#1335 – ADATA DashDrive Durable HD710 External HDD Video Review

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The ADATA DashDrive Durable HD710 External HDD performs very well, waterproof, shockproof, compact, looks great, available in different capacities and comes in 3 color options. If you’re looking for an external HDD durable HDD enclose, this is it.


Dcdatruth85 says:

Lol this guy is insane.

TwinXD says:

yellow black , radio active

getjafar says:

will this product work on Smart TVs. i am using a LG LM6200. Please advice if this will work.

killzone12 says:

looks pretty

Joe Schmoe says:

Does anyone have this? I just want to know something. Can I open this thing up and put an SSD inside of it and just scrap the drive that it comes with? Will I still have the integrity of IPX7 rating if I open it up? Is that rating only because there is some sort of rugged spinner drive in there also? Any consideration given is appreciated in advance thank you for your time.

Noro Stepanyan says:

You need a camera man like Linus

Ignacio Rios says:

sold 🙂

Muisc Headz tv says:

this would be great for djing 🙂

Seven Pairs says:

The video after next is going to be 1337.

MLD.NET.PL says:

Firma A-DATA do bani, napisałem komentarz v=H8EkEuZiWrA

Tibci666 says:

please can u help me ? I have this HDD … I decided to system restore and It wanted soe flash disk to create some files to save them … everything was OK but later I found out that my 500GB HDD changed to 32 GB PLEASE HELP ME !!! I tryed to fragment if but nothing changed :(:(:(

Sebastien - says:

Hello, I have a question.

I just receive the product. And when I connect the usb cable to the product, I have a metal sound from the connecting port on the hard drive, its moving a little. Is it normal ?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Mediamarktfreak says:

This one or 1TB Western Digital Passport usb 3.0? WD is cheaper and 250 GB more. But this one looks so much better!

Alexei Zamuruyev says:

waiting on the #1337th review 😀 I hope you make something interesting… GTX 690 perhaps?

mrgtx480 says:

Hey Rodney !

Can i get music from the end ? : )

Scorpion9709 says:

Army hdd.


If you have a question about this product, I’ll be on 3dGameMan to answer. Comments & suggestions are welcome as well. Respect 🙂

00101110o says:

so… does the drive still work?

Kristel Marie Baya says:

Hi. Bought an ADATA HD710 today and as I plugged it to my laptop, It vibrates and it bothers me. Is it normal to have this vibrations in my HDD?

Kay Voyager says:

Problem is w file system. Format it as ntfs or ex fat and will work for sure. Hope it helps.

Lucas Kramer says:

i hope i can get it in red e.e

Chaitanya Samudrala says:

Got it today, I just dun understand one thing, it does’nt transfer files above 4GB data!!!!
Is there a fault in my system or is it the same for everyone else??????

Skagway says:

Update 2014/10/27:  This product is also available now in 500GB and 1TB and 2TB sizes.  See: http://www.adata.com/index.php?action=product_feature&cid=2&piid=168&lan=en

Wanderer says:

What’s with the USB socket.. couldn’t they have just kept it as a micro USB to USB output? What if something happens to the cable you have to specifically get one of these weird looking ones

Chaitanya Samudrala says:

Already got dat, but still thanks for the reply! 🙂

Alakutubak says:

Some guys will go to great measures to hide their porn

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