WD My Book 4TB Desktop External Drive Review

WD My Book 4TB Desktop External Drive Review
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The Western Digital My Book is one of the best external desktop hard drive experiences I think I’ve had in a long time. It is reliable, whisper quiet and works well as a backup solution and working hard drive for my video and photography files as well as my graphic design work.

This external drive was extremely affordable and has worked out well for me, and is a product I would highly recommend if you are doing serious work that you want to have piece of mind about.

I did buy this Western Digital hard drive out of pocket and actual plan to buy a second one as well before the end of the year.

WD My Book External http://amzn.to/1Axd3hF
WD My Passport Ultra http://amzn.to/1AsXI2a
WD My Cloud http://amzn.to/1IZWQ7L
WD My Passport Ultra Metal Edition http://amzn.to/1FWLYXC
WD My Passport Wireless http://amzn.to/1IZX2DX

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Jose Espinoza says:

thinking of getting this for my Xbox one

КорольКобра04 says:

I commented this on your unboxing video but this one seems better for this. So I have the same hard drive but mine makes this really annoying clicking sound from inside. Do you know how to fix this?

Joaquin Reyes says:

Can you make a tutorial video on how to store file to this hard drive and how to restore files from DW HARD DRIVE to the computer. I have the same one but not to sure if I’m using it right. I want to delete doc from my Mac to free space but want to make sure I can get it back or how to play with the hard drive on restoring and Storage files. Thanks

cynthia story says:

I really do need a external hard drive my budget is small, so I’ve been thinking about getting one from my local Wal-Mart. They has one I think for under $70.00. So what do recommend? And what tablets do you suggests that are under 100.00? You may have given me an answer to my second question, I apologize for asking again. 
Roberto, I want to thank you for answering my questions and for you replies. You are rather prompt, it shows you care.

J. Zaring Studios Creative Tutorials says:

haha I know this is old, but this exactly what I use for all my video, audio and photography backups. I even edit straight off of it.

EPH S says:

Hey Roberto : I’m not ready to spend a whole lot on a SSD drive, but still want speed and portability as I work on a MacBook Pro mainly. Would this drive work well for someone who does mainly print work but needs to edit 4K video from time to time or is it not great because of the fact that it isn’t bus powered? Thanks so much.

Arlett Castellanos says:

i need a hard drive for my xbox one, wich is better, WD 4TB My Book or Seagate Expansion 5TB, can you help me please?

Peter Boulding says:

Do you think it’ll last 5 years?

Angry Reviews says:

3:16 the specific “file system” for Mac is “HFS” the one for windows is “NTFS”
If it was formatted in HFS windows cant read it, if in NTFS mac cant write to it. Chose one or the other.

WD could format it to exFAT but its not super compatible or FAT32 but that allows for a maximum file size of 4GB…
There is really NOTHING that WD can do about that, unless they sell a Mac specific Drive.

“YOU” however can do something about it by installing a utility like: “Tuxera NTFS” or “Paragon NTFS”

The-Guy-With-MOJO says:

I have a 3tb version,its insanely fast on my Xbox One. Doesn’t get hot like my other drives that MELTED RIP 🙁
but this one is very good.

White James says:

+Roberto Blake How are the speeds on uploading to the WD Cloud 4TB? I was thinking about buying one and just wanted to know how long the upload times were on big files.

just a dude says:

Do think I will run into issues using this with my XBOX 1 and laptop? Is there a wifi feature, box look like it had one?

Axl Noche says:

+Roberto Blake i forgot may password for my wd passport ultra. What should i do ? I have important documents in my wd passport.

David Maggard says:

Is getting a 4tb wd External hard drive big enough for mp4 video files of tv shows and movies?

PoNy Gracian says:

very good video, can you access with a iOS App using WiFi for some Streaming?

Abdel Latif says:

Thanks for this review, I have a question, can I use this external hard drive for windows and Mac in the same time ?

Vladik Sapojnic says:

My passport ultra or my book? I need an external hard drive to store the videos I shoot…Portability is not an issue, longevity is keyWhat is the difference between them besides portability? BTW you have a great understanding of what people want without getting too much into technical details

omen says:

Great review ^^… I’m planning to buy this product (6tb model). Does it work well if i’m editing video from it? Cause my internal drive doesn’t have enough space 😀 .. thank’s

KindaVlogs says:

First :p

DJelNL says:

Hi, I’ve got two 3TB versions. How do you use your external drives for Time Machine, projects etc. Do you have a project folder structure?

TaurusBeats Music says:

Great video! (Sub’d) Just got this drive to backup my media (music, videos, images). Love the quiet! Doesn’t interfere when I’m composing music or recording videos – even while sitting on the desk. I own a couple older My Book drives. This one is the nicest in that regard.

Nicholas Brown says:

If you buy this exact mybook — TAKE THE HARD DRIVE OUT and use a generic controller (a generic usb 3.0 external hard drive enclosure or quick swap) — the controller on the mybook really sucks – and the only way to fix it if you bump it just a little, is to buy an entire new mybook 4tb with the same product number as the one you have. If you don’t, you lose EVERYTHING on the hard drive. I learned the hard way and lost a lot of photos and video. good hard drive – crappy enclosure and controller board.. oh and if you dont get the password right 5 times – it will format the hard drive – i give it a 1.5 out of 100 stars. I hope this helps someone out there! If so – comment or give this a like!

KurVibes says:

I plan to use this to hold my media and editing files for Final Cut Pro x. Will the performance be good enough? 1080p at 30fps. Thanks!

M Gil says:

Do you use this drive strictly as a backup drive or do you also use it to store working files or media files that you may need to access?

Marshall Mayes says:

my only complaint about this drive is you can’t power it off with a
switch, you have to use their software to do it. this is on the new
model of the my book

Bubs Bee says:

does it work well with backing up files from a laptop?

Luis Orozco says:

How did you reformat it to be Mac compatible? Do you have a video on how you did that or will you make a video on how to do that? I ordered this one but would want to know how to reformat it before it arrives. Thank you!

DeacSpeaks says:

I was literally looking at this specific hard drive 30 minutes ago lol. Pretty good review and seeing it’s only $129 currently on Amazon, I’m going to order it very soon.

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