2017 Seagate Expansion Portable Hard Drive / USB 3 / 2TB

Seagate Expansion Portable Hard Drive / USB 3 / 2TB
Buy from Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2nShOP6
Buy from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2o4NHX4
Buy from Amazon IN: http://amzn.to/2yuoJSF

This is an awesome, very fast portable Hard Drive by Seagate.


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Tobey Starburst says:

Just got this for PS4 great to hear it is good. Does it speed up load times at all or no?

Gerald Flynn says:

any good for the PS4?…..just got to the ps4 part of the video haha… but I meant have you tested it?

Nico Panneton says:

Can i download movies online on it(with my pc) and then plug the hard drive to my tv to watch them (without plugging my pc to the tv)?

kim linnerkvist says:

You can Also get this in 1.5tb

My Nvidia Shield TV says:

I have 2 of them work great but don’t ever drop one thanks


Is it the best External drive ever.?

NazmaB1232 H says:

Can you get 10tb model

Peter Andersson says:

Does this work with Nvidia Shield?

Bren Ladignon says:

Do u think its okay to use this for games storage I use Windows 7

cristianzex says:

@chigz wich is the best android box only for yt 4k and movies 4k ?i am not interested i games but only the movie quality dolbi vision and hdr 10 .


What is inside? Samsung or Seagate disk?

Kchanilla says:

I just got myself a 3TB I truly hope it works and gets to be fast.,.,fast., FAST !! cheers!

razel illana says:

Would it work with windows 10?

adam c says:

Just ordered this for my ps4

PuckWeijers says:

What is the rpm?

evov monbly says:

do the 3tb and 5 tb portable versions function without the need for a power supply? i saw some other seagate 3tb external harddrives that needed external power supplies. i’m trying to find a 3tb or 5tb portable harddrive that powers on through the usb cord only.

Donari says:

I dont know much about these memory things etc im more in to gaming related hardware.

So my question is that is this good for holding pictures and stuff i dont want to lose in the next 10 years or so? And i also was thinking because my current pc is kinda slow and i might be buying a new one. Would it be smart to copy all my files from old pc to this and when/if it dies i can paste all the data to the new pc? Alot people apparently use it to hold movies and games and use it like daily. I just want to hold stuff on it for years , forget it and not have to worry about losing those pics and files. Or should i go for something else i currently dont know about

Edit: i was also wondering if this is good for travelling? yknow go to some shady internet cafe in a foreign country and move all my photos and videos from my camera to this drive.

ReigningDespair says:

My 2TB isn’t working on ps4

Darren Rogers says:

Gonna get this one for the Xbox One X , thanks man for the great review

Sonykhan S9500 says:

Would it work with windows vista


Can it be 1 TB

Shih T says:

How i can know the last version without a serial namber on the cover

Guillermo A. Grecco Chiari says:

does this work for a laptop? a Surface pro (2017 model)?

WFK Official says:

hi can i conect it to my TV??

RedgreengamerYT Gaming Videos says:

Wouldn’t a 1TB desktop hard drive + adapter cable be chaper?

Carmel O'Connor says:

LOve the Seagate Expansion.  How do I add recent photos to it?

Joe Dirt says:

It would be nice if you could give us the specs

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