What CPU Should I Buy? – Intel Edition 2016

Need help picking a CPU? Then look no further my friend – we’ve got your choices covered!

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Full Spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/2bFRu4z

Handy Xeon Chart spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/2bqAx1E

Buy Core i7 6700K on Amazon: http://geni.us/ZIir

Buy Core i7 6800K on Amazon: http://geni.us/2Wj7B

Buy Core i5 6600K on Amazon: http://geni.us/VwKJ

Buy Core i5 6500 on Amazon: http://geni.us/2OuQI8

Buy Intel G4400 on Amazon: http://geni.us/zvtG1N

Buy Core i3 6100 on Amazon: http://geni.us/Xi5j

Buy Core i5 6400T on Amazon: http://geni.us/OFmh9U

Discuss on the forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/649114-which-intel-cpu-should-you-buy/

ClownFace1511’s watercooled desk PC build: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/390225-completedscratch-build-project-ravage-custom-watercooled-computer-table-build-by-17-yr-old/

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Hero & Poloolpp says:


M8 Str says:


Berko! says:

I am thinking to buy i7 2600k but I’m not sure is it a good choice.

CryBite says:

Somebody help x_x is it possible to run a computer with Z270 mb and i7 6700k?
I actually have that at home and it keeps spitting out error messages and blue screens at me.. :v

yi sun-sin says:

i am confused if my i7 3770 will bottleneck gtx 1080ti

Mark Yates says:

$150.00 USD for an i5 Wow! That looks great though.

PureBlooded says:

I am really stuck, I need an i7 CPU for a gaming rig and VM Workstation rig all in one, but have no idea which i7 I need. Any suggestions?

I plan to run 3-4 VMs max and play games occasionally too (not really at the same time)

CAhacks orXBOX says:

i just ordered the Intel Core i5-7600K and the ASUS PRIME Z270-A motherboard would that be enough for gaming? i have a pre-built im just changing the motherboard and cpu

MFeinstein says:

1 – The link is flaged as dangerous at bitly
2 – Could you explain the color coding and bold on the spreadsheet?

Chris Anderson says:

What if I want Linus himself to help me pick a new CPU? 😀

Teal says:

I’d like me a 6950X, Titan X SLI, watercooling, inside of a temper glass case.

mukul kumar says:

Is it L3 cache that is considered here?

Brandon Lugo says:

in the market for a new laptop. gonna be editing videos on premiere, playing games on steam, writing in word and transferring movies bak and forth from my external hard drive to my phone and I’m also looking for either a 15.6″ or 17.3″ laptop. any suggestions?

Philip Wilson says:

2017 edition?

Andres Alberto Rojas Radrigan says:

Remake..! Love from argentina.!

LT DarkLord Gaming says:

linus you should make a video showing a pc capable for gaming at 100 , 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 7,, 800 ,900, 1000, dollars for us pls and thank you

DaemonWarrior44 says:

Harambe, 🙁

Stanimir Rankovski says:

so for gaming + an open browser with 10 tabs = i5 6400-6500?

Speedy says:

I have an i3 4130, and I really want an upgrade. I am trying to find a mid range cpu for gaming, overclock is not needed. I have a nvidia gtx 750 if that helps. Thanks

Vitamin Multi says:

HI PLESE HELP ME. When it comes to the new 6-core Intel? 7800K?

Lonnie Bonin says:

It was not to long and i frormititve

kamaldeep kaur says:

can u tell me best cpu for daily use
plz answer me


tunnel bear is so cute <3

Surizal Sumaidi says:

hello, how abt combination of (i5-7400 and gtx 1050) or (i5-7400 and gtx 750ti)? which one is better?

SOU6900 says:

Link to the spreadsheet is being flagged as having a problem.

WorthlessVids says:

your main thing is to get a bad ass mother board and a mid tier graphics card like the gtx 1060 or rx 480 and a ok processor like the 6600k and just go from there really you want a motherboard you know you can upgrade from if you cannot spend a ton of money at once.

Shadow Blade says:

dat intro is sick!!!

Jonathan davis says:

I love because i can land i rarely go there because i like more than ramen in my diet

Onyourknees Beforeme says:

Fuck your ads

tunedskillsz says:

GUYS!!! Can someone PLEASE explain to me why the 4790k is selling for more than the 7700k? It doesnt make sense! The 7700k is 25% faster! I have a 4770s and want to upgrade on same platform but cant cuz retards are paying more for a old used cpu rather than a new one.

Imię Nazwisko says:

you know what that means, get lga1366

David Cazes says:

Somebody would have to enlighten me because I’m not sure to follow. I understand frequency, mesured in Hz, is the speed at which a processor will process information. Therefore I should pick a processor that have the highest numerical value. There’s also hyperthreading but I don’t know what it’s good for. I understand the more cores you have the better it is to split the load and task between each core? Now there’s cache I don’t know what it really does and everything else is beyond me.

I see that Intel gets most of the attention but there is little time for AMD CPUs (with the exception of Ryzen right now) Should I conclude they are sub part CPUs? The FX-8350 has 4GHz and 8 cores, looks like a good upgrade from my i72600?

aribbonatatime says:

Well, that was confusing lol

Miguel Angel Vazquez says:

Forget all of this, just go buy a Ryzen 7.

Blake Phillips says:

6600k reporting in.

Abhishek Basavaraj says:

hey man{linus) do a 2017 revised edition including ryzen..

Rhoic says:

I’m looking to build a new high end rig for top of the line gaming, youtube video production/editing and game streaming. Should I jump on the z270 Kabylake setup, or go with the x99 broadwell-e setup?

Oakazz says:

Intel and AMD suck, the HARAMBE CPUs are way better

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