Seagate Expansion 2TB External Hard Drive Review

Running out of storage is a pain. But adding more doesn’t have to be. PC Centric looks at the Seagate Expansion external drive, testing its performance and ease of use. Should you buy it?


Heel Guy says:

@PC Centric . Can you use these as you would use a Flash Drive? 

King_Danktholomew says:

Rather than filming the screen with a camera, can you not use something such as Fraps? It would just increase overall video quality, which is something you usually manage pretty well.

Sheff2k16 says:

Does it have any significant vibration?

Chuck Lee says:

Should i be listening to the negative reviews on the internet in regarding to the lifespan of this drive? Should I trust this drive with the task of back uping my important files? Cheers.

Ihavenomemes says:

does it work with Xbox one

nico4132 says:

hi im buying this for my PS4 back up, whats should I get seagate Expansion or Back up plus slim???

LeagueBeast7 says:

Does it work with PS4?

Γεώργιος Ράμμος says:

can it be used on xbox one?

Bear Mouna says:

So you basically just plug it in any usb slot on a pc and should work right?

Killa Brayan says:

Pc centric , what desktop you recommend for good gaming experience & under $1,500 ? Ive been convinced to be a pc gamer

hamza 1zahid says:

does it support ps4

archer pl says:

Its works with Xbox one?

Partha Roy says:

Just wanted to say that the space is measured in tebibytes inside windows and not in terabytes. 2 terabytes equals 1.81899 tebibytes and that is why it shows 1.81 TB (tebibytes)

Rudy Rodriguez says:


Ashlee Baker says:

Nice vid pal, i am looking for a hdd for my games as right now i am running watchdogs and bf4 off my ssd which has left me with not alot of space left on my ssd, but i think i would be better with a internal hdd, would a 5400rpm be good enough for games as i have a 1TB 5400rpm lying around any way if not what one do you recommend? i see from the video you are using a 1TB internal hdd for your games which one are you using?

Chm 999 says:

Can I use it to my laptop? Or I can only use it to my desktop? Now there is 2.5″ seagate expansion 2tb portable hard drive, 3.5″ or 2.5″, which is better?

Jack Foster says:

can i used this for the ps4???

Pat Somerville says:

Hey could you do a video on game streaming and video editing please? Awesome channel, very helpful.

jack black says:

Hi just wanted to ask you an question. I’ve got an sound blaster pro sound card. But I’m looking to by a 7.1 USB headset. Would you keep the sound card or would I get better sound using a USB headset.

Aldy Pratama says:

he said “usb 3 cable” 3 times lmao

DoneByMe says:

Can you make a video on which PC’s are the best to buy based on price ,speed etc.

MrWorldViewer says:

I plug in the unit and there appears to be a drive problem? The autorun file is only 1 k. Must I register this product first? I purchased it online and I wonder if by registering I am committed to owning it even if it’s incompatible with my machine. What do you think PC Centric.

muirbabe says:

Thank you, really helpful!

jason lindquist says:

great review, bout to buy one right now.


BAZARA89 says:

@Daniel Mc Gilvray Yes, just got one and hooked it up, works like a charm.

Gvaudan says:

6+minutes and we don’t know how long is the usb cable.

Azad kr says:

It Wont Charge Automatically When USB is connected with Laptop ? Should We Use Charger every time ?

Kris Pogi says:

Can i directly plug my 2TB Seagate expansion to a 220v home socket?? BTW I’m from the Philippines and my expansion is from U.S… please help..tnx!

WarWolf says:

how do i register it to my pc i plugged it in but it doesnt download to the hard drive

Влади́мир Ива́нович says:

can you please tell me a shadowplay alternative for amd

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