Is Kaby Lake worth it?? Gaming Benchmarks

The new i3 7350k, i5 7600k and i7 7700k processors are out… so which one has a better value for PC Gamers?

i3-7350k on Amazon –
i5-7600k on Amazon –
i7-7700k on Amazon –

Test Rig Specs
Motherboards – ASRock Z270 Gaming K6 –
RAM – 16GB G.Skill TridentZ DDR4 –
GPU – MSI GTX1080 Gaming X –
Case – Corsair 570X –
SSD – HyperX Savage 960GB SSD –

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Bryan Mantecon says:

Those games are bad for testing. Try games that are notorious for requireing a lot of CPU power. Try RUST on a heavily populated server in an area with a lot of buildings. Try PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Try Arma 3.

Lara croft? Dirt Rally? GTA 😐 Come on! Those games have been patched and enhanced for performance. Go for a CPU intensive game like playerunknown battle grounds or rust and then talk to me about CPU performance and FPS drops because of bottle necking.

Zackery Toler says:

Can’t wait for Ryzen 3!

Judas says:

Yes, yes its worth it lol. I’m waiting for Intel’s new lineup this summer however. Gunna do a fresh build to compete against my Ryzen build and make them do battle in the hot sweaty afternoon. I can already feel the tension. I can feel it…down in my plums.

Capletz says:

öhm okay… in cinebench i only get 630 with my i5 7600k and framdrops in bf1 to 50 fps! with a fucking gtx 1070 an 2030mhz… ist my cpu kinda broken? and the cpu is ingame all the Time at 100% and in gta… the highest i can get is 100 fps.. Why? can anybody tell me ?

Colin Ubergeek says:

Hi jay, I see this uploads a quite old, but my son has recently bought a a kabbylake 7700k and it hits 80C while gaming, I’m use to lower temps from my old I5, is this normal? cheers in advance

Brandon Watkins says:

I have a intel kaby lake core i5 7400 cpu @ 3.00GHz that goes up to 3.50GHz and i don’t have anything bad to say about it.. it takes everything i do and keep going like nothing happen it is air cool as well

Medicus Piscis says:

Silent majority, dont be silent anymore! Like the video if you actually liked it

Loki 6793 says:

The i3 7350k is a joke of a processor. The i3-7100 gets you better power for your money, or bang for your buck.

Nici Geelhoed says:

Was same price for me so I don’t feel bad…

substrate001 says:

Thanks Jay! Looks like I’ll be better off with the i-5 in this video with my new build given the outcome of your tests. My old rig has an i-5 4690 K and it, too was a better value for $ considering my usage needs. Loved the Terry Crews finished PC build and reveal video, btw. Keep it going, brother… It’s nice to see someone else with a few “grey hairs of wisdom” having such fun creating, building and gaming! You rock.

Victor Huynh says:

In Australia, the kaby lake CPUs actually cost less than the sky lake CPUs

Pierrette St-jean says:

I would like to know if its possible to make a benchmark test with X-plane 11 because nobody do this and theres no game on market that use more fps than flight smulator thx…

Anthony Cortez says:

I have an amd fx 6300 and was thinking of switching to the i5 7600k would this be smart or dont switch

Latronis says:

i7-6700k vs i7-7700k? Worth an upgrade?

Michael Novak says:

I want to play arma in ultra resolution on max settings with large scale populated NPC mission’s.

since im building everything fresh should I spring for these current generation processors

ed gallegos says:

can u do a video about witch cpu battlenecks the gtx 1080 ti because i have a i5 6600k and people say it wont and it will battleneck my 1080 ti .

David R Allen Jr says:

I just did a pc build using the Kaby Lake 7500 processor, and I have to say that I’m satisfied with the performance. Now, I just need to upgrade my Nitro rx 460 graphics card to an rx 480 and I feel that I’ll have a pretty capable system , not that it isn’t already. My previous system had a i7 960 in it, but it was dated and I wanted something new. So i opted for the i5 7500.

Pedro Lopez says:

4690k ftw!!!

The Android Next Door says:

Kinda upset that I’m stuck with the LGA 1150 socket type atm since 1151 and 2011 v3 seem to be where everything is at these days. Kinda want to upgrade my cpu since I just got a second graphics card in sli but there’s basically nowhere to go with an 1150.

Dan K says:

Haha! I upgraded from a 6600K to a 7700K because I got a good deal on the 7700K for just $270. I also did want the higher overclocking capability as well as the extra threads and extra cache 😉

Guitar Halo says:

I want an i7 but the new ryzen has a better performance per dollar guess that’s the one

Shadow_ Playz says:

i had to watch the video again to see if I actually wanna do an i5-7500 build.Thanks for convincing me to get i5-7500

Miles Evans says:

what are my streaming options with a 7th gen i7-7500U dual-core 4 way process performance?Can I stream 1080p 60fps or am I restricted to 720 60fps or cant even stream in 60fps??Please respond.

Mi•cha•el says:

9590pwns U

Konrad Klimowicz says:

That’s strange. My i7 7700k has 4.2 GHz frequency as stock and 4.5 GHz in Turbo mode.

Coolpick says:

What about benchmarking Just Cause 3? That world is huge, and even my PS4, built for gaming, can barely run it at 30 fps. (I’m not PS4 master race or anything, just saying, usually PS4 can get a solid 30 fps on games.)

ashly allbrighton says:

jayztwocents this is bull u dont test the budget chip the “g4560”

Teo Marques says:

So, if I’m not planning to OC and starting from scratch, i5 7500 sounds good????

mdnor matnor says:

This is Y youtube uploaders become a good man….

Gee Willickers says:

Your green screen is amazing. What’s your secret?

Gee Willickers says:

It’s the “for just 10 cents you can upgrade to supersize” marketing technique

Eduardo Cortez says:

my friend just bought the kaby lake 7700k and the new 7740k is coming out soon… they are making too many processor in short time frame

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