Ultimate CPU Cooler Comparison

Here we compare 4 different CPU coolers to determine how they perform on a overclocked Core i7 6700k processor.

Coolers Tested:
Cooler Master Hyper T4 (US):http://amzn.to/1N3SmuG
Noctua NH-D14 (US): http://amzn.to/1W24e80
NZXT Kraken x61 (US): http://amzn.to/1W24hAx
Swiftech H320x2 (US): http://amzn.to/1RFnin6

Coolers Tested:
Cooler Master Hyper T4 (UK): http://amzn.to/1Y7qoUF
Noctua NH-D14 (UK): http://amzn.to/1qeXEiw
NZXT Kraken x61 (UK): http://amzn.to/1MKGL9f
Swiftech H320x2 (UK): http://amzn.to/220vPWu

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DerNunu says:

After watching this video, the cooler i would most likely buy is the noctua.


noctua win

Remi Leves says:

nh-d15, Amd fx 3300 overclocked to 4.5 full load 60C cant beat that.

elemele says:

my 8 cored i7 3770 was reaching 105*C temp on BF1

kane c says:

nzxt can basically do what the custom can but half the price

Twin Turbo says:

I was really excited about the Swiftech cooler until I saw the price tag — over $700 USD. I think the NZXT might be the way to go but liquid cooling just makes your rig look good if you got one of those badboy side panel window cases.. and if you intend on overclocking your cpu, otherwise just sticking with an air cooled solution like Cooler Master 212 Evo works just fine.

Diomedes Ignacio Domínguez Ureña says:

El verdadero problema con usar una solución de enfriamiento mediante líquidos es que los líquidos retienen calor por mas tiempo cuando estos se encuentran en reposo.

The Nekrodahmus says:

Cryorig tho

AQW JameZ says:

Can I use stock cooler on my old cpu same socket
New cpu with old cpu I used stock cooler?

Josh TechGamer says:

question I have intel cooler I am not overclocking at all should I be fine with my fan  I might get the cooler master hyper t4

Signaturisti says:

For anyone watching this 2017 and @MW Technology

*15 minutes is NOT long enough for liquid coolers to get stable temperatures!!!!*, whereas aircoolers may get stable in less than 5 minutes. This is because copper or aluminium heats up more rapidly than water/coolant. After maybe 1-2(?) hours, the results would be more comparable. Liquid cooled CPUs also stay hotter after getting hot in long runs.

also overclockable Intel (K) CPUs dont come with Intel stock cooler anymore.

David Miller says:

HOLY CRAP! The $80 Noctua air cooler was almost as quite at full tilt as the AIOs were at idle!!! And a 320 AIO with a reservoir was only 7 degrees cooler???
PLEASE do a follow up of the 320 AIO vs Noctua D15!
Now that would be interesting to see

richard carr says:

put a second fan on the T4 and watch temps drop and put on a better with higher H2O pressure fans even cooler master basic LED 120mm fans do the trick for ten bucks each ,l OC my 965 all the time at 3.9 ghz stays around 30 light and 44 loaded ,great cooler for the money

surge zwing says:

You should have had them running for longer because the tempratures on water coolers change over longer periods of time.

Vitamin Multi says:

i dont need liquid cooler!!

A Blue Quaker says:

Why in God’s name is he using a D14 and not a D15?? x62 also just came out. Swiftech has the worst customer service imaginable (pumps often fail, leak, destroy components, etc and Swiftech REFUSE to replace damaged components).

Rondo Cat says:

I have had good success with cube shaped air coolers that you can mount 12cm fans on in push push at 90 degree angle , and pull pull at the other side with 4 or 3 fans in total. Or only 2 fans in push push at 90 degree angle. Experiments I did showed that best performance by a good margin was this setup instead of what all other do that set the fans at push and other side pull or only one fan (push pull was almost identical to single fan)… I have my i7 4790k overclocked to 4,7Ghz with 2 fans at push in 90 degegre angles and one pull (not room for 4) on a Schythe Ninja 3 air cooler and it never gets over 63C at full load all cores running 4,7Ghz and that is better than some watercooled systems…

babylon4953 says:

Why wasn’t Noctua D15 in the test?

xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx says:

i like noctua heatsink because its big but the fan has ugly and bulky color which is bullshit, doesnt match with my build!!

