nVidea nbody CUDA demo: GPU v CPU Comparison

Not really fair, as I should have really used SIMD on the CPU, or somesuch, to use the CPU’s (limited) parallel processing functionality.

Let’s be benevolent and allow the CPU to use all it’s 8 threads in it’s imaginary parallel processing (at about 4x the clock speed of the GPU… still gives a 2.5 times throughput speed factor to the GPU (but would be nowhere near that low in reality).


Ghs Rz says:

so interesting, thanks a lot

Hüseyin Tuğrul BÜYÜKIŞIK says:

Gtx 780 and 23 gflops? Did you compile for debug or release?

I get 202gflops from k420 which has just 1 smx or 192 cuda cores.

Compiling for release would also make cpu use simd on applicable parts of codes.

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