Intel i7-8750H vs i7-7700HQ – Laptop CPU Comparison and Benchmarks

Should you buy a laptop with the older i7-7700HQ, or newer i7-8750H CPU? I’ve tested 12 different games at all setting levels, as well as a number of applications such as Adobe Premiere to find out what the difference in performance between these two CPUs is.

I’ll compare both single core and multi core performance, showing you where the two extra CPU cores of the 8750H make a difference and help you decide if it’s worth buying in your next laptop.

Check pricing of laptops with these CPUs:
i7-7700HQ Laptops:
i7-8750H Laptops:

Games Tested:
Rainbow Six Siege
Dota 2
Assassin’s Creed Origins
Far Cry 5
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Watch Dogs 2
Ghost Recon
The Witcher 3
Shadow of War

Applications Tested:
Adobe Premiere CC 2018
Cinebench R15
7-Zip 18.05 (compression/decompression)
VeraCrypt 1.23 (AES encryption/decryption)
Handbrake 1.1.2 (transcode 4K to 1080p, and 1080p to 720p)
Geekbench 4.3
Corona 1.3

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Bryan Gaming says:

i was looking for this, i7 7700hq is what made me lose interest on triton 700

Orillion Zhou says:

I was considering switching to helios 500 from my p650hsg and then you uploaded this comparison. Now, I’m a happy man cuz I’m not going to chase this overall 13%ish gaming performance gain while spend >13% more $$$. Thank you!

Ebo Mg says:

2017 Acer predator helios 300 with i7-7700hq and gtx 1060 or 2018 Dell G7 with i7-8750h and gtx 1060 max-q both with 16gb ram and 256ssd + 1tb hhd. My sole purpose is to use the laptop to do 3d modeling (which can take advantage of a single core which in this case the 8th gen is clearly the winner) as well as rendering and animation mostly in Blender, 3ds Max and UE4 for archviz purpose such as still images, real time walkthrough and VR walkthrough (both have GPU rendering engine) and a bit of light gaming. Both laptops cost the same in my country. For portability, aesthetics and screen res either of the laptop is neutral since I am thinking of using them as my workstation hooking up to a monitor for the most of the time.

Назар Естаев says:

thanks bro, another good video in right time, I’m choosing new laptop and try to understand how big the difference between these 2 processors

kieran kelly says:

Thanks for the video, an mmm currently deciding between an Lenovo y720 (i7 -7700hq – gtx 1060) and Lenovo y530 (i7-8750 – gtx1050) both same pricing as the 720 is older, leaning pretty heavily towards the 720, good choice?

Gabriel Paulo Cristobal says:

But do you think that the 8300H is a better buy due to the consistent heat issues of the 8750H?

Michael J says:

I’m looking at these two cpu’s against each other for a laptop I’m going to be using for cybersecurity schooling. I’m thinking the extra 4 threads for virtualization would be useful. In your opinion would it be worth it for the extra threads but reduced battery life and extra heat?

kai lu says:

thanks, i was on the verge of canceling my order for 7700hq alienware when i found the 8750h is 200 more, but i need low noise more than anything so i’ll keep the 7700hq, i game mostly so more cores doesn’t do much.

2 extra cores is just more heat for the limited space of laptop cooling.

Nikko Arnado says:

You da man Jarrod!!!

Lefrxs says:

Hey if im. Getting lenovo y720 or y530 which one is the best work Station for speed . Like render 3d model and such.?

Xtreme Gamerz says:

1:21 You forgot the difference of the RGB lighting at the back

2bitmarksman says:

Nice, finally a good comparison video between them. Nice work 🙂

Undead_ Soldeir game says:

How u get 60 fps at ultra preset Dota 2 at 1070 and 8750 dude. Its unreal

Popojaga says:

Well i can definily trust this guy, not those big channels that clearly got paid to miss some flaws. Great content thank you!

Got Rice says:

It’s a great CPU, just beware that it gets pretty hot when you use it for a while.

useless bum says:

Jarrod its time to test i5 7th vs i5 8th gen.

The Strife says:

My i7-8750h is lowering the clock speed under heavy load from normal 3.9ghz to 1.2ghz, and in games i have fps drops from 70-80 to 30. The temperature are 70-75 degrees. Help me please, i’m stuck.

PorraCaralho says:

Would you recommend i get an i5 8400 or i7 8750H

Ahmed Snake says:

Acer Predator G9 17 (Gtx1070) 7700hq vs Msi Ge8RF (Gtx1070) 8750h raider Rgb which one is better please help me here in Iraq the latter one cost 150$ more (1850$)

Karan Singh says:

7700HQ 55 average fps AC:origins on lowest. Dont know what will be future of my 7300HQ without hyperthreading. Can you please test a 4core 4thread cpu for that.

Y. Lin says:

“Great Laptop”
Click on amazon link
see price
Sigh , “Maybe one day”

Xtreme Gamerz says:

Next video
8750H vs 8850H

Chris Chen says:

Alienware 15 7700hq or Msi with 8750h?

Gerardo Faustin says:

Hey man you finally remembered to speak about the battery well done I really appreciated your point. you speaking about the testing on the battery power consumption was great and well package description of But what I am truly interested in is to see the gigabytes 15 X up again Alienware M 15.

Mario Ray Mahardhika says:

I was in doubt whether $100 worth 8750H + GTX 1050Ti + 2666MHz DDR4 RAM (vs 7700HQ + GTX 1050 + 2400MHz DDR4 RAM), but I finally stick to 7700HQ after seeing 8750H can actually draw power double of that 7700HQ at max. After all 7700HQ is adequate for me, so I might not be needing the more power hungry 8750H.

Sayanta Seth says:

Overclocked 7820hk at 4.2 is better than 8750? Actually I own 7820hk in my Alienware 17r4.

Jon Riley says:

Holy smokes did you see those heat pipes

Alexander Ivanov says:

I just subscribed.

Penggegar Dunia says:

Due to the hot temp of 8750, will this make the laptop with 7700 last longer?

Diegoman 25 says:

I have a laptop MSI gt72vr with Core i7 7700hq and gtx 1070 but i dont understand why when i play bf1 or bfv for moments the fps drops from 100fps to 45fps for one second after playing certain time.

bigbenisdaman says:

I’m suprised that it’s that large of a differance. I woulda thought the gpu would be easily maxed out with tthe 7700hq.

Shoukaku Kai says:

rip my laptop’s kaby lake

NPC #775968657554 says:

Good video

TomiMan7 says:

If i’ve seen it correctly both laptop uses 120hz screen, so how could you use the iGPU? Do they support high refresh rates now? Or am i missing something here?

Maurício Pessoa says:

Very nice review Jarrod! I recently had to decide between a laptop with a 7700HQ and another one with a 8750H, but I ended up with the first since it came with a 1060 while the other one had a 1050ti. Your benchmarks showed me that I made a good choice since the 7700HQ still is a very good processor, and the better GPU will help me more on gaming.

Гордей Захарчук says:

i5 8300h vs i7 7700hq please!!!!!!!!

Reichstof says:

Can you review the MSI GF63 8RD? thanks

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