ian M. says:

so, do i need external power to make it work?

pirbhoo lal says:

6tb hdd internal pakistani price pls tell me i buy how can this product pls tell whatsapno 923114319995

MasterJP28 says:

Dong is a living legend.

dr. whet farts says:

Hmm, getting an Ultra version instead, maybe the Metal one. 3 years warranty and better looks.

Ernie Manning says:

couldn’t the connectivity issue be resolved by picking up a USB 3.1 to type C cable? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00UUBQ710/ref=pd_cp_107_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=8P8NRKAR9NBSVF2RN0H1

flaccid acid says:

U could put 2 4 tb my passports side to side and its smaller than the 8tb my book what is wrong with them

Phong Dang says:

DaBooty looking nice these days!

James He says:

Remember in the old days when 8 terabytes costed 299.99 dollars?

Alexander Cooper says:

Ok will someone tell me. Should I get this one for my Xbox one s? Or should I get the old one?

Pepe Vélez says:

mmmmm.. not green…

Greeky Tech says:

which wd portable hard drive is good in terms of design, quality, size and speed like Wd my passport ultra 2016 or wd my passport ultra 2017?

Nikhil Rao says:

fam u too good!!

4WerdMotion 1 says:

I clicked for Dong Ngo!

rewanji says:

Hmmmm… USB 3, plastic case? Nah…

Arun Wadhwa says:

Are they metal? It doesn’t look like metal, but we sure would like to know the build quality.

Doko ko says:

I Dong Ngo what you’re talking about

123 JTL says:

Love this guy

Jogibaer says:

Is it possible to change the 2,5″ HDD inside respectively opening the case easily without destroying it?

jalene150 says:

Looks like a bootleg version of the Xbox one.

Kai Bradley says:

*Please help me get to 100 Subs before Christmas!! I’m so so close <3*

Itan Hant says:

do they work with Mac too?

xxnike629xx says:

Do we know what kind of WD HDD this uses? Black, Green, Red, Purple, Blue?

OneLife Network Team _ Greece - Ελλάς - Κύπρος says:

hi.this Hdd have a Led to see he working?.thank you

†GuArDiAnAnGeL†™ says:

Btw, it’s not silver color –it’s white! ;L)

berk arslan says:

This was painful

Rajan Raj Yesh says:

I need to get one

gsh0ck3d says:

Hi Mr. Ngo, can you please do a review of raid drives? If you already have done one could you please post the link?

Hector Garcia says:

came here to find out which was faster – got that answered thanks to Dong!

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