Best USB 3.0 External Hard Drive: WD My Passport Ultra Review

Western Digital My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0. Best external hard drive 2015


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ProfessorDame says:

this guy sounds like walter jr from breaking bad lol

Just Jay says:

I’ve heard a lot of people say it stopped working for them i just got it and I’m nervous. Also why does the light keep blinking on it even when the console is off?

Noe Ramirez says:

Can I plug this into a 2.0 entry?

Sharell J says:

Mine stopped working/spinning. I can’t access my data. I’m so upset. 🙁

Craz3d says:

Will this work with Xbox one

felix hernandez says:

It kills my asus t100 tablet

Battery wise

I use it for steam games no complaints other than the fact that I can’t plug it to the wall so that my tablet/pc can hold battery

Remember the asus is small

.. Really good for a bigger pc or desktop

.. Keep in mind I have my Xbox 360 wired controller connected also

the thec guy 1 says:

screw u kid

Slide Ink says:

do you have to click erase? because you didnt.

Brean Targaryen says:


Darth Pilsner says:

I have the exact same drive, it is a piece of shit, only works in USB 2 ports, USB 3.0 doesn’t even recognize it most of the time and when it does it only recognizes it as a USB 2.0 device not 3.0 I can’t even use it in my PC at home because my motherboard doesn’t have any 2.0 ports, Other than that though the drive works perfectly never had any other problems with it, just the USB 3.0 issue but it is still a shitty drive and I am never going to buy another external drive from WD ever.

Enrique Soto says:

this is a piece of crap hard drive. not even 2 years and it broke on me

Nick Little says:

can u use it on ps4? like just plug it in to the USB ports and ur done?

Redwood Tree says:

Im having some Issues with My Passport Ultra.
I have a WD Elements 2 tb and I was trying to copy and paste 1tb to My Passport Ultra but it wont do nothing. Its only letting transfer 50gb at a time. Is there a work around. ?

Uncle Kenta says:

WARNING to those with Western Digital external hard drives!! I just learned the hard ways. On the WD My Book Elite external hard drive I used for my backups, the little micro USB port on it snapped right off the circuit board!!! I thought, no prob. I cracked open the enclosure, (yes it was already out of warranty) removed the bare hard drive, connected the bare drive to my computer directly via SATA and power cable. And guess what? I could NOT see any data on the drive. OS said the drive was unallocated, as if it had no partition. The Western Digital SATA to USB controller board used on their external hard drives is designed so you can’t use the bare hard drive in any other enclosure, or in any computer. I could not find replacement parts or any other solution. Disaster! BEWARE if you use Western Digital external hard drives, you are screwed if the USB port or the enclosure breaks. Google it, this same problem has happened to countless others. I had to have the USB port soldered back on, and then had to use data recovery software to get my data back off that drive. My solution to broken a USB port: had it soldered back on, and used Wondershare Data Recovery software to retrieve my files.

Nina T says:

don’t ever buy this…. they crash and data recovery is EXPENSIVE… IF U BUY ONE. buy 3 and back up repeatedly

Anthony Le says:

Does using a hard drive that is made for Windows on a Mac compromise the hard drive’s performance (speed)? Plz answer.

WanerAnimations says:

Is this working with windows 10?

des m8 says:

Am I able to run PC games on this. I have a 2tb.

lifeisgreatBsexy says:

WD is garbage!

Robert Santiago says:

Is this compatible with the Xbox one?

eltorreblank says:

Can you install programs in this drive?

raleigh pratt says:

I have videos over 30 hours can it be uploaded to the item

Slide Ink says:

i clicked erase and i cannot access the hard drive now

Wejdan Alharbi II وجدان الحربي says:

My WD is locked and I don’t know how to safely eject it.

Apollo Smile says:

Plug it into a mac and its not compatible yet lol (Windows FTW)

Dominic Biron says:

It short circuit after less than 18 months, destroyed my laptop motherboard and is unusable. Recovering my 800GB of HD videos will cost more than 1000$.
Don’t ever trust planned obsolescence products with your valuable data.

Rick Nick HD says:

IMO: WD sucks. Either my family has really bad luck, or keeps buying defective drives, OR WD is just bad, but my family has had about 20 WB 1-2 TB my passport drives, and they all failed. My family now goes with seagate, and they never fail. (Side note: The WD drives were not even 2 months old when they failed. This goes for all of them. They now all make a bad scratching sound.) Please tell me what the problem is, or if you have previously had experiences like this.

Jesús Armando Maytorena says:

This HDD would be compatible with the new Playstation 4 Firmware 4.50?

Classic Wrestling Content says:

I hold all of my pirated movies on my 2tb passport

TheBay'sFinest says:

Can I play videos from this, through my ps3?

Skrilla games says:

Can I use it for my ps4

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