The WD My Passport vs The Seagate Backup Plus vs The Toshiba Canvio Connect II – Which one is best?

All Portable USB 3.0 Drives, But which deserves your Data?

External Portable Hard drives are commonplace. The marketing is saturated with all manner of capacities and manufacturers claiming their model is best. However with prices being so similar and the drive itself being built almost identically, how can you choose the right drive for you? Robbie at SPANTV is comparing the 3 leading models for Students, holiday travellers and office backup executives and seeing their strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately to find out which one is the best. Below are some details about each.


Access your files anywhere and from any device. The new Canvio Connect II is a smart storage solution that will soon become your favourite data companion. Not only do you get up to 2 TB of portable storage, the Canvio Connect II can also turn your PC into your own personal cloud server. Pre-loaded remote access software gives you instant access to your files from all your devices, wherever you are.*

* Canvio Connect II must be connected to a PC and WiFi environment. (PC must be on or in stand-by mode)

Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive

Be Ready. Bring Your Backup.
Thin, Light and Easy Backup That’s Good to Go.

Back Up Your Stuff — Anytime, Anywhere
The Seagate® Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive is the simple, one-click way to protect and share your entire digital life. Perfect to take on the go, the sleek metal case design allows for the thinnest portable hard drive available with up to 2TB of capacity. It goes anywhere — without getting in your way.

Features mobile backup using the Seagate Mobile Backup App
Protect your data with easy flexible backups
Back up from Facebook® and Flickr® and share to YouTube®
Easy to share files between Windows® and Mac computers
USB 3.0 plug-and-play with no bulky power supply adapters

Back Up From Your Mobile Devices
Use the Seagate Mobile Backup App to easily back up photos and videos on the go directly from your mobile devices to Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive.

Back Up and Protect Photos, Videos and More — Automatically
Choose from two easy backup options in the Seagate Dashboard – scheduled or continuous.

Do More With Social Networks
Don’t risk losing those great pics you’ve posted online. The Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive finally bridges the gap between your online life and the rest of your life, letting you automatically back up your favourite memories from Facebook® and Flickr®. You can even share new videos to your YouTube® account.

Western Digital My Passport Ultra

My Passport® Ultra™ delivers USB 3.0 performance and high capacity in an ultra-compact design. WD SmartWare™ Pro automatic backup software offers local and cloud backup. Password protection and hardware encryption secure your data. The 3-year limited warranty and soft pouch help protect your investment.

Ultra-sleek design with high capacity – At just half an inch thin (12.8mm) for the 500 GB model, this drive is sleek and fast with plenty of capacity for your important digital content. The 1 TB model is a mere 0.60 in (15.3 mm), while the massive capacity of 2 TB is only 0.81 in (20.5 mm).

Ultra-fast transfer rates – When connected to a USB 3.0 port, My Passport Edge lets you access and save files in blazing speed. Reduce transfer time by up to three times when compared to USB 2.0 transfer rates.*

*Performance may vary based on user’s hardware and system configuration.

USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatibility – With this single drive you get compatibility with your USB 2.0 devices today and the ultra-fast speed of USB 3.0 when you’re ready to step up to the next generation. With this single drive you get compatibility with the latest USB 3.0 devices and backward compatibility with USB 2.0 devices as well.

Local and cloud backup – WD SmartWare Pro lets you choose how, when and where you back up your files.
– Select automatic, continuous backup to instantly back up your files as they are added or changed.
– Select scheduled backup to back up your files on a schedule that fits your needs.
– Select cloud backup and back up ryour files to the cloud using your Dropbox account. Or be double safe and back up your Dropbox account to you’re my Passport Ultra drive.
*Dropbox account required for cloud backup. Cloud services may be changed, terminated or interrupted at any time and may vary by country.

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shailesh patel says:

Please tell me the security password protection in seagate. If drive inserted in anouther pc which dont have installed software. Are we able to use drive?

fack utubenoseyjerks says:

A little boring nut worth it.

Ra Leo says:

Dude……. I sudently got blurry vision, good news I got cured in 14 mins.

Bhanu Nayak says:

thanx …i just ordered wd passport ultra.

Amber Russell says:

This video was incredibly helpful in narrowing down my choice of new hard drives. I already have a Seagate, but was curious about my other options. Thank you!

Sujoy mondal says:

wd my passport 4tb or seagate back up plus 4tb. which will be more reliable…

Sourav Mitra says:

does the Seagate HDD provide any security software???

Dillip Prusty says:

konsa hard disk mobile me show karega

EMEDIA says:

Good shit mate. I really enjoyed your thorough analysis of each drive. I was on the fence between the 2TB Seagate from Costco & the 2TB WD from Amazon, and I think I’m going to have to go with WD! Thanks a lot and cheers!

Cole Gaskins says: you make life so bad with your super long infomercials.

Alastair Mann says:

get seagate … wd is so mickey mouse

C Ortiz says:

what is the best hard dik so far?

