Intel i7-8750H vs i7-8850H – Laptop CPU Comparison and Benchmarks

Intel recently released their 8th generation Coffee Lake mobile CPUs for laptops, in this video I will compare the features and performance differences between the popular i7-8750H CPU and slightly more powerful i7-8850H CPU to help you decide if it’s worth paying more for the better CPU. I’ve benchmarked both games and CPU intensive applications to show you the difference between them, both at stock speeds and with the 8850H overclocked to 4.3GHz.

Games Tested:
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)
Shadow of War
Battlefield 1
The Witcher 3
Watch Dogs 2
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
Far Cry 5
Dota 2

Applications Tested:
Adobe Premiere
7-Zip (compression/decompression)
VeraCrypt (AES encryption/decryption)
Handbrake (transcode 4K to 1080p, and 1080p to 720p)
Geekbench 4.2.2
Corona 1.3

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Al Ec says:

It pays in the long run to buy the best of what you can afford, future proofing saves money in the long run. It’s definitely not worth spending big money on 1/10th improvements in performance when by selecting those components that work in tandem can make a good all-rounder pc & achieve similar outcomes. Anything less than 33% system performance improvement is not worth upgrading to especially when it comes at a significant cost increase.

aldo arip says:

It would be great if you could test 8gb vs 16gb ram on laptop.

Serj Star says:

I don’t know why intel did 2.2 on 8750h they should of done 3ghz on base and 4 on over .

bhargab banerjee says:

I like your contents very much. Great job.

Dhanush ReDdY says:

Great review again.. thanks a ton mate ! Btw could you review the Asus rog strix scar II or the hero II ??

ETWL says:

Hi jarrod, thank you for your great content.
Man, In your opinion shall I wait for the new graphic cards (specially 1160m) ? or just pick an 1060 laptop for about 1200$ ?
will the next gen laptops be near that price point (a 1160 model) ?
Thanks alot.

bhargab banerjee says:

which laptop do you think is better asus GM501GS or Arous x5? Do you think Arous x5 would be able to cool down the OC 8850H without undervolting?

Abdulbasit Muhammad says:

Hey Jarrod can you do a comparison between a laptop with a gtx 1060 (3GB VRAM) vs laptop gtx 1060 (6gb vram)

jeff uz says:

Could you please review the Intel core i9?

Eric Wei says:

Which one would you rather have:
Thicker and more powerful;
Or thinner but less powerful?

jeff uz says:

Thanks for helping me with the msi motherboard

Itz Harsh says:

Please do comparison Gtx 1070 vs 1080

United Alliance says:

Hey is i7-8750h under performing after very small intensive work? Almost all new laptops with this chip is struggling to give sustained turbo boost. Cinebench R15 too dips quickly like 1050 to 800 in no time . Should I go with i7-7700hq ( awesome proven consistency) over this? I don’t mind 5℅ increment ( day to day) ?

Rattan Cheema says:

It’s pronounced cash!!

Xtreme Gamerz says:

So can gtx 1060 will do decent low setting or medium setting 4k gaming with 8850H ?



HucaPuca says:

Hey man, any plans on reviewing the Lenovo gaming laptops Y530 and Y730 in the near future? Cheers.

Carlos Motta says:

Another serious video for serious people, from a serious reviewer.
As a gamer, I’d go with the better built machine, no matter which 8th gen CPU it got. One thing is sure: the first course of action would be repasting with liquid metal, and then undervolting to the limit. I’m sure it’s this or having an expensive brick in no time. I said it before: a pity you can’t repaste the review units (for obvious reasons) with liquid metal, and feed us with true numbers. Have no doubts it would be the best videos on the subject. Greets from the “s” of third world.

Lone Wolf says:

M using MSI ge63 raider 8RF With 8750H and gtx 1070, how much time(years) u think it can last for good performance based on gaming only with high/ultra settings 1080p

Hao Hyun says:

Jarrod, please reply, I am researching on which laptop brand to buy. Which gaming laptop brand would you recommend in term of build quality?

Western Gents United says:

Great video champ :). I would not lose sleep over having just the 8750H it just comes down to price for me.

TechnoLadz Vlogs, Tech, Minecraft and More says:

Next time can you also compare the i9 8950HK

micha says:

You are honestly the best source hands down for laptop reviews , processor comparisons, ect. Thank ye!

Xensin says:

The major difference between the 2 cpu’s are pci express lane support

Migu says:

Thank you for the comparison Jarrod <3

Tuyen Hoang says:

You’re a most underrated Youtuber I’ve ever known

Earl Grey says:

Next time please use charts color blind friendly m8

Vish p says:

Hey jarrod, any isuues with the aorus x5 v8?

TabalugaDragon says:

amazing vid as always! I don’t think the gaming benchmarks were very accurate though as I think in case of 8750h was throttling which caused such huge difference in performance in so many titles. gtx 1070 is not that fast of a card right now to cause such a difference with just the cpu(on higher settings I mean), as the actual clockspeed difference between these cpu-s isn’t that big. When Volta comes out though, 8850h will be more preferable, but of course only if laptops with it will be cool enough.
Thanks for the video!

BOS5 says:

jarrod, any thoughts on this laptop? cheap, 1070 8750h, 120hz (2.2kg) laptop

Isaiah Seno says:

Surprised how a couple MHz could yield a big difference in frames for some games (not that it really matters)

Brad Haines says:

you need a little extra time with the i9 so you can really test it for long term. i don’t see how any laptop can handle that thermal and power output.

Gökberk Türkdoğru says:

As far as I know 8850h is only partially unlocked. So, you can overclock up to 400mhz and no more. You could give an information about it too though.

ak163 says:

which one is better for a macbook pro? would there be a noticeable difference? the new 2018 15″ macbook pros have both of these as an option.

Rattan Cheema says:

Nice video

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