PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [PUBG 1.0] CPU Benchmark, Ryzen vs. Coffee Lake

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [PUBG 1.0] CPU Benchmark, Ryzen vs. Coffee Lake

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Nik Kearney says:

I would pick up PUBG, but I already have a backlog of games that I need to get to this holiday season.

BigPlaya says:

and it seems very weird for 1080 ti to have a lower min fps than mine,
cos i have G4560 and also dual gpu of 1050 ti and 1060 6GB.

i only use my 1060 6GB for very demanding games only.

and using my 1050 TI, my average is quite high. it maxes on 98 fps, averages on 86 fps and min of 48 fps.

my settings are :
AA = very low
Post Processing = very low
shadow = very low
Texture Quality = High
View Distance = High

i forgot what the other 2 options after Texture Quality, but it’s also on very low.

Edit :
and nope, no stutter on my 1050 ti.

i would notice the stutter, because PUBG did stutter on my 270x.

Alexander Lindsay says:

Thanks as always Steve for the in depth benchmark studies! From the information given it looks like Amd would be better for stream+play on a single machine due to lack of CPU usage for game? Might be an interesting benchmark study if not already done! Hope you have a benchmark free new years!!

SlowcarsInc says:

From what I can see Ryzen+ should be nice for the most part in games. As more and more optimizations coming along it should make a great flexible chip that can tackle many tasks for a great value. HOWEVER those high averages Intel continues to put up is impressive as well. Time to save up for a new beast of a build. NVIDIA where dat GTX2080? Can we make that a meme?

Norm says:

Hey, what application are you using to figure out your average frames and 1% Thanks!

AlexTheSniper19 says:

Ryzen+ Will smash anything Greedtel.

jayo84 says:

Wanna sell used equp? Trying to get back into PC gaming after 15 years off and don’t have a ton of $

potentialforanything says:

BREAKING NEWS: These numbers will be inaccurate after Microsoft deploys an OS update to fix a bug in Intel cpus, which could lower performance by up to 30%:

Sandor Clegane says:

I can deal with the jank in pubg, I can deal with the crashes in pubg. I can’t deal with my mates shitty callouts in pubg

Stalker 90 says:

People everything is in coding optimization its a big fraud.. Proof is overwatch game first i5 nehalem cpu vs latest 8800k and same fps with good gpu.. Its all gimping with cpu compilers and other to business keep going and factories. Good optimization is not profitable for this big legit mafia corporations.Its all planned obsolence with poor coding same counts for gpus

Noak Erlandsson Berglund says:

To change the map you have to finish (die or win) a game on whatever map youre playing. Hope this helps in further tests. Keep it up 🙂

Matthew Chalouhi says:

Even if intel processors outperform AMD ones, im still able to get a steady 60fps at max with my r5 1600 and 1070 running at stock speeds.

thiscouldntblowmore says:

I really hope guys at EPIC? (they do the unreal engine?) take a look of this video, do some soul searching and move on making the game engine utilizing the most of what ever cpu…

Dimitrij Glasow says:

The game screams for 8k resolution, the jaggies are driving me crazy

Mikerino Wooferino says:

Great video, extremely helpful! Also, if you want to play the other map you have to die once in that map so you cant leave in the before game hub or whatever its called.

Stalker 90 says:

Game looks like turd and its very poor optimized, clear coding fraud to sell hardware. Its always like that.. Metro 2033 has destroy hardware in 2010 and many years, now this crap.. Its pure business. Only game that was true pure futureproof was Crysis 2007 since then no real progress. I would not give more then 200 eur on gpu to play these crap looking games

BigPlaya says:

you can select a map, if you apply for partnership with pubg dev.

Seleukos Kallinikos says:

ryzen 5 1600 is the worst value cpu ever created, even i3 8100 is better. 1800x is good for productivity but the 1600x sucks in both gaming and productivity. thank god i bought i5 7600k. at least i enjoy premium gaming.

the bob the boy says:

the 8100 would be the best budget processor of all time of it didn’t need an expensive motherboard

Jayme Capurso says:

As someone with 1500 + hours in pubg It qualifies me to say Greene did a great job implementing the premise of the game but it was built on either the wrong engine or by the wrong developers as no game that has made this kind of money over this amount of time should run this bad…..

Shaggy Hobo says:

Why do you bm such a well unoptimized shit game?

Matías Henríquez says:

Stunning work, thank you so much Steve!

SW21 Sharky says:

pubg must fix server issues. this game took over the world like counterstrike did many years ago.

Quentin Els says:

Should change the channels name to Benchmark Addicts, amazing job as usual

NamelessJin says:

Are the tested CPUs overclocked?

Rami Kol says:

Besides the i3 8100 every Intel cpu is running 4.2 ghz or above. The ryzens max is just 3.6 ghz. And the differencr is like 10 fps

[ Mr.G ] says:

I have a question, what will happen to Ryzen 5 *400, *500x series? Since intel have 6core i5 at the same price

actuallywill says:

hmm.. i know every system is different, every configuration, every everything. I understand that, and I believe what Steve has been showing us for years is whole heartedly the 100% honest result. Always, and without question, so help me Gaben.
BUT, and its a big, big, thick BUTT..
My (granted everything is overclocked to its furthest, and control panel settings are set for performance instead of quality) fps is always much higher than what he shows when I benchmark PUBG. Then again, that is probably just PUBG itself… it is, and until they fix the Unreal Engine, always will be within the Alpha stage of development. You don’t see this bullshit on FortniteBR, H1z1, Siege, GTA5, lots of games that maybe should use more horsepower than PUBG, but they still perform much better.. I just don’t get BlueHole. Anyways, Great video, sorry this kind of turned into a BlueHole bitch rant. Love the videos.

socatekun says:

The game looks like it was made in 2005, no matter the hardware you have it still looks and runs like an outdated game.

Stalker 90 says:

Overwatch shows that pc gaming is pure coding FRAUD with coding to make planned obsolence and sell new hardware easy as that. All games have compilers for cpus and same for gpus coding, all games can run much better with proper programing. Type on YT is i5 750 still relevant in 2018 and you will see.. Same fps compared to latest intel cpu

jakub ss says:

They need to optimize for ryzen

Hafizul Syakir Juraimi says:

You mentioned joining the game in the replay, could you show how you did that?

crsor says:

My i5-4210u is always sitting at 100%, but my GPU (gtx 850m) is sitting between 50%-70%. I’m sure that this is because of bottleneck, but they should optimize the game more.

RocketLR says:

I ditched this for Escape From Tarkov. Amazing game and devs.

diablosv36 says:

Recommending a budget CPU based on this result doesn’t quite make sense when you’re using a 1080 ti, put in a 1060 and probably minimums would be the only important thing to look at here, where id say a Ryzen 1600 does a good job, despite the crappy CPU utilisation.

misterPAINMAKER says:

How come the RYZEN 1800X has 12 threads? WTF?

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