Ryzen 5 1600x vs i7 6800k Showdown – Core to Core Comparison!

The two 6 core, 12 thread CPU’s go head to head, let’s see who wins!
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All tests conducted on their highest presets and on DX11.


First Name Best Name says:

Ryzen is getting 4000 MHz Ram compatibility now if your mobo can handle it. Its just a better deal. I love it.
AMD all the way!


r5 1600x win

Just AJoX says:

so for gaming there is no need to oc the 1600x

Pennywise says:

The 1600x is $260 cheaper than the 6800k at Mwave AUS and the 1600 is $310 cheaper you could get a 1600 and a decent x370 board for what the 6800k costs you could even go up to a 1700 and still save $180, so technically you could get a 1700 with a decent B350 board for what a 6800k costs and still have a bit of cash to throw at some ram.

The obvious winner here is the 1600x you could get a 5820k slightly cheaper than the 6800k but not much cheaper, I own a 5820k and an FX9370, x99 boards are just way overpriced imo.

Great video Kev.

Eddie Konjic says:

Should have included the price of the motherboard also, which makes Ryzen even more a better value.

Mason Andersen says:

why did you test games in 1440p? higher resolutions make the game more gpu limited rather than cpu limited

Nathaniel Smith says:

Damn only 4.2 on that 6800. My 5820k got to 4.6.

Spider Reddy says:

Hands down 1600x. Great Performance for Less $$$. AMD has Risen.

AJMannTech says:

and everybody thought the r7 series was the end all be all up grade. These are awesome but I cant wait to see what they have for the r3 series.

Theworthsearcher says:

The motherboard is also a lot cheaper. 😉

Rudy Roman says:

I paid 200 for an i7 6800k should I switch or keep the i7

Known2God says:

Nice comparison, AMD is kicking Intel’s ass, and certainly the better bang for buck. Ryzen can only get better. Peace

SirChocula says:

Get shit on Intel

Deadzio says:

why compare old gen cpu vs new gen?

Tad Pierre-Louis says:

Im building my first gaming/productivity pc 😀 soon and I ordered the 1600, was on the fence on whether i should get the 1600x but since it didnt come with a cooler, I figured the 1600 was more value for my money. Im generally a console gamer so Im excited to see what all the pc gaming hype is about lol

The biggest mistake I made while planning my first pc and budget for it was forgetting to factor in the peripherals. Since this is gonna be my first custom pc, I forgot i needed to buy a Monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers. Cost me a little over 300 extra. I had planned for a $1400-1k setup but it cost me a little more

WOOD says:

where exactly is the competition with this CPU? none absolutely none I am astonished by the power if ryzen I got a 1700 and an MSI mobo 16 GB RAM I swear it is the fastest computer in the world even though it isnt

aaron sheats says:

you can only use windows 10 with the amd motherboards so i cant choose amd, i got to go with windows 7 and that would mean the 6800k

Nedim Basic says:

Hey can u please do a overclock tutorial on the x370 gaming gigabyte mobo step by step would really appreciate it great videos watch them a lot.

Kevroa says:

what is the specific song name that you use in your timelapse?

Matt Wurst says:


at 1080p slight advantage for the 6800k
at 1440p virtually same performance or slight advantage for the 1600x
(all within a margin of around 5 fps)

6800k: ~420€
1600x: ~260€
(prices in germany)

that´s a no-brainer. you could just buy a 1600 non x and oc it to 3,9 – 4ghz and get the same results with saving another 50 bucks. Amd is back in the game friends.

XH CH says:

anybody buying i7-6800K now is an idiot, the price of it and the price of the X99 is just ridiculous compared to 1600X+B350

Viking Honor says:

My main question would be how well does the 6800k handle gaming/streaming ? I prefer a PC that can multi-task over having 2 PC’s

Louisarius says:

Why the hell does the 1600X encode and pretty much perform better & faster (-_-)

Vape Nation says:

So for probably less then half the price.. I can game within the margin of error of a much more expensive 6800k….

Rocky12345 says:

Good as always but a true core to core compare would have both cpu’s also clocked the same speed that way you get a true core to core bench. having different core speeds throws the whole test suite out of wack. What I thought going into this video was what I said same mem amount and speed same core count and the same speed. Who cares if Intel got 200Mhz extra OC we already knew that. What we don’t know as much about is core to core exact same speed as this shows exact IPC and arch performance from each platform at same speed.

Chill High says:

RYZEN alleluja!!!!!

Jethro Rose says:

ryzen boards are much much cheaper than x99 boards also

Farris Wolf says:

Great review, a good comparison like this was much needed. You just won my subscription!

Jonathan Muller says:

Even though the i7-6800k won in gaming it was only by 2-5FPS at most and I was surprised that the 1600x outperformed it in cinebench. I think the 1600x is the clear winner especially once you account for the price difference. The 1600x costs $319 here in Canada and the i7-6800k is $520, that’s $200 saved.

Brandon Cramer says:

fantastic content! keep it up. 🙂

LionS7 says:

Why did not test the CPUs on the same frequency ? 4000Mhz ?

Manu says:

well this gives me confidence in my retarded purchase i made with my 1600x. i didn’t even research i recon i could have gotten a 1700 cause i only bought a 1060.

Pavel Plachý says:

I understand why 1600X does not come with a cooler… Its for people who think that stock cooler is not enough and will probably ends up laying somewhere in the box (Damn enthusiasts) *Congratulations to AMD marketing department*. Yea, if you buy CPU and you already know that you will replace the stock cooler and you also want to spend few more bucks or €, 1600X is better for you. From value perspective, wraith cooler is a very nice, quiet cooler which will save your budget oriented soul some cash you can invest into better graphics.

Very good and objective video. The 6800K is unsalable CPU at the moment.

X AK says:

do you have xeon x5650 or i7 980x overclocked to 4ghz or higher compared with those CPUs

Tech Showdown says:

0:08: Introduction
0:32: CPU Overview
1:09: Test Benches
2:12: Overclocking Results
2:56: Benchmarks
5:20: Conclusion & Recommendations

Sconeikiin says:

Good comparision video!

Joel Lim says:

now i’m keen to get some $AMD shares..

IHateRNG says:

Just do it even cheaper and buy the R5 1600 without X

IRNatman says:

So… Basically the same performance for WAY less. AMD wins! 🙂

And yeah, like you said the 1600 is MUCH better value. It comes with a great stock cooler and OCs pretty much the same.

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