PUBG CPU Benchmark, Very Low/Medium/Ultra Results [16 CPUs Tested]

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PUBG CPU Benchmark, Dec 2017 Updated Results [16 CPUs Tested]

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Jason Valerio says:

It’s annoying people people like games that are unoptimized trash :/

Kresna Bayu Putra says:

What software that you use to show that min, avg, and max fps?

111Chef111 says:

Can you make an Arma 3 CPU Benchmark?

Chris I says:

Steve = Dedicated to quality uploads. How long till you can get the minions (kids) to make all these passes for you. Great work as always mate

Kvarnholmen says:

The “risk” is of course that Zen+ will do pretty great.

Increase at-least 10% of those frame-rates and you catch up about half the difference. So not Intel performance … but then check CPU utilization and it will drop even further.
Actually it’s kinda weird with 45% = almost three cores on i7 vs 25% = just two cores on Ryzen 7 if all work was pushed onto the same core.
Make you wonder if the Intel measurement somehow take into account that the HT thread will perform worse whereas the Ryzen measurement assume they both can run at the same speed / utilize full speed even though the other one is used too.

I wonder how it measure CPU utilization for the whole processor in general. What give those numbers? Are AMD tricking the software here?

ипи фили says:


John Millado says:

Can you please do the same test on other resolutions including ultrawide? Cheers!

Godlyhank says:

To be fair in a lot of games especially indie, SMT doesn’t seem to be coded for fully, so probably a hinderance for a lot of indies. Perhaps when testing the 1600 or 1700 you can do 2 sets of results. SMT on and off for future benchmarks for the time being? Would be insightful with these newer games especially fortnite and pubg etc. plus it will also settle regularly once and for all whether it is game devs not coding for SMT seperatly thats the problem. Plus steve.. you love benchmarking 😉

menyus says:

I really appreciate your work, but the game will recive a big patch in december. This video is a bit late i think.

GGONZ4L says:

God damn Steve, give yourself a break man, or at least, boost yourself up with some RedBulls to keep more PUBG benchmarks coming, lol

Outstanding work as always 😀

BangableRoz says:

I hate the fact that I love this unoptimized trashy game

Lumhiere says:

Hi, question, whats the 1℅ min fps? I saw a test here were the average fps is 111 but the 1% isat 98, surely 98 is not the 1℅??

Talon's Tech Talk says:

More proof that Ryzen just cannot keep up in gaming. All the guys claiming they can just upgrade at Zen 2, sure you can at a cost. Also selling those first gen Ryzen CPUs which are known to be shit OC and worse in gaming won’t be easy with the new toys out.

Ross Martin says:

Love the cheapo green LED fan inside the high end case! Ace.

Fluffy Ponies says:

Hay Steve. Do I get bonus points for spotting the old school socket 7 pentium chip added to your shelf? It’s right there beside the Ryzen retail shipping container. It’s also new. I’ve never seen it in any of your videos before this one.

macxell says:

It was nice to compare with AMD graphics card, I think nVIDIA hurts Ryzen performance!

Hippy Treehugger says:

(edit) i used play claw 6 to see mine, it tops at 67% but doesn’t stay there, its all over the place high 30’s-50’s i’m using FX-8350 at 4.5GHz 16GB DDr 3 2133 RX 570 4 GB. at all medium the gpu is peg’d at 100% using at most 3.7GB of 4. 1400MHz with 1850MHz memory. fps range high 30’s to 60’s hovering in the high 40’s to 50’s foliage and draw distance was on ultra

Hardware Unboxed says:

Do you guys want to see the same CPU benchmark for Fortnite?

Ph42oN says:

I have friend who plays it on i7 2700k. Hes getting drops to 50fps often, on plane it was like 30 i think. So it looks like to me that it runs bad on old intels too.

Kingdom Rhye says:


Julian says:

The whole game is a serious optimization issue

Cameron Edward says:

Pochinki for the boys

Tico2858 says:

im hoping im only having issues with the game because im using an r9 390 and because ive got my R5 1600 at 3.8ghz with my 3200mhz kit only running at 2666mhz

HasanAgera says:

you’ve got vega 64lc edition. so lets benchmark cpu with 64 lc. i want to see how ryzen and vega work together?

tomas becher says:

This is interesting. I get quite different results. 7600k with a 1080ti gets me around 90-140 FPS in Pochinki (same area as you tested) but for me the only bottleneck is the CPU and also RAM. I get 90-100 CPU usage and less than 50% GPU usage at all times. When I had 8GB of ram my FPS were about 20-30 lower on average with annoying stutters sometimes especially while driving. Now running 16gb of ram at 2133 is a lot smoother despite lower speed. Would be interesting to see whether a higher ram speed would make much of a difference and I’ll also be looking at OCing my CPU as those two seem to be the bottleneck for me, not the GPU.

Jagd Seelen says:

A 1440p version of this video would be great for those with a bit better cash flow.

Dank Triple A Battery says:

I believe that for the game to be optimized, they have to rework the whole game engine, basically starting from zero. I doubt that any patches in the future will make major performance differences. I hope im wrong.

ags911 says:

@ 6:45 you said the R5 1600X has 4 cores and 8 threads by mistake btw. Shocking game optimisation though still.

Jayme Capurso says:

Very timely review, Iv’e been considering an x5690 overclocked to get better results from pubg as multiple threads is supposedly supported….But we have seen a lot of claims from Bluehole with their farcical optimisation updates and its nice to see channels calling out the BS being fed to the public. I have an old i7 @ 4ghz and a gtx970 and neither are ever being utilised more that 50% during game play….The latest test servers show a 10 to 15 fps improvement for me which is nice but also to little to late given version 1.0 is due for release in less than a month.

Bluehole need to pull their finger out of their Brownhole!

ironbil says:

Are those ryzen cpus running at stock speeds?

kaan yazici says:

Its like Bulldozer Benchmark when they release

Coroeanu Andrei says:

Unexpected performance of the i3-8350k cpu. Thanks for all the hard work!

Hjembrent Kent says:

PUBG with that 3rd person mode is such bullshit

Tanasij Penko says:

thats all well and good but not everyone has a 1080Ti

Omar Asim says:

Can you test at Very Low 720p with the 1080 Ti? I know no one would play like that, just curious to see what happens when the GPU bottleneck is removed.

jinyong Builds says:

Love it!

toontownlegomaster says:

Why is the ryzen 1500X not performing near as good as the 7700k? When they’re like near the same power.

NarutoGaiden says:

Is that an Asrock x299 itx board in the background? That’s pretty cool. Hope to see a video on it sometime soon.

Daniel Liljeberg says:

Amazingly poorly optimised game. And then say you take advantage of high core counts… wow. What about the 1950X? I would guess less than 10% utilisation:p

Tico2858 says:

So they did a gpu benchmark already? Or are they doing one

Xardas105 says:

Keep up the great work. I have been looking for a video like this!

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