Intel i9-9900K vs Ryzen 2700X – CPU Comparisons and Benchmarks

Intel have launched their Core i9-9900K 8 core 16 thread CPU, although AMD got there first with the first generation of Ryzen CPUs. I’ve just bought the 2700X, the top end 8 core CPU available from AMD so that we can compare it against Intel’s 9900K.

I’ve benchmarked games at all setting levels at 1080p and 1440p resolutions, thermals, overclocking, power draw, productivity workloads and applications such as Adobe Premiere and video exporting to help you decide which CPU is worth it.Finally we’ll look at the differences in price and analyse performance per watt, performance per dollar, and frames per dollar in games.

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Games Tested:
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Far Cry 5
Rainbow Six Siege
Dota 2
Watch Dogs 2
The Witcher 3
Ghost Recon

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Mumay Tambay says:

im so happy that my ryzen 2700x and MSI pro carbon is the same with your test bench 😀 This video made me feel that I got the right decision to chose AMD 😀

Moth says:

Looking at these results i wonder why anyone would buy 9900k
you can get 2x2700X’s for its price in eu

Grumzz says:

using fortnight to calculate value per frame was wrong and misleading.
do a average dont cherry pick

Just Videos says:

Only the compare at lowest resolution is the truth. With higher resolutions the graphic card is gets the limiting factor.

MrGaZZaDaG says:

have fun cooling a 100c 5ghz boosted cpu

fr1skycat says:

I think it’s great that you’re actually testing the games / apps using the NVIDIA 1080. Testing with an NVIDIA 2080 doesn’t make much sense because very few people own such an expensive card. Sure it would be great to see everything maxed out, but what’s the purpose when the focus is the CPU, not the GPU. Thanks for these informative reviews.

The GOD says:


msnHD says:

Thanks for the real review man, i didn’t think i would say this – but fuck the 9900k, its too damn overpriced really. I think i’d go for 9700k which seems quite fine for gaming, but still waiting ur possible review on that 😛

Carlos Motta says:

Wow, Jarrod, I’m really impressed. You are constantly overplaying yourself. The amount of information you deliver is incredible, my friend! The final part, when you talk about value for money, with those graphics, is the cherry on top of a perfect cake. Jaw dropping, and I bet to achieve such a level of professionalism, you skipped some good sleep.
This video alone is enough to show everyone the 2700x is the choice. Unless, as I said before, one is rich, and geek at a point he/she needs to have the latest tech stuff, no matter how expensive it is.

苦力怕大師 says:

I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael says:

I wanted to watch this, but the rising inflection of his speech was really bad. Had to stop the video.

Haresh RK says:

1:09 u have put up a i7 instead of a 9900k lol

Dark Phoenix says:

probably one of the best, clearest and most comprehensive reviews on these two flagship CPUs. There’s just no comparison, AMD blows away Intel on value for money, simply by keeping up or being just slightly behind. If I was very budget conscious, I’d go with the 2700X. However, I believe the 8700k would be the best choice if you prefer to stick with Intel as it gives you similar performance to the 9900k but it is quite a bit cheaper (even less than the 2700x here in Canada). For my future build, I’m probably going with the 8700k on a 9th gen board, this way I can upgrade to a faster 9th gen CPU when Intel releases them.

Agustin Carranco says:

AMD Zen 2 7nm

MohondhaY says:

4.2ghz chip keeping up with a 4.9Ghz chip, impressive! And also for a cheaper price!

Swankity Dankity says:

Hahaha ‘if you have a problem with this feel free to send me a better one’ loool #owned

Bibhuranjan Nath says:

Ryzen FTW!!

jpb10 says:

I like how we’re comparing cpus at two completely different price points…

Marek Nowakowski says:

at this price 9900k seems pointless. it’s free GPU upgrade with 2700x or 8700k.

FirePlayz YT says:

Right Guys Stop Arguing Amd Is Better For Streaming Right And Intel Good For Just Gaming There Both Very Good It Just Depends How Your Going To Use Them #LetsStopTheFanboys Please Help Me Stop Them It’s Just Annoying Seeing Yous Support Your Own One Just Say The Truth Which One Is Better It Just Helps New Buyers Get The a Best For The Money 🙂

amirbahalegharn365 says:

linus review yield to different result.. in gaming, like yours , the intel wins but in his review,the productivity softwares bench were better off with AMD.. even the thermals of both your review are opposite, in his review AMD was hotter than intel
is there any reason you may find/have in mind for difference in superiority in productivity softwares for these 2 reviews?
thanks again for such long comprehensive benchmarks…hope you get half a million subscribers soon.

kiwi-on-a-bike 660 says:

The 2700X is almost half the price of the 9900k here in NZ, so bang for buck is still well and truely in the AMD camp.

Fugboi says:

18:05 did you compare only CPU prices or full system prices on your $/frame comparison?

freak777power says:

One of the better reviews where you didn’t spend 25 minutes speaking nonsense we don’t care about but straight to bench-marking. Too bad you didn’t have 2080ti where the result favor 9900k big time as 2700x becomes bottleneck factor for GPU. What I learned from Skylake X as well as Coffee Lake is that overclocking on this CPU is pretty pointless, but let default settings do what they are supposed to (auto overclock). You will end up with same or better performance and lower temperature. Overclocking all 8 cores to 5.0 GHz absolutely makes no sense.

NeilTR says:

imagine if Intel priced the 9900k at about $330. That would have made it more attractive than the 2700x even without a cooler.

Joshua G says:

Better spend an extra $300 to get that sweet CSGO fps. There is no difference in performance between 300 and 500, In this case the bottleneck would be not having a 144+hz monitor.

Ken T says:

The Intel will give you INFERIOR performance all things being equal in Price (ie. cheaper Graphics card for the Intel to offset the cpu price)….. You lose either way coz you’ll probably notice any performance increase even if you slap it with the same high end card… GAME OVER for Intel

Rocket sams says:

here is how i see it, intel costs more but will last longer as gpu’s get more powerful and time is money when it comes to rendering which means the 9900k will save u time and money if u using it for that purpose so the value aspect of ryzen is pointless in both cases gaming and work….the temperature thing is obvious because the 9900k is clocked higher so obviously it will be the warmer chip, down clock the 9900k to 4.2ghz and c which one runs cooler….9900k offers an advantage over the 2700x in everything but if u wanna save money on the hardware today then 2700x is the way to go, if u wanna save time and money for years to come(which is a better investment) then 9900k is the way to go…

Luv patel says:



Intel all day for me, although I’ll be waiting for Ice Lake/10nm for some reduced temps at 5ghz on 8 or more cores.

JayzBeerz says:

funny how the only excuse AMD fanboys have is the lower price. come on with a new one already.

hassan chergui says:

2700x ❤️

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