Threadripper Cooling Comparison – Noctua CPU Cooler Differences

Keeping AMD’s Threadripper CPUs cool is a challenge due to the large number of cores, especially when overclocking. As the TR4 socket is quite large, it’s important to use a cooler that has full coverage of the Threadripper IHS to get optimal cooling. I’ve tested 3 different CPU air coolers from Noctua that cover the full socket against each other to see how they perform, both in terms of temperatures, but also volume at both stock clock speeds and overclocked.

Pricing information and further reviews at Amazon:
Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3:
Noctua NH-U12S TR4-SP3:
Noctua NH-U9 TR4-SP3:

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Stalewind Farto1078 says:

Excellent video,,,subscribed due to your even tone. I believe I know more about a thing, that’s a good thing.

Tunay Eren Uyar says:

Looks like this TR4 versions have different designs. Used NHD15 from LGA1156 era to LGA2011 and you can use both horizontal and vertical orientation. Ofcourse back then it was blocking first pcie slot always.

halistine jenkins says:

have you done one of these for intel with the Noctua coolers?

JakeOcowell says:

Nice vid, will Noctua launch an NHD15 TR4 version ?

Kareem Hadee says:

Artic freeze TR 33

Brett Sepulveda says:

Isn’t 68C the max temp? I saw 84C when overclocked at full load, is that safe for the cpu?

Steven West says:

Hilarious to think you can cool such a CPU for so little money, and reliability. At least if you live in a cool climate, as 20 degrees ambient is cool for those with long hot summers. Double fan that U14s, happy days.

Tech Deals says:

Very good video, nicely done!

My personal opinion is the extra power consumption and heat from overclocking aren’t worth it, you get faster render times but lose the 4.2GHz Boost speed in the process… but that’s me 🙂

Annoyer says:

You just got a new subscriber, sir.

Cryptic Bore says:

You said you got the biggest but you didnt thats the dh-15

Hit The Dirt Full Throttle says:

My temps are: idle 35-55 load 45-69. My temps change a lot every second, it goes from 59 to 69 in 1second and then goes back to 55 in 3 seconds then it stays between 50 and 55 for half a minute and it goes up again to 65 or so. Keeps on happening all the time. What is the problem? I have a 1950x. And a 92mm noctua on top. Is this normal? Please helppp

Walter Bishop says:

Does the NH-14S clear the first PCIe slot when offset by 6mm?

baca zterchovej says:

after review are u sending it back to noctua ?

Yves FOLLET says:

Hello Great video 🙂 Say, I was wondering if you could add another 140mm fan on the back of the U14S? I think you mention something like that in the video but I’m not sure, so I prefer to ask again 🙂
Thanx for your answer 🙂

Hit The Dirt Full Throttle says:

Is the U9 cooling enough for a 1950x?

Michael Larsen says:

why buy a cheaper cooler to save some money, if you can afford a thread ripper you can afford any noctua cpu cooler

Marc R says:

I have the U12s as it just fits better. Replacing the fan with a Corsair Ml120 as the only fan made a huge difference, dropped 10deg C on my 1950 stock speeds. Yes can get a bit loud at full rpm, but how often are you really going to have all threads at 100% to cause that.

Marcin Kielak says:

Hey, would you recommend Noctua NH-U12S for 8700k?

Eko Prasetyo says:

blah, strange that Noctua can’t design 14″ cooler that doesn’t cover the first PCIe lost.
Maybe I’ll go with the U9 then.

1967 kID says:

I got a fx 8350 oc 4.5 u9 2 fans push and pull 18c 55c max temps,I got a AIO h100iv2 ,and temps don’t change much .noctua rock’s.

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