FASTEST Xbox External Drive – Seagate SSD Review & Unboxing (New Premium Xbox One Hard Drive)

FASTEST Xbox External Drive – Seagate SSD Review & Unboxing (New Premium Xbox One Hard Drive) – w/ High Speed Load Times

LINKS: Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSD
500GB SSD —

Xbox Game Pass (free trial) —

Seagate 2TB Slim Drive —
Seagate 8TB Game Drive Hub —
Seagate 8TB Game Drive Hub Review —

Giveaway —

The games used during tested including Red Dead Redemption 2, PUBG, Monster Hunter World, Destiny 2, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

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BIue Ox says:

Just buy the Samsung T5

Martyn James says:

You can get a normal SSD drive and a case with an USB 3.0 connection (so you can connect it to your Xbox one) for a lot less than this costs.
All you need is a pc/laptop to format the SSD (and maybe a video from youtube to show you how to do the format if you dont know how to do it) and you’re away.
At about half the price of this….
My 500gb SSD and the external case cost me £50.

Sonu03785 says:

fck Xbox I put internal 1TB SSD in my PS4 its only $110 on Amazon- XFools

Chris Vega says:

Mx500 1TB 64$ I got that 500GB but I only play 3-4 games.

Shepherd _29 says:

you can buy a 2tb ssd for 150 bucks and a sata to usb 3.1 cable for 15 bucks for a grand total of 165 bucks.

Maka91Productions says:

The bags under my eyes are getting rough! 😀

Links for everything I talked about (including the giveaway) is linked in the YouTube description. Thank you so much for watching everyone. <2 Would appreciate a like on the video if you guys enjoyed it.

Cj Schneider says:

Lol I bought the 2 tb version and I already have a regular 4tb seagate game drive

r says:

guys I had a problem with my external drive I downloaded games on it but when I Unplug it the games disappear and the external return to internal
hard Drive I want a Solution for this issue
Please if you know why this is happening, tell me
And thanks

Sport Nation says:

If you need a good hard drive then get a WD. It costs $100 cad in Costco. It also has 4 tb

Sohel Shaikh says:

I am not for ssd I am for u happy Christmas know it’s gone but happy New year my brother .

ZarianPalma says:

i could buy 1tb and anothe 500 gb ssd for that price

Team Alpha says:

I Like it!. You should be an ALPHA 🙂

argedismun2 says:

So this is a xbox gamepass promo

Gábor Tóth says:

I use a Samsung 860 Evo 500GB SSD in an external rack. Forza Horizon 4 loads in 28 seconds instead of 1 min 32 and everything in the game is much faster (menus etc.). Odyssey has half the load time (30 seconds instead of a minute) from the main menu. I say if you are serious about gaming and you play a lot it’s worth having an SSD. Games will only get bigger and they will load more. The faster the storage the more time you gain.

hiawa23 says:

I am using the 2TB Samsung EVO 860 SSD, and the Crucial 2TB MX500 SSD for my Xbox1X, both dropped below $300 on black Friday and the Holidays and I love the speed. Both were cheaper than this one by a big margin, so why would anyone buy this when you can get double the space for less and just put the drive in a Amazon sata 2.5″ external case for $10. All my games, I mean all my games load times have been cut in half or better.

TheBananaMan 2121 says:

Injust got a Samsung t5, it has 500 gigs and is only one hundred dollars, it runs pretty fast too

Jesus Duran says:


skizzik121 says:

I’m sorry but if you only use the Xbox branded external drives you are a fucking idiot. I have tested over a dozen not branded drives and every single one functions perfectly. There is absolutely nothing special about the “official” drives other than their special increased price

Jeremy Freeman says:

The drive that’s in the X is a very good drive, not solid state but good enough for games to play in 4K, and VERY smooth framerates overall. Optimization overall still has to be good though, no matter WHAT type of drive is used. ;o)

Maks says:

Can we use this for Xbox one s?

scotty28653 says:

Once SSD is the norm then prices will significantly drop. Lets face it, no moving parts means less hardware issues. It wont be for a while yet, just stick with your external HDD’s for now. I’m using Seagate 3TB external drives on both my Xbox One S and my PS4, and PS4 Pro. They are great drives.

Garrett Green says:

Fuck that just buy one for like half the price on amazon

Scooter The Champ says:

T5 SSD 500GB IS Better

Michael Anderson says:

Should get a 1tb ssd future proof next gen games will be massive

andrew brown says:

Will it work with xbox one s

Patrick Tuohy says:

Having the xbox logo on it quadruples the price

Maverick024 says:

No good for pubg. No sale byyyyyy

michael chandler says:

you can replace the slow internal hard drive with a 2tb ssd for less

Skittles Modz says:

geez look at all those games

cMARVEL360 says:

Heads up guys! SSD’s have a weakness to their Number of Read and Write cycles. Meaning and in this scenario the weakness being that the number of times you save and delete data to the drive shortens the life span and slows down the drive.

So you would want to save games to it that you never move, delete or change.

Me for example I like to use my SSD (Samsung T5) for my absolute favorite/ most popular FPS’s. So I have Halo:MCC, Halo 5, and Black Ops 4 saved to it.

I’m also considering getting another Samsung T5 for some of the open world games I play that also have 4K assets, or for smaller games like MegaMan X series and others as the SSD increases the efficiency of a game and decreases input lag.

MrShadowofthewind says:

Do you happen to know when these will come to Europe ?

Gunslinger says:

So basically just a huge waste of money

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