Ryzen is THE BEST CPU for Game Streaming? – $h!t Manufacturers Say Ep. 2

Is Ryzen REALLY the best consumer CPU option for video encoding and game streaming? Let’s find out!

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SPAceFox says:

Linus is not sold to intel.

SPAceFox says:

Linus is not sold to intel.

CK_32 says:

Dam usually Linus slams Ryzen lol

Your Highness says:

Intel owners are all Fags who blow Balls

Mojtaba Golestani says:

omg this guy talking too much !

Kippenoma says:

Coulld you compare Ryzen streaming with OBS and Intel Streaming with Shadowplay?


10:10 Isn’t that the guy from the show Silicone valley?

ArduinoBen says:


Kardall says:

I would be happy to get 1mbps up 🙁 Welcome to Rural Saskatchewan.

Hanaka says:

um. why dues that say “1080 ti” and its an radeon card in it 😛 and why “1080 TI” over the pc whit a titan xp xD dud… linus… you nead to learn whats a 1080ti and whats not 😛

alexander kyrloglou says:

Please make a video to compere the new 8700K with ryzen 7 1800X this use, aka streaming!

Mark Yates says:

AMD Congrats you freaking won one.

Zesma Gaming says:

AMD logic – more cores that are shit with more power consumption = better
intel logic – less cores that are extremely fast with less power consumption = better.
sorry but iv been doing this for a long long time, and when i want gaming performance, Intel is top dog.

David Gagnon says:

Add vulcan and intel is done. Especially after udates that bring AMD to the same support level.

David says:

Linus please make soon a video to compare which CPU and GPU is better for streaming games!!! you last vid is like from 2014 lol love the tech tips 😀

Derek Le says:

3:57 nobody gonna talk about that?

Ken Sylvia says:

They all look like dog shit. I wouldn’t watch a stream that looked like any of those.

BoosterRooster says:

4:50 the first 2 dont look like no 1080ti

Dangerous says:

Good video linus

Fjerid says:

4:50 the middle test bench has GTX 1080 ti? but the gpu says Radeon? I don’t get it.

Leslie Fry says:

want to build new gaming system I’m having trouble choosing, between intel and amd. Intel overclock’s better, but amd has more pcie lanes. I’m going to run 2 1080 ti’x an intel pcie nvme drive. and at least 2 m.2 in raid. I was going to wait for coffee lake but there droping to 24 pcie lanes. will intel even run the system I want to build ? how will having not enough pcie lanes affect the performance of the system I want to build. Im upgrading , so I already have the intel nvme, Ill be getting 2 m.2 . everyone is doing test on stuff I don’t do, like rendering, streaming, I’m a overclocker gamer. I wish someone would do a test of the real difference between AMD and Intel. and that’s pcie lanes. put a couple vid cards, a couple of m.2 s and a nvme pcie card. wit thread ripper 1900x you can run 2 video cards at x 16, and still have plenty of lanes for the drives. but intel would drop you down 8 x or even 4 x . how much would that affect frame rate and gaming performance ????

also the prices on 1070’s amd cards are about to to get cheep because of the crash of bitcoin, miners are going to be dumping there cards. so you will be able to pick up a couple of 1070’s cheep, or 3 or 4 amd cards. I don’t buy used cards, but all these cards dumped on the marked will drive the price of new cards down too. so we really need to know how number of pcie lanes affect performance with a system with multiple gpu s and multiple drives that use pcie lanes ? I really don’t care about rendering, or streaming, most of the people that watch you videos are game’rs and overclock’s.

tyler mack the game child says:

All 1080 really like we all have them lol.The first second of this is like your entire channel

Anthony LC says:

The cards shown in your video are in fact only used for the look, short circuit protection and crack prevention as you pointed out. However, the tests you performed weren’t that valid because the plates you took off were not at all in physical contact with the actual card… they were separated with screw spacers. So it was normal to get no differences in temperature since the backplate wasn’t able to transfer heat even on… You’d need a setup like:
Graphics card -> thermal conductive gel pads(Specifically on the RAM and Regulators) -> backplate
Try that out instead 🙂

