Seagate Backup Plus Hub Review – Hard Drive with Built in USB 3.0 Hub !

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Seagate has a new USB 3.0 external hard drive that has a powered USB hub built in. It’s great for low end computers and compatible with just about anything with a USB port. See more storage: and subscribe!

0:02 – Introduction
1:18 – Hardware overview
1:56 – Charging a phone without a computer plugged in
2:38 – Plugging the drive into a Raspberry Pi
3:04 – Drive noise levels
3:34 – Plugging in additional drives to the USB hub
4:45 – Blackmagic disk speed test benchmark
5:26 – Conclusion and final thoughts

Drive performance is great and the hub is a nice convenience to have integrated into the hardware. Great for backups and large file archiving.

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rumvodkaf1 says:

Are the front ports 3.0?

techline - Linus says:

Hi, Lon. Great review. You inspired me with that 100k special video and I found this video useful as I’m looking for an external drive to store tons of raw footage. Thanks!

MrChad Bro says:

Hi.. question.. i am going to be using this for archiving my business documents.. what happens if it were to break? Anyway to recover the data?

Clipboy says:

Hi. Just wanted to ask can I use this just to store massive files of 1080p videos/films and tv series on? Nothing else, just video files and connect the drive to my tv?

Big Chaz Gaming says:

Will this work for storing games for my xbox

R Roberts says:

Is there a difference between this drive and white xbox seagate 8tb?

elterrible00esb says:

Can you back up your IIgs on this?

chicjrolls - says:

The drive makes so much noise and vibrations. It’s so loud! I’m writing to seagate. Had WD before this. Disappointed with Seagate.
This subscriber had the same problem as me!

Forplan For says:


Can you tell me temperature of your disk drive?

Mine is 48celsius on idle and 53 on full load….

I think this is hight, what about yours?

Joshua P says:

Hi- great video, just curious- when plugging in the drive to the computer (power already connected earlier) did you notice a chirping sound as it spun up for about 1-2 seconds? Thanks!

Kiki Agency says:

The visuals, logo and background are hilariously 90’s while reviewing current products. Not sure if it’s intentional my dude but I’m digging it.

Frank West says:

Hi, I have one question.

The AC adapter of this “Seagate Backup Plus Hub” is compatible with the previous model, the “Seagate Backup Plus” of 12v 1.5A?


Nikki Sato says:

Can I use the an external hard drive and hook it up through the usb port? will this device back up the external hard drive too?

Andrew Cole says:

Will this 8TB drive be recognized by an Android TV box running Android 7?
If it is then I’ll buy one.
(My Android TV box DOES recognize my 4TB USB powered drive no problem.)

chewoot says:

Can you load information onto the drive from the front two ports?

Red Neck says:

hi there, i’m considering to buy an 8tb external drive
which one do you prefer, this 8tb seagate backup plus hub or WD 8tb my book

gonigeena says:

Seagate hard drives are more likely to fail. Don’t risk it

Bruce Levick says:

Can you connect this to the back of a mycloud NAS drive using the front usb port (usb to usb)? So the seagate drive would be connected to the computer using the backside connection but able to be seen on the mycloud NAS device to backup using the usb port in the front?

Maurice Phoenix says:

Actually I hate this kind of HDD. Once something wrong with the adapter u can’t do anything…well at least here in Indonesia. It hard to find great adaptor

Yuri Timg says:

i am looking for a hd media player that can read the 8th seagate that you reviewed.
i usually use my hard rive to watch movie files on my tv.
it seems that you are using something called raspberry pi with kodi installed.
1-can i use this to play all my movie files?
2-does it support x265,4k format, 3d movies and FLAC?
3- is this an android box.
4- if raspberry is not the best system to use, can you please recommend one that i can use to play my movie videos, (relatively affordable)

i would greatly appreciate your help

Tom Prokes says:

I hate the micro USB 3.0 ports. Easily breakable!

knoxieman says:

Brilliant review, thanks very much 🙂


did you keep software on it or blank the drive before using it?

goo doc says:

Hey Lon! I was wondering, now that you have had this hard drive for a month. How is it performing? have you come into any issues?

