WD 8TB My Book unboxing and review

When going external look no further than WD’s My Book series. Affordable, efficient and reliable.


rpgaming says:

Just grabbed one from bestbuy for $125. 😀

ALI ESSA says:

even if a drive is designed to stand dont. if it tips over You’re gonna have a bad time ;(

claatu says:

Thanks for the review. I have 2 questions, please be honest: is this more noisy than older WD mybook drive/s? Does it make a weird wake up slow sound? Thanks.

lou12393 says:

is it inside a wd drive? because at the moment there is no wd green 8tb on the market

Ahmad Algammal says:

Does it work on 220v or 110v ?

Star Light says:

Hey,,,,,, take the drive apart and you will see a Seagate drive !

necrodios says:

thx for the review friend is very useful

draw the word says:

It has been at least ten years since i have used a external hard drive. my point is that hard drive had a switch for turning off which in the end ruined the drive by it suddenly stopping instead of going through a shutdown process slowing down the spin with ease. I tell you this for the purpose to ask you this question.

How does this drive turn off? Does it ease out or does the powers immediately cut off power to the disc’s motor?

scroeffie says:

is it stil working would this be good for movies ?

Eduardo Martinez says:

What are the specs on that PC? Cool setup!

Marcos Benedito says:

HGST Ultrastar He8 its hitachi, it would be nice to buy 2 of that on sale now to build a 8TB raid 1 mirror 1 sinology DiskStation DS216se and voilá 😀 good idea, coz the 16tb book duo “8tb raid 1” its a lot expensive right now

TheRetri Jeans says:

this one is cheaper then the seagate innov8 8 tb that one cost 329 and this one is 250 welthen i go for this im building a plex server for tv shows movies i already own 8tb now a second one

Brandon M says:

Just bought this for my Xbox one s I can’t wait to use it, everything I read about it was good so I’m sure it will serve me well

man0z says:

Can’t believe the price of external drives. I never looked at external drives for years because I hate the extra plug but the price difference has forced my hand. Can you buy this and take out the drive from within?

StarSeeker94 says:

I just got this for my PS4. It’s great 🙂

Shao Zhang says:

Seagate already makes a USB-C external drive but it won’t work with your ‘old’ MacPro since it requires power over USB-C.

7Ameer7 says:

thanks for the vid man… I’m planing to get one of these 8tb my books, but I’m not sure if I can play heavy games directly from the hdd… have you tried something like that?

TheRetri Jeans says:

is this an external hardrive where you can put tv shows on and movies like the seagate ones?

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