Laptop vs. Desktop Skylake CPU Comparison ft. MSI Gaming Laptops

Most people know that laptop processors are, on average, less powerful than their desktop counterparts. But how different are they, really, in terms of performance? We compare the Intel Core i7 6700K and its mobile counterpart, the i7 6700HQ, to illustrate.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Riley Murdock
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Barret Murdock


SuprisingEngine 007 says:

I have a Question. What is the highest CPU i can put into this Laptop(Lenovo X 61)?

Shouke says:

i8 6969USHQK masterrace anyone?

JK i have a i5 4210H. The threads are the thing that is not having me to rage on games becuz its not like a G3852… But i think its still faster

Rage Machine says:

And obvioslly, you didnt mention if the smaller and cheaper laptop throttled…

Mr. Hiram says:

Full power of desktops!

CopperCab JR says:

but hwat if I am gonna do hevey workloads ?

Peter Cruz says:

Well a laptop CPU is almost as powerful as a desktops. I’m going to buy a gpu enclosure soon hook up HDD’s SSD’s and a mouse and just use my ultraviolet as a desktop. Meaning that I just have one laptop for everything 😀

Tyrannosaur18 says:

I ended up getting a gaming laptop for a good price and i’m really happy with it!

kent vun says:

please put ur number in a chart for easy comparison…

Nathan Brown says:

Well Actually, the i7 6700K is not the best CPU to compare with due to its price of 400/500USD. A Desktop rig with the i7 6700K and GPU thats around the performance of the 970M would cost around 1000USD (Without the case, mobo, PSU and storage devices) which would equal around 1500USD. Don’t forget the 200USD display (if you want one that’s as good as the MSI displays)

A 6700HQ Laptop can be found between 700USD (Inspiron 15 7000) and 1400USD (XPS 15) with little to no difference between the two.

The i5 6500 would be a better comparison as they cost around the same. I already checked, the 6700HQ is slightly better than the i5 6500 for games.

Kozmos says:

0:38 should have been the thumbnail for this video.
lol, you can just keep watching the awesome explosion over and over.

Nereus says:

i mean you are comparing a chipset which consumes only 45 watts with a fucking powerhouse of i7 for desktop and there is only 10 of difference!! why am i still buying this desktop shit? who says desktop is better than notebook

Kris Sumerfelt says:

I used to want a gaming laptop soo bad but now I have a lenovo laptop with a 250gb ssd and 12gb of ram, with 360mb down connection its flawless


so the 6700HQ does the same as a I5 4690K on cinebench

Buck Wilde says:

I wish you’d compare the 6700hq to a 6700k in a LAPTOP and not a desktop. I thought that was the whole purpose of this stupid ass video! You totally wasted everyone’s time. Thanks!

Roman Achille says:

How do you lock it down to a singe core? Is it in the game settings?

dilyo624 says:

the annotations from his mistakes are funny XD

Peter Cruz says:

I can’t help it, I just fucking love this guy

Dim _FTW says:

Is this good for a gaming PC and can it run games like Battlefield 4, GTA 5 ect.?

CPU: AMD FX-6300 Black Edition
MEMORY: Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz DDR3
SSD: Samsung 650 Series 120GB SSD

Someone please respond

Da.shArk87 says:

damn intel saying it has 4 cores… god damn them…

Anand S says:

You are not Luke, you must be his brother

Pizza Pizza says:

what’s better to buy MSI OR ASUS ?

BD YouTuber says:

What should i buy???
A Core i3 6th generation laptop vs I3 6th gen desktop

NickAF says:

so what would be the desktop equivalent of an i7 6700hq? maybe an i5 6400?

TabalugaDragon says:

OMG WHAT THE HELL? yet another genius who compares THE SLOWEST laptop quad i7 to THE FASTEST desktop quad i7?
so what, mobile unlocked i7 6820hk and desktop i7 6700 don’t exist now? WHAT THE HELL???

dosduros says:

Its got two cores: Trolling, youtube style.
Yout dont NEED a desktop, you dont even NEED a computer. Its what you want that matters, and I want both 8(.

Bryan Eich says:

man I’m so torn. gaming laptop from MSI with a 1070 in it or build a desktop with a 1080 for a few hundred more?

Mr. Carroll Ware says:

I want both Desktop an Laptop but sorry to say this video bites.

PhantomMatrix says:

so why cant they simply stuff a i7 6700K inside a laptop?

esperCELL says:

skylake on laptops are shit, they’re still using mostly ddr3 rams and some crappy U processors
you’re better off with an AMD Carrizo

philipx550 says:

Only 608???…There’re other i7-6700HQ’s doing up to 650 in cinebench r15.

Atom Bigod says:

MSI, those should last you a few months before they break down.

Sami Al-Asady says:

hes out of focus

dali ardiansyah says:

i have a question, if the 6700K was set to 2.6GHz will it perform the same performance as 6700HQ

Mitch McCann says:

skull canyon nuc vs gaming laptop vs desktop

Brett Davis says:

Fucking Intel has been dragging ass.

David Pinheiro says:

Awsome video but i got a question. Is there any benefit from having a 6700k in ur laptop compared to a 6820hk when overclocked to the same speed? I want too buy a clevo and some of their laptops have the 6700k while others have the 6820hk so wich should i get? They have the same specs and both can be oced to the same speed so is there any difference?

C 1 y d 3 LORIAGA says:

hi, can a ddr2 or ddr3 motherboard can support a ddr5 graphics card??

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