What is Hyper Threading Technology as Fast As Possible

Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology allows their processors to intelligently schedule the tasks that are performed by a single core to make data processing more efficient. Watch the video to learn more of course 😉

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زيدو الملك says:

I have a intel P4 HT inside from 2008 processor for my gaming PC

Salut Salut says:

Hyper thread is a phisical thing in the core or cpu or a soft that runs in the cpu ?

whatarewedoing says:

but how?

Super T Rev says:

I’m eating soup while listening to this eating analogy. I have a hyper spoon. Om nom nom.

Aayush peace says:

Fucking useless

Call Me Ishmael says:

Should I get a processor with hyperthreading to do 3D computer aided design?

Bruno Mars Channel says:


Alonso Ortega says:

I know this is from 2013 but I don’t care… Linus, supported by the tech tips Crew is like the Messi of Technology…

traso says:

something my CPU doesn’t have

Anon Anon says:

1:24 i can confirm that

Cris says:

wow, couldn’t be much clearer than this! thanks

Isaiah ODUMA says:

Is overclocking the same as hyperthreading?

BC Cabernet says:

this was really helpful. I always assumed I needed a more “powerful” processor because I watch dvd& bluray movies (I rip my discs and watch the mkv files) and stream online. I do a bit of photo editing, but that’s about it. I play no games. And I had no idea what the terms core or hyper threading meant until I watched your videos. Thanks.. you make learning about computers exciting and easy to understand. It’s not such a scary world afterall..

Greg Heffernan says:

Thanks Linus… only 5 years late… but you still had it then … well done on the journey to where you are now!

MiniAssassin says:

Is 4 thread 2 core better or 4 core 2 threads

Gary Carone says:

Definitely doesn’t help for mining,at least using minergates software. If you try to set it to use more cores than you physically have performance goes way down. I’ve tried that with ryzen 7 and I7 processors, same result on both.

MorreskiBear says:

“Friend” slobbers on candy piece and returns it to bowl = blue screen

Ben Hamrick says:

Those were actually really good analogies.

1337Jogi says:

And here we are 5 years later with processors such as Threadripper 2 with 32 cores and 64 threads.

ProSaadan says:

Mouth and eating was a super example…
It helped me understand easily

William Fritsch says:

Instructions unclear : i replaced my heat sink with an ice cream cone …

Ilamparithi Madhi says:

watching on 2018

Maria Einstein says:

Awesome thank u

Tehn00bA says:

I’m addicted to push the back key to see linus saying “hyper” with a nasty face at 0:00

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