LaCie Rugged USB-C External Drive Review – 2TB / 4TB

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Lacie refreshed their rugged drive line with a new USB-C drive in 2 TB and 4 TB configurations. See more storage: and subscribe!


00:43 – Hardware overview
02:20 – Compared to lower cost non rugged drives
03:11 – Blackmagic disk speed benchmark
03:40 – 4k Multicamera editing
04:14 – Conclusion and final thoughts

2 TB version: (affiliate link)

This drive is designed for professionals looking for a sturdier drive for transporting data. The same performance and capacity can be found in drives that cost half as much but they won’t survive drops and other accidents as well as this one might.

The interface is a USB-C connector but it comes with a USB-C to standard USB 3 cable in the box as well. It works off of the 3.1 Gen 1 standard which is fine for a spinning drive.

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eukat3ch says:

Nice video lon, i worked at a computer/audio service shop for a big company.. a lot of lacie drives came back being broke i hope they upped their game.

Alvin Nukman says:

keep up the great video lon!

Nu B says:

What’s the brand and model of the hard drive he keeps referring as “this one?”

ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo says:

Off? I’ve dropped a few over the years that were off that survived also. So in other words you’re paying for rubber on a drive that can survive the all too common problem of a car driving over it. Fantastic. Yup, I’ve seen it a thousand times. We need this.

bbgarnett says:

Keep up the great Work

Rishab Agarwal says:

I really like the simplicity of this guy’s videos…… Gud job

Soulcommander says:

Lon, 2 reasons I like your channel. You do full disclosure.You review of variety of different products. okay I’ll give you a third reason as well, you do a good job.

Angelo Casseras says:

Lon I love your reviews they’re great! But next time please consider a louder audio level on your videos when you export them. Cheers!

Bowden Creative says:

I just picked up the 2tb version. Great review!

Mike Howie says:

hi Lon love the channel
just a quick question in regards to the nvidia sheild tv do you know if you can add a 2TB hard drive to it ?

alittleolder says:

Now that the new MacBooks have been announced, are you getting one?

AL3KS S3RB says:

wish it had a built in usb-c cable.. hate lugging around a separate cable

Mark Kuhlmann says:

do you know, if they are going to release one with an integrated cable like the rugged thunderbolt? I really really liked the integrated cable, because it was very sleek and you didn’t have to carry around another cable. Maybe you know more…

Gameplay and Talk says:

Ouch, that price. Seems like a nice product for professional use at the very least.

Tyler Cohle says:

Great review! Love your vids cheers m8

Alex Reyes says:

does it work well with Macbooks 2011 . USB 3.0?

Tommy Ohlrich says:

What?! I dunk ALL my new electronics in buckets of water to test them!

TheREzz247 says:

It Helped me a lot to make my choice. Thank you !

Barnabas Busa says:

I’m looking into 4K video editing but unfortunately my laptop has only 256GB of storage. What sort of external drive would you suggest that could actually work? (Only HDD!)

Droogie128 says:

They need to offer different colors for the sleeve.

MariusS Catalin says:

Hi Lon. Can you review a new cheap laptop for us please? I’ve seen an ASUS EeeBook E202 (E202SA), with a Intel® Celeron® N3050, 11.6″ display, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD. The only problem in my country, this version runs a Free DOS, so no Windows 10. And one more thing, I have an advice for the future reviews of laptops. Maybe you can add a new test to the list, and that’s emulation of android in apps like Remix OS Player to see if we can run Android inside Windows on cheap laptops with only 2GB of RAM. Thanks.

Jared Decker says:

Awesome video as usual.

Crane358 says:

Great review. I’m curious to know if these drives use any encryption during their read/write process?

Chris Wheeler says:

can this work on a chromebook

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