Samsung T3 500GB External SSD Review

After many years using Western Digital Elements and Passport drives as my external storage on laptops, I decided it was time for something faster. When I only edited video on my desktop, the speed of the hard drive plugged into my laptop didn’t matter much but now that I’m using FCP 10.3 on my MacBook Pro, the slow performance of the WD drive became very noticeable. Some quick research led me to the Samsung T3 external SSD. With the 500GB version under $200, I figured it was well worth giving it a shot and wow am I glad I did.

Samsung T3 500GB External SSD (Amazon affiliate link)

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NotNoV8 says:

Great review Chris

shawn simon says:

I have a question hoping someone can help me I’m thinking about getting a  External SSD   for my desktop pc can I put steam and my pc games on them ?

KREEPER24 Official TV says:

wow i want it!

mann-ray powell says:

nice work thanks

Surpuppa says:

Thought the suit collar was shiny at first, but realized it was just a reflection lol. Great video as always, it has the charm that others doesnt have 🙂

gio calle says:

nice video XD

Debanjan Chowdhury says:


Jon Keys says:

is this can use for install os for mac,like using it as start up disk

pete49327 says:

Thanks and thumbs up. I really want to get one of these, but a question please. My pc laptop has usb ports labeled on spec sheet as 3.0, and you were talking about this Samsung SSD that needs type A or C connections if I heard correctly. So, will this Samsung T3 SSD connect properly to my usb 3.0 ports?

ehsan83 says:

so the SSD Apple uses in their MacBook Pros are 5 times faster than the Samsung T3? Did i understand this well?

ShakeOfMilk says:

great review. always handy to have a partable ssd…. does it work on say a console?

SuperCern says:

Great. Enjoy!

The OGgamer says:

I just bought the My Passport portable SSD 512GB at Best Buy only it has USB 3.1 Gen-2 and would like to see a comparison to the Samsung T3 video! I only use it for my Xbox1. It does come with a USB C to USB C cable with USB A Adapter​!

Shaun Batts says:

Hey so your saying I cant use a usb c to usb c for my mac?

PATRIZIO Pigliapoco says:

i m sorry but this guy looks like he edits videos for the superior court >>> snitch suit and all

Zach Ferree says:

Great in-depth video! I hate when my videos sound like a sale’s pitch when in fact the product is just that good lol. Also, the Samsung T3 has been on my wishlist for a while now, I really want to get one so I can keep all my Premiere assets on it so I can quickly decide to edit on my laptop or desktop.

The OGgamer says:

nice review btw

gotja says:

Why not just get a USB c enclosure with a 500ssd

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