Intel vs AMD 2018 — Side by Side Comparison

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Intel Core i7-8700K:
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X:

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Intel Core i7-8700K:
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X:

Side-by-side comparison of the Intel Core i7-8700K and AMD Ryzen 7 2700X.
Which CPU, do you think, is better for your use?

Systems used:

— Intel —
Intel Core i7-8700K
Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240
ASRock Z370 Extreme4
G.Skill Flare X 16GB DDR4-3200
Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120GB
Seagate BarraCuda Compute 2TB
DeepCool Quanta DQ650 EVO 650W
Cooler Master Test Bench V1.0
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

— AMD —
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240
MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon
G.Skill Flare X 16GB DDR4-3200
Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120GB
Seagate BarraCuda Compute 2TB
DeepCool Quanta DQ650 EVO 650W
Cooler Master Test Bench V1.0
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


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xbr123 says:

Ez for intel and its power consumption and tempreature, amd will never win this war.

UNcommonG8m!ng says:

Amd DOES hit better framerates. But intel’s cpu’s keep the framerate still. Probably most community uses intels processors.

Stinson, Chris says:

This is nice gaming benchmark side-by side comparison. They both look smooth!

Sphoxros says:

I find it odd, that he states that there running at stock speeds, yet they both look, based on the CPU-Z slide, that there OCed, and not at the same rates. If they were set, manually to the same speed I think that would have been a better comparison to see which chip had the better over all tech backing it.

Ashley Harris says:

Nice information, I’ve got a question for you and your followers though (not related to this video I’m afraid). I’ve put together a system with an Asus B350M-E, A8-9600, 8Gig 2400 speed and a 7200 rpm drive. I’ve installed Win7 Pro and got SOME updates, now Microshaft is trying to force me to buy Win10 saying Win7 isn’t supported with current generation CPU’s. If it wasn’t for a couple of medical programs (and a game or two) I’d say good-bye to Windows and just run either Q4OS or Ubuntu Linux. Is there any way to get automatic updates turned back on?

PanzerIV says:

Interesting video even if I would have preferred in 1440p as anyone with such system still playing in 1080 is clearly retarded.

Oh and the music was annoying but otherwise nice video.

Darklighthearted says:

Whispers, is your ram really running at 3200 mhz?

khaoz z says:

Is it me or is there some micro stutter on the Intel side?

Badi1992 says:

Someone could explain me why (for example in GTA V) the Ryzen CPU usage is lower than the INTEL CPU? The usage of the Ryzen CPU shouldn’t be higher to reduce a diffrence between Intel in FPS? I would say the Ryzen just bottleneck the gpu but how if the usage is above 30%? I think in this case there should be the same fps with more usage of the Ryzen CPU. But it isn’t, why?

Abhijit Sahoo says:

And better regarding to price

I Made Ananta Wijaya says:

brainwash is great success.

James Curtis says:

Why does the AMD processor percentage used remain consistently under Intel? The Intel was over 45% while AMD was around 32%.
Never mind. I got my answer from reading comments below. The explanation about multi cores makes sense if you think about the Cinebench test. The very first video in Cinebench must have tested multi core processing. AMD won hands down. The second Cinebench test was probably testing single core performance which Intel won.

TheGhostAvatar says:

Firstly, never use Far Cry 5 bench mark. It is way to inconsistent between individual runs. Secondly, I would like to see GPU usage as well. Because the CPU is barely breaking 40% usage. This could be a thread bottleneck or GPU. I would like to discount GPU as a bottleneck for the FPS.


2 more differences they left out Intel is an anti consumer greedy shitbag company and AMD is not. AMD wins just on that alone.

Miker113 says:

It’s just brilliant to compare 8700k on stock if it can run 5500mhz if your have ideal crystal and 5000mhz on average.I can not believe that you did it.Do you think average users are so stupid to buy k proccesors and do not overclock them? You made this video for them?Intel processors overclocks on ~25% , how much you can overclock amd, 6% ? Amd processors cant work correctly with high speed memory.Lets compare 8700k 5200mhz,4600mhz ddr memory, 1080ti with 2700x 4300mhz ,3200mhz memory,1080ti.Amd system will lose more than 30%fps to intel, i bet it will be~40%.Go play cinebench on amd, even in cinebench overclocked 8700k will not lose much.

Andika Dwi says:

intel win
but price ?

Daevster 666 says:

Question I know the i7 has six cores and 12 threads so my question is when it says 50% usage does that mean 6 threads are being used or 3?


Amd cpu s ur not for gaming

rosmin marpaung says:

in game intel core i7 so realistic but AMD Ryzen so smooth in a game, actually I must buy the two of that

Hostis Gaming says:

Hey could you indicate temperatures?

deep says:

As a Gamer this comparison is very interesting to me. What counts to me is performance ingame and power consumption. The 8700k still is the best CPU for Gamers, even if you are going to render some for youtube, the 8700k does a good job there as well. And all for a fair price. I paid more for my 6700k 2 years ago.

