Watch Dogs 2 CPU Benchmark – When an i7 Matters

Our CPU benchmark of Watch Dogs 2 provides useful insight to the game’s multithreaded tendencies as we launch into benchmarking of new CPUs, like the eventual Ryzen coverage & Intel Pentium benchmarks.

WD2 CPU benchmark article:

Previous performance optimization guide:

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Host: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman


Hakeem Hakim says:

two titan x’s and it only pulls 78 fps with dips to 40s 3840×1440 i7 6850K

Todd Simone says:

The i3 7350k looks worse every time I see it. Even OC’ed to 5Ghz thanks to all that extra money spent on the K processor and Z series motherboard all for an EXTRA 2.3 FPS! So worth it, good job Intel! Or you could’ve just bought a locked i5 in the same price range and smoke that bitch. Even a Sandy Bridge 2500k beats it!

wikudo says:

3770k is a legendary cpu by the way 🙁

Nathan Fletcher says:

The game kills my 4790k @ 4.6 ghz, so much so that it sometimes bottlenecks my 980ti

Thomas Jarvis says:

I’m done with Intel and shitty quad cores no less than 6 cores from now on

SJ says:

this game runs like shit…

WTFisUnlap says:

What kind of fps can we see with locked Intel CPUs from the same generation? Should be expect to be about 5-10 fps lower than the unlocked Sandy Bridge/Skylake generation counterpart?

Ricco123tube says:

Ryzen bench with this game please.

bumperxx1 says:

I know you have ryzen chips a+4 motherboards. and all of your testing is done don’t be f****** lying. you just can’t post them because you’ll get in trouble.

Emperor ZURG says:

see if you can add at least an oced x79 chip in the lineup, for the ryzen comparisons.

Pyjamas 987 says:

this will help Ryzen sales too as it proves the worth of 4+ cores

Nisco Racing says:

OMG he said Ryzen!! Please test Ryzen with super tight timings and loose timings on the DDR4’s.

Matty Bianconi says:

Woah… It’s so different watching you guys in 60FPS for the first time :O

Cailan Cook says:

Incredibly in-depth and insightful video once again, can always rely on you guys to provide some rock solid statistics.

MotoK tips says:

the only true multithreading benchmark is Doom in Vulkan mode, and certainly not this game.

bs11100010 says:

awesome job guys!

lal alonsabe says:

have you guys test this game on a dual xeon ? Just curious because more threads right?

Bayonet Yugoslav says:

I have delided i5-6500 @ 5Ghz (156.25×32) pair with 16GB TridentZ 3600 @ 4167 17-17-17-28 and 980 Ti @ 1539/1940 playing with ultra quality with high shadows / turn off screen space reflection / 50% extra datail at 2560×1440 and it doing fine (stay very close to 60FPS all time). Not sure If I change to 7700K @ 5.2Ghz will it give better result ?

Giotto Vongola says:

when i imagine i got myself instead of my i5 3750k a i7 4970k with an asus maximus hero for 250 bucks im touched to tears to see this

Orelha 1 says:

You should test Mafia 3 for cpu performance. It’s not exacly very well optimized, but nowadays it’s ok, really likes threads, and seems to scale well with Ryzen.

exxmodel says:

I’ve heard Watch Dogs 2 runs on some pretty shit hardware too if you turn everything down. Pretty impressive coming from ubisoft.

edit: RandomGaminginHD ran it on a Core 2 Duo E7600 and got 42 avg fps! ha!

Jeffrey Photonboy says:

Wow, Hyperthreading in that first benchmark gained 29% for the i7-7700K!! Also, when I bought my i7-3770K people told me it was pointless, and just get the i5-3570 (as i7 wasn’t a benefit back then, and “K” series wasn’t a big deal yet needed a more expensive motherboard).

Fast forward now and HT plus my OVERCLOCK and my FPS is now 57% higher!! (102FPS vs 64.5FPS). So glad I spent the extra for an i7-3770K as it’s starting to pay off.

Also, my i7 has held on long enough that DX12 and Vulkan as it gets OPTIMIZED should likely eliminate most of the CPU bottlenecking so perhaps I can get another FIVE YEARS out of my core rig.

Peter Kostov says:

Steve, how do you manage to keep the black color of your t-shirts after washing them? Can you please do a washing machine review? 🙂

Tadziun Gamer says:

why not to overclock i7 2600k to 5.2ghz ? back in day it was capable of it

Musky Elon says:

Top notch testing as always

AyuNeko says:

Why haven’t you overclocked ryzen????? this comparison is m00t!!

blinkwin says:

COME ON 100.000 GN

sevencardz says:

Yeah, so what about Ryzen benchmarks? Heh… I had to be THAT guy.

Carlos says:

Hey Steve why don’t you benchmark the new The Hunter Call of the Wild? In my opinion is the best game in graphical terms by far…

XH CH says:

awesome channel & awesome website

Dr. Fresh_2k says:


Mohammad Ali says:

can you add atleast one non K cpu from intel lower end i5 like 4460 or 6400 to your testing bench?

Aleksandar Z says:

Just like the job you do and watch all you upload. 4 now i will stay with my i7 4790 k THE KING.
RYZEN is born and die so fast

David Ouillette says:

This really makes me want to see Watchdogs on a Ryzen R7 1700… see how many thread the game can take advantage of.

compted says:

I would like to see some x99 stuff on this game

KtmGuy says:

My 7700k doesn’t like gtx 5 all tho my 4790k did and my 6700hq

blind1337nedm says:

i like you guy. honest, unbiased and straight forward.

Innerhype says:

No 980 benchmark comparisons?

lee smith says:

This video makes me hate my 4690k

Richard Stoica says:

I would like to see how a Xeon e3 1231 v3 compare against 4790k and other CPU’s in this game ! I really think about getting a 4790k and oc it , but i don’t know if it’s really worth …

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