The Backplates can be used to cool onboard components other than the GPU ic. For example we have the RAM and regulators that get very hot. I’ve noticed the difference when I bought an aftermarket GPU cooler with Thermal gel pads attached on the back plate that literally touch the back of the video cards Circuit.

jbcool says:

now i want to see comparison on 8700k vs 1800x on streaming. maybe even test with 1080p60 6000kbps

Sushant Shrestha says:

4:53 it says ryzen test bench has a gtx 1080 ti card but i can see that there is a radeon card. I guess video can be a little blurry or misleading when watching in 720p. correct me if I`m wrong.

Юранус says:

как же ты меня бесишь гнойный

lsshewolf says:

I would like to add my information on this subject, I play Everquest, lotro, and all blizzard games. I have 2 computers 1 ryzen 1700x and i7 7700k both are same setup dual gtx 1080ti cards 16 gb ram, dual 512 ssd samsungs other than cpu and main board still same.I can run 16 EQ accounts on ryzen with no issues but do get lagged out with 7700k, 3 lotro accounts They are both so close its with in 5-10 frames. Blizzard games wow and D3 ryzen takes the cake, for some reason ryzen cpu is not worked as hard as the 7700k is my 7700k stays at almost 90-100 % all the time but the ryzen is almost asleep compared to it at 40-65% load and with a 50-70 higher frame rate.

Cris Racing and Gaming says:

NVENC FTW since twitch allows 6000 bitrate and gives me transcoding like 99% of my streams. Quality is very good!

Ether says:

Why did it say the Ryzen testbench had a gta 1080 Ti? It was clearly a Radeon card in the footage.

falt says:

Would a 1600 be good for streaming stuff like ArmA, Rust, Battlefield 1?

sporks says:

I just encode on my gpu, it has hardware h265 or something like that…

Alex Rahali says:

Or get an elgato 4K60 Pro and encode using h.264? 😀


I like shadowplay, costs nearly nothing to run on my 1080Ti SLI + 5960X @4.5GHz and the quality is pretty good at higher bitrates. Just that it’s not as good as x.264 for archival purposes, albeit being blazing-fast to transcode in comparison to anything else.

tigrom01 says:


Hanro50 says:

The 8 core arm chip in my phone does a good job at streaming video…

BenPlayz 16 says:

how much porn can i watch with tunnel bear?

Christian Skoglund says:

3:52 LOL

István Nagy says:

I wonder why would anyone stream to Twitch if it has such bitrate constraints, when you can send to YouTube Live with basically no limitations at all on the ingestion bitrates? I doubt 1080p60 with 20Mbps would look bad even with NVENC or AMF. Yes, YouTube reencodes, but those who are watching lower resolutions don’t get a transcode from a really bad source. Okay, I know not anyone fortunate enough to have such ISP bandwidths. Here in Hungary I can get 500/200Mbps very cheaply.

Also YouTube Live recently started supporting VP9 streaming with MPEG-DASH. That would be a more interesting to see if Ryzen can cope with real time VP9 encoding, but I doubt it 🙂 That encoder is just so un-optimized. Sadly HEVC (x265) is out of option for YouTube atm. Maybe AV1 will be better.

NecroVoid says:

Intel is slightly better just for gaming but amd is better for gaming and streaming/recording 🙂

Azril Nazli Alias says:

Google NewTek NDI 60FPS capture, I’ve using my 2nd PC for dedicated capture over LAN.

Revilo Mosley Rockwell says:

Any time Linus delves into anything specifically AMD, it’s always protracted and obfuscated by superfluous content in the video, or smattered with obvious derision and sarcasm that makes him seem like a reluctant, bitter Intel shill who just doesn’t want to review anything AMD. Faggots like this are who ruined the PC ecosystem with their dog-like obsession and devotion to Intel and Nvidia. Even when AMD won, they lost.

TylertheGeek28 says:

Linus, Can you do a video on how you would use a second PC to record/stream when the monitor uses Displayport?

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