Nick Rijke says:

Appreciate the effort, but your test isn’t realistic. For the hardware you installed 1920×1080 benchmarks aren’t demanding enough to tell us anything useful. You should at least have gone up to 2550×1440, perhaps, with this rig, to 4k.

Volker Dirr says:

Some of the benchmarks are bad, because they are not the same.
For example at around minute 3:00 you can see at the house only one explosion on the Intel, but 2 explosions on the AMD.

Or at around minute 5:00 you can see that there are different cars on the road. Not only the style, also the number of cars is different.

bigboymarket says:

Intel+Nvidia =FTW

Sonic_1000 says:

Would have been funny to use a rubbish Vega 56/64 in the test.

Alperen DEMİR says:


Dimitrij Glasow says:

Now 5.2 ghz OC intel vs 4.3-4.4 ryzen

Gameplay Powa says:

On my test video, the Ryzen 7 1700 overclocked to 4.1Ghz performs wy better then here.

The Nihl says:

And now. LOOK at this game performances WITHOUT FPS COUNTER.

Dont look on FPS, look how game play.

Both Systems smooth. You will have hard time to tell which one is which one without FPS counter. And if you look at FPS counter, dont look at max frames you fanboy moron. Look at minimal framerate, where Ryzen clearly wins. What you will do with your 150-200 frames if you will get more dips below 100 than on Ryzen (as example)??

AMD gained victory here. +/-10% of AVG frames less than 8700K, less power consumption, less heat, less CPU usage, around 30% more productivity… and cheaper…

A L says:

WHAT DIPS in FPS buds, “Specifically HOODedDutchman

I have 1st gen,Ryzen and love em, an i have 3 Ryzen’s, (had 4, sold a 1700X, its Msi MB died!!! 🙁

get HIGH END , ASROCK OR GIGABYTE, BEST MB’s hands down!!!

i own 3,
two asrock ,
1 is a X370 gaming Prof. AM4 with Ryzen 7 1800X @ 4.15 GHz after P4.70 Bios & some tweaking voltage/ram timing’s, Gskill flaire X 3200 mhz dual channel kit, 16gb
@ 3333 DDR4, timings @ 14, 14, 14 Cas14 T1 Command rate, (only 1×16 or dual x8 Pci-express 3.0)

Threadripper builds……….

(asrock X399 Taichi TR4) * my dads PC i built for him! *

(Gigabyte Aorus x399 Gaming 7 TR4) current gaming rig *

I wanted the Asrock x399 Fatal1ty Gaming Professional but for $460 @ newegg when i bought my 1900X, I settled with The Gigabyte X399 @$389 on newegg

2 1900X ThreadRipper’s both with all core’s @ 4.1 GHz < both my TR4 TR's clock to 4.1 all 8 cores, but will heat up @ full load. had to get a Enermax TR4 Full IHS covering AIO Water CPU COOLER, for both>
TR4 ryzens are in Quad chnnel also for once, yay..

*whats intels 6 core (i7 8700k)/or 8 core (i9’s) max clocks, no way ALL Cores can do 4.7 and higher and or over 5 GHz, no F**king way, 2-3, maybe 4 cores , but no way!!
not all 6 on a 8700k,

*one of my friend’s has one (8700k) and it wouldn’t even clock to 4.7 well it did but kept blue screening BSOD i even did volts looked at tuning tips/guides. but his wouldn’t, it be 4.5-4.65 GHz at the most, but did still have the stock TIM on the IHS ( heat spreader)! so here is where the DE-Lidding / voiding warranty comes into play???

Flyinghotpocket says:

i love the 1080p comparisons on these mega high end processors. comon fellas at least 2k.

Max Puliero says:

testing GPU with games… lol.

Minyaw says:

From someone who all around prefers the 2700x – the utilization or optimization argument for the low percentage of use is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.

Programming for more cores in games is not just enabling a switch, it’s hard work with low payback since most people just got 4 cores. And even if we get a game the uses all 8 cores, main tasks can’t be shared between cores, so great single core performance will always give you a performance boost in games! It is not a question of poor utilization or optimization, it’s just the reality of programming. Also since it’s easy to boost a 8700k to 5 Ghz it’s even more of a difference in games.

But I’d still go for AMD! If you work with your Computer it is better, the socket is future proof unlike the shit that intel does with requiring you to buy a new motherboard almost every fucking time and it runs cooler because Intel doesn’t solder their IHS on the die and uses fucking toothpaste in between them.

So please, there are plenty of good arguments for team red – don’t use bullshit ones.

James Winters says:

Wow my 6700k with a normal 1080 gets higher or equivalent fps to the amd chip ges games are just built for higher and more efficient cores over more cores but on the other hand if you render and other none gaming stuff amd is the best thing to go for so gaming rigs are best with intel and workstations are best with amd…. cool now I understand a bit better

Brad Clapp says:

AMD cpu usage will be lower then intel. It has 16 threads over the Intel 12 threads. Ryzen has 25% more threads then Intel. If you put a load a 100% on 12 threads on both intel and AMD you would see 100% cpu usage on intel and only 75% on AMD…

Nicolas11x12 English says:

Hopefully you enjoy this one! A ton of work and time was involved.

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