Seagate BackUp Plus UltraSlim Portable Hard Drive Review

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Seagate Ultraslim BackUp Plus 1TB Hard Drive Review! I need to back up and swap files a lot while on the go. Producing video while traveling, I like to make sure I have duplicates of all the video assets and files I need. My current travel storage companion is this petite drive from Seagate. Here’s a quick review from a mobile video producer’s perspective!
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August Erlandsson says:

For sure. I even think the cloud can be quite unreliable a lot of times.

KingSam says:

Local backup is better.

Marianne Cu says:

Although I do not do a lot of file transferring nowadays, this will come in handy to back up my school files, reports, essays, and work files that are located on my laptops.

bartiz12 says:

If I were greeted with new additional mobile storage, I would use to immediately backup my University Projects. Even though I have a new laptop I would still like to have a backup of these.

Also, is it possible to make such process automatic? Like you select a folder in your PC and everytime you plug in an HDD it is updated with the ones from PC? I have also thought about Git repository, which might be a good solution.

Juan, I do not think you would want a more solidly built drive for travelling since these are more heavy and bulky. I currently use Silicon Power A85, 1TB version. Check it out, this thing has comparable speeds to Your Seagate BackUp Plus UltraSlim yet it is built like a tank, I love it! It costs like 75$ in Poland so I am pretty sure you can get it cheaper in US.

Sabeeh Saqib says:

1TB for $60 is very reasonable. Can be really handy to backup videos and important file. I’ve got a portable hard drive at home too but I’m not the type of person who backs up much stuff because I really don’t have any important data

Kurgo says:

More so than anything I’m left wondering at what aperture you filmed to make the background still readable :> I honestly would love a(nother) external hard disk, so many GBs of photos (and of anime, to be honest) that are threatening to overcome my current option.

Muthu Thangal says:

This is the worst product i ever bought. I loss my money. This product complaint every 6 month and i cannot clain warranty because buy from amazon and again this was complainted if any one planing to bought no one buy you will loss your mone because this is the 3rd time its complined And i loss my 1.5 tb data all and i didnt get any backup if any one bought please create backup on your computer that will better than this externel hdd iam using thoshiba hdd and transcend hdd still 5 year and that still working without any problum and that hdd never betraied me

Ayush K Poddar says:

I would probably backup all the game projects I’ve been working on. Damn those things take a hell lot of space.

Abhishek Chakraborthy says:

Still SSD are much faster you have to pay for that speed but it’s worth it in my opinion

Cameron Cross says:

I’d use it to backup all the photos and documents on my current laptop. Can never be too prepared, in case something happens and the data is lost.

Nav een says:

Where is nokia ‘s. Video.

Ali Raza says:

please uncase the backup plus ultra slim and let us know whats inside the case,

NonsensicalVids says:

i have this exact drive

Renato Laporte says:

Those small sized drivers are not only cool for backup, but also really good for pure storage extension. In an era where most consumer (and “Pros” [definitely talking about Microsoft and Apple]) laptops comes with 128 to 256GB only (anything above this goes together with a huge price bump), it’s impossible to carry a good old media library (music, videos, photos) on the go.

As for backup, well, I’d backup my old Passport, cuz the older one died, it doesn’t start anymore, it just beeps.

In there I have my most listened music (either because it’s not available for stream or I have it in Flac), some live concerts DVD rips, some comedy shows/cartoons, pictures I’ve taken during a trip and a backup of my cellphones SD card content.

Hicham Gouchida says:


Karthik Sharma says:

seagate hard drives doesn’t come with encryption software. Do you use any third party software to encrypt your data ? or you just don’t care that much!

Jay Polo says:

Would this be a good option to store about 115 movies I have on a old windows laptop I’m trying to move those before my laptop from 2003 Craps out

David hunsinger says:

I’m supposing for that price that it’s DRAM-less?

7azem M. says:

Yes I use it so much for backing up what I always need

Lance Brown says:

I’ve seen that Seagate drives quality have really gone downhill the last few years, is that true?

NeutronPCXT says:

For your use case, wouldn’t it better to buy a portable SSD like the Samsung T3/T5?

These are crazy fast. I have the T3 256Gb, and no more having to wait for loading Blender projects 😀

Sam Richardson says:

odd speaker emotional musical pop provider part framework reaction persuade detail presentation intelligence

Hicham Gouchida says:


Seedubya Tech says:

Nice. I just got 2, 2 terabyte back up plus slims. I find comfort here lol.

Ziich says:

I got a 4tb wd HDD for 80 bucks

Brian B says:

I want to win one!

Chrissy A says:

I would like one too. My old drive is quite thick and heavy. Having a thinner drive will make it more convenient. My old travel pictures are saved only in my phone and im worried that if it crashes all my memories will be gone.

elchamber says:

Too bad my PS3 won’t recognize this drive.

TechSquirrel says:

The first file I’d back up is my library of coding projects. There are some important course files in there, next semester including my Capstone project o.o

Rachael Jalloul says:

I would use it to back up my photos. At the moment I’m using my old S4 as storage hahahahaha

Mohammed Islam says:

Hi Juan, this is something I’ve been thinking about.

fadoobaba says:

Cloud=someone else’s computer, simply put.

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