Ryzen 1700 vs i7 7700K REVIEW | Best CPU Under $350?

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 REVIEW vs the Intel i7 7700K. Both CPU’s are overclocked to their max. Which CPU should you buy for under $350?
Buy Ryzen 1700: http://amzn.to/2lYLDMS
RAM Used for Tests: http://amzn.to/2m7tfmV
Buy i7 7700K: http://amzn.to/2lVZJ3a

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Chef says:

intel and the cpu market is so boring its nice to see amd back

Ken Havens says:

only thing that keeps from buying ryzen are the bios issues and Ram issues. Been hearing about LED’s dying in ram on ryzen.

NSC - Tech Craft says:

fuck you i7. ilove ryzen<3

xmurder95x says:

WHY THE FUCK do you overclock the i7 and then 0compare it to the ryzen?!!!?!?!?!??!

WorldGuiness Comments says:

6950x beats the shit outta both and was released in 2016.The 6950x only uses a bit more power and is much more expensive.But performance wise its the best

Trevor Renkevens says:

The best part is this was when the was 0 optimization and the architecture was infant age. Technically it still is and still needs optimization.

muhamad rizki says:

i’ve much more core bitchis!!

RobsMemoryLane says:

I’m looking for a new CPU for video edition. Which is better for that? The 7700k or 1700?

ProjectHomeProductions says:

The Ryzen is not a gaming chip. It shows it’s girth during CPU heavy/multithread and core processes.

Put the Ryzen 1800x against the i7 7700k in a video editing program, the ryzen wins. Everytime.

Loyard Pixel says:

ryzen had 16 cores? wow, i even didn’t know that, GO FOR PERFORMANCE, GO FOR CHEAP, GO FOR RYZEN, FUCK YOU INTEL

sico gamer says:

hay I just forwarded the video so what is the best processor

Sean S says:

My r5 1600 is snappier than my 3960x was and my ram is only clocked at 2666.

bjtaudio says:

I’ve always had stability and software issues with my AMD machines, but Intel seems to be in charge of the market, even if AMD have a quicker CPU it wouldn’t be long before its beaten by Intel again, such as the new i9 CPUs with up to 18 cores, the trick is getting software to make optimum use of the extra cores, most of the software u have won’t. However its good to see some buy AMD as at least it keep the competition battle alive.

Polvo Corrupto says:

My friend has Ryzen 7 1800X, most of the time it ties up with 7700K (his second PC) at most games on 1080p.
But this starts to change when you’re getting closer to 4K, unlike 1800X the 7700K starts to drop heavily. It seems that Ryzen is more prepared for 4K resolutions.

Will-C says:

Ryzen 1700 or i7 7700K for Gaming/Editing? Help lol idek

timabosa1977 says:

i never buy AMD again in next 20 years….Intel is Intel and stop talk about that AMD…I have intel i7 7700 all working perfect on my computer…

SetupWar says:

Where TDP???

Man Boogey says:

WHERE IS THE FRAME RATE MILLISECUNDUM TEST?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

MassivePaper says:

1700x and 1800x have a weird temp reading always showing +20 degrees than it actually is, hence 1700 looking cooler.

Stounage says:

1:00 which cooler is that ?

MoonZ_InF says:

Tom Clancy games really seem to be CPU intensive as GPU intensive.

Riot says:


Rohan Arora says:

Good video 🙂

Don Eladio says:

Something is not right here. I have watched 18 different Ryzen vs I7 benchmarks and in 17 of them 7700k was clearly better than ryzen and in this one difference is like it doesn’t exist..

When I read comments below I noticed that I am not only one who noticed this.. something very weird is going on here.. legit benchmark?

X-СAT says:

Intel Suck

Excaliber Blade says:

Go test it with Star Citizen…. a game being developed for gaming over 1080p…

Christofer Y.L. says:

el Final me gustó mas :3 Yeah!

zaxy .1G says:


Earl Swegg says:

I Need Help Which should i buy ? Ryzen 1800x vs i7 7700k
Ryzen 1800x price higher than i77700k in my country what should i get ? i only do gaming with little Parody Videos Editing (ex.MLGParodies,PCMRParodies) i also think about power consumptions if it will affect my electric bill hard

Anonymous Electronica ♪ says:

STOP SHOWING GAMING BENCHMARKS WITH CPU COMPARISONS. It tells you nothing.. it’s all GPU. How about cinibench or a video render test? Where you are using 100% cpu resources instead of 20% …

Giovany Caballero says:

win intel 🙂

Joker Productions says:

For anyone questioning benchmark results, refer to this video with all the benchmarks captured side by side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXVIPo_qbc4

Excaliber Blade says:

1080P Gaming is SOOOOOOOOOO. Yesterday……. People gaming at that res… At missing out………….

Nubyrc says:

The prices I have been seeing the last few days has the Ryzen 1700x being $20 more the the intel7700k.

I think retailers are trying to pull a stunt or something. I want AMD, Intel has got monopolized and complacent, causing consumers to be stuck in what to do for upgrades. My 3770k has been a great workhorse and even gamer. but the memory speed and GPU lanes are now holding my Stryx 1080 GTX back. I want to upgrade, but I want a worthwhile upgrade.

A Ryzen 1700x looks worth it, but still with a overall 25% increase in performance is it worth building a new system with it at over $350 for the CPU alone?

Umur Gümüşbaş says:

Please compare 7700k with R5 1600 both oc or stock please

Ratix says:

Ill be upgrading to a Ryzen 1700 from my current build which is a i5 4670k Which seems like a massive boost in overall performance clearly not in single core performance but I’m confident that I will be able to utilize the 1700 much better as I am working on my YouTube channel and work flow would be much more streamlined with a Ryzen CPU

Skazzi says:

Bought myself i7 7700k, I’m really happy, thing rocks! When it’s on 100% load (no OC), core temperatures go up to 80 degrees justo so you know.

key Smith says:

either way you think about it $320.00 is way better than 520.00$ always been an AMD fan due to the pricing and efficiency. it may not perform the 100% best but having an extra 200$ to put in your gaming machine is always a bonus

Agung Widagda says:

I just stay with Intel. this is about pride and quality not just for clock speed

billy bierbuik says:

what to buy a 1700 or 7700k ?

Quinn Nguyen says:

so should i go for 1700 orr 7700k. Uses: gaming on 1080p, dual monitor setup, so i guess since that there are going to be more than 1 applictaion on

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