Jodul Games says:

Fuckin intel cooler looks like fuses cluster charge

supreme84x says:

You can’t simply run these for 15 minutes. Liquid takes longer to heat up (and cool down), so you need to run them for at least an hour.

So your data is useless.

Monferaigne says:

i prefer kraken x62 design and durability and performance.
Corsair liquid Cooler is good as well.

Owen Zhang says:

custom watercool is the best but pricy

Arranger says:

Noctua D15 best.

JoshsModlife says:

the intel cooler probably ran into thermal throttling

VengefulSage says:

noctua is best hands down. That’s what I got. Liquid cooling is useless and a waste of money

BK CheZ says:

i am getting 100 degree temps on my i5 with air cooled.

i have just brought a kraken 61x to cool it.

Lukas Hesse says:

The only real benefit of watercooling is the possibility to move the surface that dissipates the heat, rather than being limited to the area directly above the CPU/GPU. While an AiO can be useful if you need decent cooling in a very small case, where there’s not much room above the CPU for example, they are pretty much useless in normal PC cases. Even 360 AiOs don’t offer that much better performance than the best air coolers, while being expensive, have noisy pumps and come with way more components that can fail. Watercooling only makes sense if you want to cool multiple components in a custom loop, which gets really expensive rather quickly.

Rami Bos says:

Intel stock cooler is NOT for free! I hate when people say that. Come on.. we are paying a lot for those chips and also Intel is putting cheese instead of proper TIM on their dies!

U Juthuber says:


96donov says:

got a zalman cps5x(134mm) 3 heatpipes, cant have more than 135mm in height cpu cooler the zalman broke, getting a freezer 13 (130mm height) any suggestiong for coolers under 135mm ?

MrMovieMan941 says:

first one keeps my celeron 2.47ghz under 30’c 😀

John Inglis says:

Specific !! not Pacific…. ooh

Eliran Cohen says:

People forget one Major Flaw about water cooling, they consume about 20 times more power than the Noctua one.

Which in the long run result in about 1000 euro saving over a year if the computer is working 20 hours a day at least …

Any day, any time, Noctua win no matter what.

Robbie James says:

why the fuck do they need to be brown fans. fuuuccckkkk offffff

Adam says:

it’s a shame you only carried out the thermal test over 15mins, after an hour or two, the liquid cooler temps would be higher whilst the air cooler temps would have been constant

Filippo Gariboli says:

full load and overclocked, mine does 50c maxed. Far better then any of these cpu coolers in this video. In simple terms my cpu cooler makes the swiftech look shit.

Roger Crouch says:

Kraken is better than the larger radiator because the kraken can be set to pressure-out instead of suck-out. Heat lowers air density and reduces fan lifespan. Always PUSH your radiators.

Callie van Huyssteen says:

is it worth it to upgrade your cooler if you don’t have a K series processor, in other words if you will not be overclocking?

SageFox says:

“the intel stock cooler is free” yeah, right, they wont charge it with the already expensive cpus they sell.

Lars Kraus says:

Looking at that giant water cooler 15 minutes of full load were probably not enough to get it to its running temps. Especially with liquid coolers you should run them for at least half an hour cause the cold water inside will take its time to heat up to operating temperature. It will probably increase by 2 to 5 degrees.

tvoy batya says:

haven’t watched the video.
noctua 15 is fucking best.

Charles Lam says:

3rd video when searching “closed loop water cooler compared to air”. you get a thumbs up for actually posting up numbers. actually usable info as opposed to speculation and theory.

Dark Exsphere says:

Can’t you buy nactua fans and replace the water cooled radiator fans?

Cheroiu Robert says:

Noctua FTW ^^ also those fans help with the case heat evacuation a little bit^^

KiteoHatto says:

im running nhd14 and the only real upgrade for me is a full custom ek loop which will cost me at least £400

abdullah anjum says:

I’m gonna use a krait z170 a board with i5 6500 should I get the lepa AIO cooler it’s only 73 $? or get a 22 EVO or just a basic cooler

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