The Cake is a Liar! says:

A Korean technician told me Seagate hard drives tend to fail more frequently than WD, Toshiba or Hitachi. I’ve used a Toshiba Canvio Basic drive for 4 yrs and it still works. Maybe I’m one of lucky people. But this time I’m considering getting the WD Passport Ultra. I heard Hitachi drives tend to have more issues with Mac computers so I guess WD is a safer option. If you have something to say please reply to my comment. Any recommendation will be appreciated.

Keane Farol says:

WD My Passport Ultra or WD My Passport? Which is the best?

Ewser X says:


Think Positive ++ says:

I’ve used all of those for years now.
Failure rates: (based on my own personal experience)
WD: 15~20%
Seagate: 75%
Toshiba: 30%

Seriously, I don’t really care about the software that’s included. All I care about is the failure rate.
Seagate is like the “Chinese version” of WD. It looks good on the outside, but filthy rubbish inside.
WD wins all day.

JeyLast says:

good review but its too long.. I think 5 to 6 minutes is watchable

Pranay Mittal says:

Can Data can be protected in Seagate hard drive using any third party application?

TheVickyRJ says:

thanks!!! thisreview made up my mind . i ‘m gonna buy WD

Ruchir Sajwan says:

AWESOME Video! Thanks for making it. Cleared all the confusion 🙂

Mayanglambam Joymala says:

talking to much. come the point man

Micha says:

Thanks for the good rewiev, but i wonder which of them has the best chance to survive being dropped from 1 meter

Duane Weekly says:

Excellent. Thanks. Now I can make an informed decision or at least know what questions to ask. I need to transfer data from three different computers.


I want hard disk who is best


1tb mobile main support karegi sir my mobile Expedia z2

June - JWW says:

Thank you for such an informative tutorial.

Mārtiņš Markss says:

Seagate backup pluss has one big major advantage over other two drives it doesn’t have integrated usb3 controller but its actually usb3 adapter attached to HDD so if it fails i can take out it put in external hdd enclousure and copy files. With other two drives i am screwed if usb3 controller fails however usb 3 cables are very low quality

Sy Eckbe says:

I trust WD. I still have a MyBook 500GB firewire that I purchased in 2008. It still going! However, I know it could possibly give out any day now…

Adnan Ali Syed says:

My confusion is over. Going for WD 3TB for 159 euros in PC world Ireland.
Used WD before and I dropped it once and the casing was broken but my Data was safe.
Thanks for Videos, really helps.

Emmanuel Tapia says:

which one is less likely to crash?

Roy Mustang says:

Great presentation!

John Arya says:

which one last long bcus sometime drive get corrupted !!!im thinking of buying toshiba is it gud

Serom says:

Sitting here with my dead 2TB WD with no hope of recovering any of my almost 1.5TB data from it. All these comments saying WD’s the best, confuse me as hell! I had my 1TB Toshiba for four years with no single issue, till I gave it away.

Dirt Farmer says:

Excellent in depth review.

Jason Wilson says:

WD ftw… always had it before never failed me.

dissiscool says:

I used seagate, it looks so nice but its fragile and it was broken without any certain reason, and the data was not save. so I’m going to try WD

Ui Uy says:

you didn’t mention the Toshiba drive has extra protection to minimize the impact from shock, accidental drop and other real life scenarios, great comparison overall

Mohamed Najee says:

What is the memory capacity of the drives,,,in the sense actual bytes …

Rahul Sridhar says:

@7:41, wrong numbers of Read/Write for WD on screen (viz-a-viz spoken). Thanks for the detailed analysis. Saw it just after I placed an order for the WD My Passport Ultra Blue (not Noble Blue) 🙂

KDrama Filth says:

Thanks for your help!!!

Fiona Sam says:

there is no space left in my laptop, I want to buy a hard drive 1TB
To download moves & tv shows.
but I’m still can’t decide which one should I buy please recommend me a great hard drive

my dad have the Toshiba 1TB FOR A LONG YEARS, he told me toshiba is a great hard drive but I’m can’t decide so please HELP ME ??

Sylvie d'Aragon says:

I have a WD My Book Essential, bought in Jan. 2013. I used it about 5 times for backups. Last month, a chip fried for no apparent reason, unfortunately, my warranty expired 10 months ago. Data recovery using an ordinary dock is impossible because WD had the bad idea to encrypt the data, making it unreadable, therefore irrecuperable and this company does not provide any suitable dock. No, we are referred to any data recovery company (who charge ridiculous prices and do not guaranty the recovery) and are told that WD cannot be held responsible. So, I wish to say, that WD is the last choice anyone should make for any kind of data storage. I think I will buy a Toshiba

Candice Corbin says:

too long

dissiscool says:

very useful review. thank you!

Vitaly Tomachevski says:

Very good review. I used all 3. One thing I really like on the Toshiba that you mentioned but I feel should be an important consideration are the rubber feet. Sometimes I place the Hard Drive on my desk and things move around. by accident things get pulled and shifted. And the Toshiba held well. While other drives were like skidding on ice. I would say that is a very important thing to consider, especially if you want to help prevent your drive flying away and falling on the floor.

Marcos Vinícius says:

What was the result? i’m brazilian and no understand very good

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