Ryzen 5 1500x vs i7 7700 CPU Showdown – Core to Core Comparison!

Two 4-core, 8-Thread CPU’s go head to head in his CPU Comparison!
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All Gaming tests were done on DX11 with the highest preset.


ssjpacman says:

I check the Benchmark looks great thx for the hard work

Mega 087 says:

This ryzen chip holds up Rly well against the i7. I think I’ll buy one of these ryzen chips.

Jack BillQuill2010 says:

Forget intel, plz do 1500X vs 1600

Brett Burrows says:

Mature support for CPU architecture. Please someone post a video with actual knowledge about the microcroding adjustments. :333333333333333333 It’s like buying a product never updating the drivers and then comparing it to something with years of architecture support.

Kek says:

That’s crazy, the 1500x here in US is $190. Wtf?

Erold Ruzi says:

great video. what about clock for clock performance?

Brian Nielsen says:

Go with Intel, ALWAYS! – You just know it works, 5 years of work, and this is what they come up with, it’s embarrassing! :o)

Saturn Five says:

As of today 5/18/2017 the Ryzen 1500X is $188.89 and the i7-7700 is $294.99

yesfull man says:

your cohost is giving me looks im not to fond of >.>

Carlos S. M. says:

What if you do also core to core and clock to clock comparisons as well, like 4C/8T Ryzen at 4 ghz vs 4C/8T Kaby Lake at 4 ghz (i7 7700K locked to 4 ghz as an example)

Oliver Rietbrock says:

Your comparison is pretty good. Can you compare Xeon E3 to Ryzen and i7 as well?

Tpecep says:

1600(with nice fan which can hold 3.9 ghz overlock easy)+b350+2×4 gb= 315 euro
cost of 7700k = 315 euro and you shall buy normal fan
LmAo intel , AMD godsssss

Jesse Lopez says:

You mentioned the 1500x overclock but what about the 7700k when overclocked? it’s fairly easy to clock the 7700k to 5GHz. At that point it would absolutely wreck the 1500x. The price difference is there, yes but in all fairness mentioning one’s overclocked potential and not the other’s is a bit biased, no?

Renav Solanki says:

omg bro you are in NZ OMG OMG FINALLY

AC TheKid says:

Goodbye intel

Sacco Belmonte says:

That price difference is quite big for 7fps more.

tim preston says:

absolutely its worth it . you never oc the 7700k to 5 gig to see those results. ofc its worth it .some people are even getting 5.3 ghtz on water . is it worth the extra money ? to the people building these gaming rigs ? bet your ass its worth it . a true comparison woulda been to oc both cpus as high as you could then test bench them and see the difference and is it worth the money. over clocking is what the entire thing is about or we would not be buying chips that are unlocked.im not gonna run a 7700k at stock im not sure why intel even made a locked 7700k its kinda pointless. they prolly lost their ass on that production.

Ionut Cosmin says:

if you are going to buy a shitty quadcore in 2017 at least buy the cheaper one with 90% of the performance of the intel and 35% cheaper

Laurenz Widdra says:

you know that you have to use both boxed coolers and not one at the amd side and a third party model for the 7700 that is quite not so fair in comparison because the boxed coolers are part of the cpu and habe to belong to them in the test too

Joel_19 says:

What VCORE u used for ryzen 1500x 4.0ghz??? THX.

GaborBartal says:

Nice review
For the sake of hitting home the great price of the R5 CPU, I wish you had shown the price converted to USD at least. 99% of the world has no idea what an NZ dollar is, and thus, really how low a price in USD the R5 chip has. Sure everyone can just use some rate conversion site, AND we can see the 1,5x difference int he video anyway, but I found it strange that it’s a general, international Youtube channel (I guess?) and you stick to your currency
Keep up the good work

King Christo says:

what if you overclocked the 7700k as well 😛

Judas Iscariot says:

So if you overclock an R5 as far as it will go it still falls behind a stock frequency 7700K in all tasks and somehow people are saying Intel are “feeling the heat!”


Totenglocke42 says:

If you’re not aware, Nvidia’s current drivers are shit when using a Ryzen CPU. You should redo your benchmarks with an AMD card and you’ll see the 1080p difference vanish.

Gamer Dude says:

Guy’s I have a legitimate question, even though it may seem dumb. Can I get windows 7/8 on my PC and then install the free version of windows 10, or do I have to but Windows 10?
Plz answer:)

Ravenzero says:

Intel still superior !! buy Intel!!


Yet the 7700k beats the ryzen 1800x in games fps and price and has 4 less cores and can overclock to 5 ghz on air

TinchoX says:

Good comparison there, great video.

Jack Daniels says:

thx for video! i subscribe you! good work!

Mr11ESSE111 says:

info on this boxes are for shit !! 18mb cache?? on official specs are 16mb

Tech Showdown says:

0:08: Introduction
1:25: CPU Overviews
1:55: Test Rigs
2:52: CPU Speeds
3:35: Benchmarks
5:58: Conclusion

Kusuma Yogi says:

if Ryzen is only good for workstation, so why amd claim it as gaming platform.? i diaspointed by amd

Abra Cadabra says:

nice paint man. i can paint too

R360ЯN says:

get r5 1400 oc to 4ghz = profit, like literally
you can build whole amd system with cash to spare comparing to just i7 cpu

ChocolateMooseland says:

With the extra money you save by going Ryzen, you could upgrade to a 1600 and get 2 additional cores. Lower stock speeds, but you can always overclock

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