Which Ryzen CPU Should YOU Buy?

AMD released Ryzen and sales have appeared to be awesome! But should you just buy what you can afford? Or should you consider saving for the workload that you need it for? If that is video editing, streaming or just trying to get the best FPS for your money. Ryzen has a lot of options so let’s figure it out.

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Mr11ESSE111 says:

for month and half on market will come Ryzen 7 2xxx series on 12nm with higher clocking abilities and higher ipc aand probably same price as now have ryzen 7 1700/x/1800x

PorkNasty Gaming says:

Are the on board graphics all the same between all 3? Becuase GPUs are ridiculous expensive…. Atleast to hold me off

Chenjatha Krishnan says:

Excellent information, make video motherboard support amd 5,amd 7 .

Quite Gamer says:

Ryzen 1600x being sold for £162 ($223)
Is that a good price?

Abraham Sherwood says:

this is bs, i have a ryzen 5 and i cant stream while playing csgo it lags like hell

bokunotraplord says:

Why do people use games like PUBG for benchmarking? Only the shilliest of shills will try to tell you that game doesn’t have some glaring optimization issues so why not use something that’s demanding at high/max settings that’s more of a fair metric than a game that’s effectively still in development?

e b says:

ryzen 1600 is great. 2600 is like 10% better speed if u want to spend the additional money.

mZenarosa Vlog says:

is ryzen 5 2400g Good for personal video editing?

Vouch Tech says:

i also like ryzen 1600x

Kato says:

Thanks it helps a lot. You earn my sub.

sarthak agarwal says:

i want to build pc only for gaming purpose so what you prefer to me i go for ryzen or intel?

pauil sandy says:


naterod1719 says:

I just want to game and have some light browsing is YouTube and such. Guess ryzen 1600 makes more sense than a 3 for my new first ever build. (Leaving console behind ) in this gpupocalypse going with a 970

WetworkOrange says:

Well the ryzen 5 2600 X cost about the same.

Shazz says:

Wil I be able to stream like fortnite and cs go on a r1200? have a very limited budget.

Thy 72eaper says:

Hello, will someone please confirm that this is a good build and that it should work well together? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/X3HjZR

My first build btw. Another question I have is the motherboard working well with cpu and gpu? I know it says it’s compatible but just getting second opinions.

Adrian W1888 says:

#AMD Power for PC Life
#AMD Power for your Gameing Life
#AMD Power for the Gamer Life
#AMD Rullz the World #Ryzen #Zen is #AMDPowerCPU4Life Over 9000000000000 😀

AKSBSU says:

AMD fanboy? I think the 1800x was the first AMD CPU I’ve ever bought, and I got it for $319 with Quake Champions. It’s fantastic, too. Over 1650 in Cinebench with just light BIOS profile OC with no manual tinkering and 28C to 32C at idle. I paid more in 2011 for the Sandy Bridge 2600k.

Rezolutionist says:

Why not Ryzen 5 2600x?

JJay13Productionz says:

I brought ryzen 7 1700 over the Intel coffee lake bad resource management

Sean Eredia says:

1300x performing better than 1500x wtf?

BlueDrew says:

Can you do a streaming/rendering comparison at stock clocks for either all three or at least ryzen 5 & 7

Brian Berthold says:

best bag for buck is the 1600 NOT the 1600X .. the 1600X does NOT come with a fan so you have to add the cost to the CPU .. the 1600 comes with a nice stock fan

JayzBeerz says:

best one to get is an intel.

Matt Rowe says:

i have a 1060 6gb and a ryzen 5 1500X, is that suitable for gaming and streaming?

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