Best Hard Drive for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One!! – 2017 Review

The BEST external hard drive for your PS4 – PS4 Pro – Xbox One – Xbox One S & Xbox One X!!
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How to Format an External Hard Drive to PS4 or PS4 Pro:

1. First, make sure your external hard drive is USB 3.0, and not larger than 8TB!

2. Connect the external hard drive to one of the USB 3.0 ports. You’ll see a message on the screen saying the USB device is not supported because the drive hasn’t been formatted to work with the console.

3. Under Settings, go to Devices.

4. Under Devices, go to USB Storage Devices.

5. Under USB Storage Devices, press Format as Extended Storage.
That’s all there is to it. The formatting will only take a few moments and then you are good to go. Your extended storage has been effectively set up.

6. When you return to the homepage, you can see in your storage folder that you will now have access to both the System Storage and the Extended Storage. You have the ability to play even more games and expand your storage as you wish.

7. Next step after that is to know how to store any new games or move your old games over to the Extended Storage hard drive. This is also very easy to do. Once you’ve found the game you want to move into your hard drive, just press the ‘Options’ button and it will give you the chance to ‘Move to Extended Storage’.


Brandon Finley says:

2 TB isn’t the limit bro , 8 TB is

Nintendo 64 says:

anyone else remember the good ol days when you inserted the MW2 disc fresh from GameStop, it updated for a minute or two, and you played? yeah me too. don’t feel like waiting 1-2 hours for my xbox one game to download.

Chaotic_ Rage says:

so if i unplug it what will happen will the games disappear

StarStarbreez says:

uh oh oh shit i bought a hardrive not an external damn

Heitä Homo Voltti says:

I ordered Toshiba canvio basics 2tb hard drive. Anyone knows does it work on ps 4 ?

Ivan Mendoza says:

hi there, I have a question once u add the hard-drive?? and put the games there, once the games are on the hard-drive can u still play the games?? like while being on the hard-drive?? u move it to the hard-drive but it isn’t on the ps4 anymore are u still able to play games tho?? or would u have to upload them once on the hard-drive?? please help

Hashem Shanawani says:

I got a 2TB seagate backup instead of expansion does that differ in some way??

Killerspeed GamingHD says:

can i use a 2TB drive for my ps4 or do i need a different type for just gaming space

jakstrieder says:

have you done a review for a Nyko data bank? if not what would you say about one.

COOL-DUDE 19 says:

Guys Sony released an update that supports any external hdd that’s in between 250g to 8tb. Ik it’s been out for ages but just in case nobody knew yet. like so others can see

James Browning says:

Just got a Seagate 4TB external hard drive from Amazon for $116

Cris says:

Who else is here for the PS4 4.5 update?

4EverGamer X says:

I got the Seagate & formatted it as extended storage to store my apps. Sadly, I can’t store my videos & pics from my PS4 on it.
There’s also an option to format it as exFat. Any idea what that is? It allows me to transfer my recorded clips & pics from the PS4 share function, but I can’t import any of it when using the Import feature in Sharefactory. It says it imports from a Sharefactory folder, or something. I don’t know how to create a folder for it. There’s no option.
I wanna be able to transfer my clips & pics to & from my PS4, so that I don’t have to keep redoing them if I have to initialize my PS4, or something. Is there a way?

Kouby says:

Target had mine for 100$

XenO SparKS says:

Please answer. Is it ok to leave it plugged in while running, but it won’t be an issue of overheating or any kind of internal damage??

Ralf R says:

can you use one hard drive for xbix one and ps4 or do you have to buy to different externals?

Elijah Saenz811 says:

Is there showing the Xbox one has GB a lot of dbm PlayStation 4 GB

The Gadget God says:

Amazon Links Here:
Buy 1.5TB Version from video:
Buy 1TB Version:
Buy 2TB Version:
Buy 3TB Version:
Buy 4TB Version:
Buy 500GB Version:
Buy 5TB Desktop Version:
Gadget Deals:

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John Watson says:

I bought a 1 tb seagate slim to use as external storage will that work?

james bennett says:

I got the Seagate 1tb slim backup

Li Li says:

Does this save my progress or it only saves the games and its updates? I would really appreciate, thank you.

CheffClout says:

Would it work for Xbox one s

ItzYaBoyMonster says:

The is a 3 and 4 tb too

XXXTenta says:

will this work on the slim? and you can play games directly off of it right?

smokeablunt12345 says:

Hey thanks for this video it was really helpful I got a PlayStation 4 and used the whole 500 gb and quick question can I find the sea gate expansion at Best Buy?

Rafael Serrano says:

is this help me to have more space for my ps4???

Ivan Mendoza says:

so once I add the drive I’ll be ok??

Gregory Lanphear says:

I purchased a Western Digital 4TB external hard drive 3.0 USB powered for my 1TB Xbox One for $117 (New version) …

micah evans says:

can i get one for 50 dollars from like walmart or something

ozeal D. says:

2tb in my ps4 and still not enough space, im about to run out soon.
plus i take too many gameplay vids…

Creed Diskenth says:

Is it possible to have changed your ps4 hard drive to a 2tb and still plug this hard drive to get more space.

EMC G.F.L MOB says:

just wondering please help does it matter the size of the external hard drive if it slim or fat will all of them go through the ps4 slim automatic format

ShadySloth says:

Is the backup plus slim any good?

Duce Uce says:

Hey I’m lay buying a Seagate Expansion Desktop 3TB Black. Is it alright to use or do I need to get a different one?

the meme clan says:

i’ve seen a 17TB it was kind of small

wacey murphy says:

this can hold all downloaded data, dlc, updates and the game itself right is 2tb enough space for ps4?

Scareface says:

Can I play games straight from the ext hard drive or do I need to transfer files back and forth?

NoRegrets1961 says:

8 tb now is the limit

Jason Rodriguez says:

I’m thinking about buying a 4tb Seagate external. Is there any difference other than the storage capacity? does it still run smoothly or do you recommend this 1.5 tb over a 4tb? (performance wise not storage ) any feedback would be appreciated. thank you !

XxBlaZexX 69 says:

Man I was searching everywhere for this thx man

Khendy Chan says:

Please notice me, does the external hard disk work on the usb past through ports Please i need answer

Shane Cyriac says:

hey does a 2 tb version work with a ps4


I got a 2 tb for 80 at bestbuy

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