Best External Hard Drives and SSDs for Video Editing

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► Samsung T3 Portable SSD (1TB) USB 3.1: (Amazon)

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► Portable Hard Drive: Seagate Expansion 4TB USB 3.0: (Amazon)
► Backup / Archive Drive: WD 6TB My Book Desktop Drive: (Amazon)

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— Best External Hard Drives and SSDs for Video Editing —

When it comes to video editing, external drives can make a big difference to the speed of editing, as well as the security of your backups and archives. For a LOT of video editing projects they’re a necessity, and choosing the right one can make a massive difference to the speed of your editing.

Obviously with Video files Storage is a big thing! Video files aren’t small, so having enough storage is absolutely critical. Speed is also really important: Using slow hard drives can make video editing a really painful process.

With drives these days, you can get one or the other relatively cheaply – but combining the two in one drive gets expensive.

SSDs for example are fast, but get expensive quickly as storage capacity goes up.
Hard Drives on the other hand are slower, but you can get a much higher storage capacity vs an SSD of the same price.

With all that in mind, using a mix of the different types makes a lot of sense. Hard drives where capacity is important (backup drives, archives etc.) but speed is not so crucial – and SSDs where speed is the main requirement (live project working drives).

In this video we’ll take a look at the different hard drives and SSD’s available, what I’m currently using, and everything you need to know when looking for the BEST external hard drives and SSDs for video editing and video production!

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Seamingly Sera says:

thank you!! so much helpful info.

Video Upskill says:

Thanks Justin, I have watched your video on backups. My challenge is I am looking for some software that can backup just my updated files at the end of a day.

I am always concerned about overwriting the wrong thing and doing it manually is tedious. Shotput pro looks complex and my internet speed in Melbourne is ADSL 2+ so uploading is slow and it slows internet to a near halt during uploading… do you have any recommended software to do an “end of day modified files only backup” to like a 4TB hard drive? Thanks so much for your advice. Quality videos.

Boost And Redline says:

Subbed! This content is gold

Blue Box Productions says:

What kind of NAS are you using? May have missed it

Widesight says:

Thanks for the video Justin, great info.

Robert James Adventure-Lifestyle-Travel says:

Love your videos, they’ve been super helpful to a budding videographer like me!

Ka Lik Siu says:

hi mate, may i know how you archive your whole video project? thank you so much

Design Hive says:

NIce video. Very good information!

Steve Bennett says:

Many thanks I learned a lot.

Derek Fite says:

Subscribed, thx for the video! Could you please advise; I’m wanting to buy a iMac to get started with video editing, but it’s quite a bit more expensive to buy an internal SSD in the iMac. If I just get the fusion drive, and edit with an external SSD, is this sufficient? Thx again.

Dark Horse says:

Justin really appreciate your videos and knowledge.
For anyone watching this is a channel to subscribe to and learn from.
Thanks as always

Jeff David King says:

do you edit on a NAS and/or can you use a NAS as your work file backup if you’re editing remotely instead of Google Drive or Dropbox? Thanks. Great video!

Robert Aman says:

Should i render videos to an external hard drive or ssd

xitsbiebzforever says:

Really want to get a external hard drive for videos from my phone and editing on my MacBook but I have no idea what would be best. What would you recommend for a Mac book air 2011?

Michaela Drabbant says:

Thanks, omg. I did not understand half of this stuff and it really confused me when other people would discuss it. I need to put my games on something, cause modding takes up a lot, and I know it’s not the best way to do it, but I like to move stuff around, but overall thanks!

Abdul Hadi Azad says:

Hi! I would like to bild PC for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere can you please help me wich CPU, Mainboard, graphics RAM hard drive power supply and etc and which brand I should buy.

Patricia Hernandez says:

when I do it, my macbook says file is damaged and should be moved to trash. The application does not open.

Hala Madrid says:

5:37 is when the video started lol

Air Planet says:

how much you getting real world write and read file copy speed and have you see any news regarding t5 ssd?

Alex Beaver says:

So I have a mid 2011 iMac that I upgraded the internal drive to a 250 SSD drive. Also, my Mac does not have USB 3 so I use thunderbolt drive. So is it work getting an external SSD if I don’t have USB 3?

Boost And Redline says:

Dude this video is beast! Thank you so much for sharing. I will implement this for my channel video editing, storage and backup. Awesome nuggets!

Erick Ariyanto says:

Hai justin, really helpful and awesome video !!
I smash that subscribe button for your next video, keep up the good work !!
Just have some question.
If we work and save our project in external drive that’s mean we don’t use PC/Laptop hard drive and only just put our software there ? and in case on macbook the SSD spec of macbook doesn’t really matter most of editing speed of macbook itself ?

Roy Cheng says:

I just got Adata HM900 3tb for storing edited video, read and write speed are around 200MB, I think this is a decent external hdd.

Tess Goodman says:

Thanks for the information and clear, no BS explanation.

SAVANNA_soul-VICE says:

Thank you!!!!

Review The Cheapest says:

SSD is the future.

AllPinkBarbieDollHouse says:

If I have final cut pro x installed on my MacBook pro but would like to use that on a different computer (iMac 5k) How can I do that? I’m not allow to install programs on the iMac because it’s the school but I would love to edit 4k footage on that iMac is there any way i could do this work?

EPHS says:

The most comprehensive review and advice video I have seen. Thanks for the explanations too. Helps me out.

Randal Gist says:

Excellent video–great information-advice explained clearly, without any fuss & muss. I always enjoy your presentations, even if I can’t afford most of what’s discussed. At this point, I’m only a part-time freelancer; but it’s good to try and keep up with the tricks & tips. Thank you, sir.

yourfavnurseb says:

You’re awesome

Pleb Marv says:

good video!

Mehvish Rehman says:

Will updating from HDD to SDD improve your video editing as a process for example during playback in premiere pro? Or does it only help in rendering, and loading up programmes? My laptop always seems to lag, despite i7 processor at 16gb ra and 2tb so I’m unsure of whether to switch the 2tb to a SSD card in order to get rid of the lagging during playback

Adam Moreno says:

Thanks for this information!! I’ve been struggling with the speed of my computer while editing, hope a new hardrive fixes things !

KL Tah says:

is sequential read/write more important or 4k read/write more important in an nvme pcie ssd for a scratch disk?

Jean-Pierre Avakian says:

Fantastic approach. Great video.

Dreamer 305 says:

Thanks for this video, you really answer a question that I had. Working drives and back up drives, now I know why and how to use both. Thanks again

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