Review: LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series

I review the LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt portable hard drive.

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LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series Review
LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series Review
LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series Review

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Kevin Schmidt says:

2.5 mins into this video and i still dont know if it is solid state or a hard disk. how did nobody else notice this

Cam Will Thom says:

Stop shouting.

Alex Mandujano says:

is this only mac? or can it be used with PC as well?

Humdidalaytor says:

You’re review was super helpful! says:

Just had to make a comment on the video… Alex, you and your team did an outstanding job with the camera work and concise, quick explanation of the Lacie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Drive.  Everything was easy to understand with the right visuals.  Thank you for your outstanding work!

John Snow says:

nice review. esp mentioning other options for memory

Adam Peri says:

Nice review and great advice! Thank you 🙂

Charlie Dorer says:

I just scored one of these 500 Gb models at goodwill new in box and it works for 6$ 🙂 i got lucky!

Mark Levien says:

So if the speed of the usb3 and thunderbolt is comparable, the only advantage of getting this drive over a standard usb3 is the ruggedness?

John Coles says:

The “funky cable” is a standard USB 3 cable. Just FYI.

Hamza Hamid says:

Are we getting lacie 4tb external hdd without power connection ?.. any idea guys ?

OhSpeno says:

Do you need to have the Thunderbolt & USB plugged in at the same time? My MacBook doesn’t have any USB slots left so i’m looking for an external drive that’ll run just off Thunderbolt; would this be for me?

Trulla says:

Is it true that it cannot be used for permanently backing up files? Is it only good to use while editing?

TerrrafrostGames says:

The “other end” of the USB cable is a regular micro-USB 3.0 connector and shouldnt be difficult to find at all.

Ananthakrishnan Tharakesh says:

Now, all of you out there. Don’t get fooled with the ‘ password protection” mentioned on the box. actually, it is not as advertised. When I called the support, they asked me to download the ‘public-private’ software from their site and download it to the drive. It actually can encrypt only 50 Gb of data. So it is not a password protection. Its just a 50 GB maximum encryption.
Read more

Pedro Moreno says:

Great review… thanks

47 says:

They could do a bit more work on the aesthetics. A metal box with an ugly orange removable bumper… Even though ADATA HD Durable range didn’t perform as well on the benchmark tests, they at least put a bit more thought and creativity into the design. I was sort of inclined to swap my adata for a lacie and pay a bit more… But didn’t seem to grab me!

ichisuke ryu says:

I really want this product, but i read multiple times from different websites including apple that the thunderbolt cable attached to the device was always failing. at least 80% of people from different sites mentioned it. And thats making me skeptical to buy this….

Adrian Cruz says:

can i used it for xbox one ??

Anna Simbeck says:

Thanks for the no bull, to the point review. You answered all of my questions and more. Very helpful!

oledcrt says:

No, it’s not a “funky cable.”  It’s actually a standard microUSB 3.0 connector.  You see, USB 3.0 connectors have five extra pins on them, and because of the small size of the microUSB connector, they had to add an extra portion onto it.  The same goes for the B type USB connectors.  Hope that helps.

john vines says:


David Lopez Photography says:

Probably going to buy this soon because my current USB 3.0 TB Seagate is taking way too long to export 2000 photos at no more than 10MB

Loic Reviews says:

I have a MBP Retina 13′ and I use the 2 USB ports and was looking for a good external hard-drive that I can use without getting a USB-hub just because I didn’t wanted the speed to be affected.

Thanks for your video because now I’m really sure of which product I’m going to use for my file savings and Time Machine 😉

Steven Hintz says:

I’ve been wanting to know is this an SSD drive? Or disk?

Alex Garlock says:

Great review. Very helpful

Tom O'Toole says:

i set it all to mac only storage accidentally… am i fucked?

Purplebeard says:


Conor O'Mara says:

Sorry could somebody just explain to me why I shouldn’t get this because I have a windows computer. Is it because I could get a similar storage for a much cheaper price or because it doesn’t work as fast with it. Or what is the reason?

Jefferson Ramirez says:

great video and info, let me to ask you a question i would like to buy and upgrade this hard drive (7200rpm spinning 500 gb) to and solid state drive (any like 850 pro samsung), will it work? (upgradable?) could help me with it so i can buy this lace rugged drive, thanks mate

Amy Gian says:

I was looking at the lacie for video editing. I previously used Seagate HDD with usb 3.0 . . but they both died on me. After watching this I’m not sure I should buy since thunderbolt doesn’t seem much faster than usb 3.0. (I am using mac for editing). Any suggestions?

dsproject says:

Video veramente interessante grazie!

Tony Rykers says:

Please pronounce it correctly, it’s not “lacie” it’s “La See”.

workon1t says:

Has this been named Thunderbolt, without hidden reference to its connection type being used, expressed or implied 🙂 ?

Apps for iPhone says:

Nice video little man !!!!

Joe The Scientist says:

Hey if you had go with Lacie Rugged thunderbolt series Or 1Tb or G-Technology – G-DRIVE mobile with Thunderbolt 1TB. Which one would you go for? Both the same price but im not sure witch one to get. 

mgy728 says:

Awesome river keep up the good work 🙂

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