Inner Resting says:

in 10 years we will look back at this and think : what a huge and slow thing for only so many TB?

Y U says:

This or the WD elements mybook?

sont77 says:

Lon I’m thinking of by one to back up all my files and transfer the 4 tb of movies that I have But I’m hearing it there’s a lot of failure on there is that a cause for concern

Carlos Aguayo says:

great review, thanks!

ALUCARD2987 says:

odd question is there a limit to how many of those drives you can daisy chain together?

Nikolay Sotirov says:

Hi Lon, are you still using this HDD? Is it giving any problems? I am thinking of buying one, but I do not want to lose my info due to failure as soon as the warranty expires.

Blackman Hulk says:

Can you use this for your laptop?

Fess UK says:

HI, I bought the 6TB backup plus and I have run out of space now, If I buy another one, maybe a 8TB wil that continue backup from previous drive or will it start backing up my machine from the start again?

Frederick Malouf says:

If it was a real hub, then it would power and connect any device to be seen by the computer, but I plug in a Wacom tablet and a portable scanner and neither are connecting to the machine. So what is the point? It is not a real hub, but a charge point. Why can I use an unpowered 4-to-1 hub3 hub into my computer and it powered both devices.

Also, I rang Seagate and they said they said the ports are 500mA, which is USB2, not 3. They said to plug into a different computer to test. Appalling advice from a company at this scale.

So, LON, did you test it with other devices, or just inept stupidity of just plugging in other drives?


Brandon Freeman says:

Hello Ion
I’m a new subscriber to your you tube channel. I really like you show!!! I have a question can the Nvidia shield pro play media off of the Seagate backup  plus hub 8TB?

Andrew Pintado says:

Can I use a dual 3.0 usb cord to power this POS?

Bull8Magn8 says:

Is this a SMR drive ?

footlockerjl32 says:

Liking the retro Computer in the background there, brings back memories.

Arvind Patel says:

Does this harddrive 8 tb hub will work with PlayStation 4?

HuntingMachine says:

So I have a question…

Can I use this just to store massive files of 4k and 1080p videos/films and tv series on? Nothing else, just video files. It confused me when it says “Backup Hub”, So it is just like a normal external hard drive where you can store anything you want. Is it reliable and what are the chances files could get corrupted or the HD breaks?

TrainerRedTrap says:

As always, nice review, Lon.

ToyzTV says:

Great video, I just got one for storing my raw and rendered video files, hope it is good. My old WD is three years old and 3 tb and has been flawless since new. I couldn’t resist the low price for 8 tb. Hope it is as reliable, thx.

Qahtan Al-Aabidy says:

Thanks mate for this movie. Please is this external hard compatible with Linux(ubuntu 16.04 for example)? I will be so thankful if you can reply me soon because I want to bay one to backup my data. Cheers

EastAngliaUK says:

pretty cool I might buy one as it would free up a plug which my phone is plugged into plus its 8tb so should be able to store all my films & TV as my 3tb has run out.

TheSupremePhantom says:

Can it work with a 4k LG tv, bought this year, USB wise, can the files be played through a TV?

Venkatesh Ramakrishnan says:

Bought this one too use a pms for nvidia shield. Keeps disconnecting regardless whether ext sd or adoptable storage. Any suggestions? Thanks!

alex barbas says:

Excellent video ! I will buy it. Does the hard drive goes to sleep mode after specific time? (When PC is on). Or not because of the hub?

Somnath Das says:

How long is the power cable they provides.

Olorin Goufas says:

Can anyone tell me the power specs of the adapter for this drive?
Also does anyone know if the ones on newegg atm would come with a usa adapter or an aus one if I ordered one from aus?

christopher crowley says:

lon when an external hard drive is connected to the hub how does it show up? id like to connect my existing hard drive to it but show up under the same drive is this possible

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