Seagate Expansion 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 Review (STEB8000100)

After purchasing multiple Seagate expansion drives, I finally decided to do a review on Seagate hard drives. In this video, you will learn:
– Review on Seagate 8TB external hard drive
– Review on my experience when exchanging my drive due to malfunction
– Review on whether Seagate honor its warranty

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Dylan Mayhew says:

Wipes sweat away….. Okay this isn’t your 2nd or 3rd due to the others failing….
But yeah many many people talk about on reviews & even on YouTube about how many people have owned these drives & had them fail!
Makes me nervous about my purchase I just made today because of a boxing day sale.

But you’ve owned many of these drives….. Are they all still fine? are they all full or almost full? (What happened to the one that did fail?)
Do you have these drives running 24/7 or under any heavy usage?

My theory is the problem is the cases on these drives…. I’ve read people write about the temperatures there drives run at inside these enclosures. Much higher then what’s recommended for drives to run at.
So….. I am going to stress test the drive make sure all is fine… Then I am going to take it apart with a guitar pick, & install it into my media server computer rather then run it externally.

My only other theory is, perhaps the SATA to USB interface in the enclosure is causing some issues… But I think it’s the heat…
That or….. just the drives themselves have a high failure rate….

I also understand the model of hard drive inside…. It’s kinda a lottery on how good the model of drive is installed in the enclosure.
Because Seagate of course has many models for different purposes, some higher end then others.

But… currently still, this is one of the cheapest ways to purchase an 8tb drive, all the standalone drives regardless of model costs more then this external enclosure with the 8tb drive.

Also….. Here’s a little bit about their warranties… Any other hard drive tends to offer at least 2 years allot even 3 or 5 years.
So a 1 year warranty is kinda strange to see on a hard drive, think what you like about that.
But yes, it’s good that they honored there warranties without any MORE trouble for you.

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