What is DDR4 as Fast As Possible

DDR4 is the next step in the evolution of PC RAM memory, but do you know what it brings to the table?

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Ethan Winte says:

https://www.ebay.com/itm/183275771012 Check out this DDR4 8GB for sale

Necroby Nerton says:

I wish my friends knew english so I can show them this vid and tell them they can’t download ram from the internet ;-;

Wong Wai-Kit says:

Dance Dance Revolution 4

BRAVEBooce says:

My hard drive is so slow it’s like the truck is at the store lmao

David Del Rosario says:

the thumbnail lead me to this. #clcikbaitWorker

Huy Nguyen says:

I have 2 sticks of DDR4 16gb and I want to upgrade it to 32gb 4 sticks the same brand. is it okay?

His Majesty The king of New Zealand says:

RAM it in me

Eeli Lappalainen says:

So can I use DDR3 sticks on a motherboard supporting DDR4? nohateplz

Chromosome Factory says:

1:32 oh I’m holding my drill alright

procedure lol says:

Who pronounce cache as cash-ae

Uzair Amin says:

How in any way is the thumbnail related to the video??

ThunderBlastvideo says:

That thumbnail… sigh….

CatsSketches NL says:


Danky Dank Doc the MurMeow says:

2:17 “AMD FX” *laughs in Ryzen*

MrManerd says:

Wait, so DDR4 is ECC memory?

Theodore Oei says:

i call clickbait on the thumbnail

Liz Loz says:

waiiiiiiiiit… where’s the girl on the thumbnail … ;/

BytePlague says:

When ur more attracted to the title than the thumbnail

Nueatam นาคะปัท says:

you need a sickle

Jachin Rivers says:

I like boobs.. and circular saws.. mostly just boobs.

FantasyCookie17 says:

What about the GPU an the motherboard? Cooling are like drinks and food and the chassis might be the clothing of the builder. And then there are also peripherals and monitor…

Claq Yagami says:

Fucking awesome analogy!

Joe Hirst says:

boi that clicbait

Tejas Manolkar says:

Great explaination Linus, greetings from India.

thegalaxy2012 says:

I thought DDR in computing was how many Dance Dance Revolution moves your RAM could do in a second

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