WD Portable External Hard Drive – SnapChick Review

I need lots of storage for photo and video files. This helps me keep everything organized!
Hard Drive: https://amzn.to/2x4hF3h
Carrying Case: https://amzn.to/2GEtpJz
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phourtwenteephorlife says:

I use my external hard drives all the time, love em, have a great day Leigh.

Rick Brown says:

I have had trouble with WD drives failing . The last 2 or 3 years I have been using Trancend Storejet drives. & I have found them to be much more reliable.

davetv13 says:

For temporary storage files either go on my internal SSD of my laptop (which has 650GB of free space at all times) or a 1TB Samsung SSD. I have never had more files even after a weeks trip than could be held on these. For taking files when I travel I have both a 16GB and a 64GB USB Thumb Drive I can use……. I don’t edit or sdo video other than very short clips a few times a year. Its mostly 20.9MP raw files.

Shuo BAI says:

Why not use google drive? You can download your photos wherever there is a computer and you do not need to worry about damaging your data if you drop your hard drive

Kelkschiz says:

This is not a product review, this is a superficial video about the differences between a portable SSD and HDD.

Joshua Taylor Madison says:

And don’t forget to partition your hard drive. It’ll last longer. In a 4TB drive: do 4 x 1TB partitions or 8 x 500GB partitions (depending on file sizes that you’re working with).

Jim Albruzzess says:

I use Seagate 4 TB hard drives. Same as WD, both are good. The only thing I fear is the day when it totally craps out and all of those files disappear forever. Backing up 4 TB of data is not so easy.

Alan Klughammer says:

good timing, I have that exact drive coming from Amazon tomorrow. I currently have a 2TB drive that is a bit small. for permanent storage I have a home made NAS (using unraid).

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