The Top Video Editing and Storage Drives 2017

This video covers the best external USB-C hard drives for the macbook pro and other usb-c computers. It takes a look at the build quality, design and performance of the drives. What are the fastest and best drives on the market today?

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Mr. APPIEm says:

and will you share the link for me because I really want to buy one plz reply ASAP…..thanks again

Wade Barrett says:

This info helps, thanks.

Miguel Saenz says:

nice video quality

Craig Meyer says:

JJs big reveal

Eugene Wong says:

wut price though???

Jay Chris says:

Your tech videos are so nice! Keep up the great content and just followed you on instagram

Spencer Pettee says:

Nice vid. What mic are you using in this?


It seems like you just started with youtube,your videos are very precise,complete and professional.Wish you the best!

Grey Sanz says:

Great video thank you

Geek or Gaming says:

are the lights too bright on your eyes?

Baxter Persse says:

What is the intro song

Bryce Davenport says:

you deserve more subs

utseay says:

I was able to go back into the video where you included the drive names, but would have been nice to have a few links. Overall, I like the video a lot. Thumbs up.

WashingTone says:


Live With Tex says:

Hey great video, it would be very helpful if you link each product you reviewed.

Techplughd says:

great video, the new macbook pro are awesome, just can’t wait till usb-c becomes the standard for everything

Paula Moore says:

definitely subscribing. guess I’ll make 600 sooo congratulations lol

JetSmackedHD says:

how about WD? Always been reliable

Mr. APPIEm says:

WOW just great video I wanted a video comparing these drives and there I found you, great work ……. I hope to get more future videos ….. thanks

SweBass says:

Get some sleep and sunlight bro

iReeZoRz Tutoriel & Gaming says:

Merci pour ce comparatif, super vidéo !

Joel Pallares says:

For the Samsung T3 external hard drive are you just using a USB-c to USB-c cable ? Or are u using an adapter ?

Cmatzick says:

why no links to any of the products????

Florato says:

thanks for the info bro

Oliver Quiñones says:

subscribed man. great video, review, and studio. i just started creating videos for my channel and is slowly upgrading my gears. just bought a cheap tripod for my smartphone and will buy an external drive soon for video storage. all the best!

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