Intel i7-8700K vs i7-8086K – CPU Comparison Benchmarks

Intel launched their newer i7-8086K CPU, which is basically just a higher clocked i7-8700K, so what is the difference in performance? To find out I’ve tested a bunch of different games at 1080p, 1440p and 4K resolutions at stock and while overclocked.

It’s not all about gaming though, I’ve also tested a number of CPU specific benchmarks and applications including Adobe Premiere, 3D rendering, Cinebench and more. Finally I’ll discuss if it’s worth it to pay more money for the more expensive 8086K CPU or if you should just save money and get the cheaper 8700K.

*** US Pricing ***
Intel Core i7-8700K:
Intel Core i7-8086K:

*** UK Pricing ***
Intel Core i7-8700K:
Intel Core i7-8086K:

Other components used in the test PC:
Aorus 2080 Ti:
TeamGroup Night Hawk RGB Memory:
MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard:
NZXT H700 Case:
Fractal S36 AIO Cooler:
Corsair HX850i Power Supply:

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The Naikan says:

My 8086K is set to 5.2 GHz on all cores and runs as cool as a cucumber on air cooling. Wouldn’t trade it for any processor available.
If I switch to liquid I could get 5.3 no problem.
EDIT: Yes, it’s been delidded.

Sir Braxton says:

can you do a 4.6GHz vs 5GHz test

Kartik Patil says:

You should’ve gone with the lowest settings instead. CPU bottleneck would’ve given better differentiating results. But I guess who plays with lowest settings if you have one of the best CPUs for gaming at the moment

thammisetti pavankumar says:

Please try to review Alienware area 51 m as soon as possible (thermals, gameplay
..etc) If possible.planning to get one really soon.

Hardcore Hardware says:

I’ll be keeping my 8700k for a while, great video mate:)

Western Gents United says:

Thats a strange one. Whats the point of that. 8600K FTW

JayzBeerz says:

You can’t even find an 8086k today unless you want to pay a ridiculous amount for it.

منوعات Multi says:

8700 seems better in terms of value

风君子 says:

How’s that compared to 9700k though.

gvi341984 says:

225 on load? That’s very impressive for a flagship

DIABLØ says:

*so this cpu is no that special… just buy 8700k XD*

muzhaq5 says:

Comprehensive and thorough review as always. Glad to find your channel. Keep it up.

Gustav Gamer says:

margin of error, same chips

Ben Hawkins says:

FYI Cache is pronounced “cash” not “caysh”. Great video though.

Jeremar Legaspi says:

I wonder which users that CPU is targeted for.

Joey Femia says:

I am thinking of building mini itx but I am concerned about not being able to upgrade past 32gb of ram, what typically requires more than 32 gigs and is it dumb to go more than 32.

Josh Morrison says:

Great video man. Keep up the good work.

Firestorm says:

Should’ve tested Grand Theft Auto V since that game is CPU-intensive. Either way, great video!

Galih CPS says:

At 5ghz, what is the voltage of the 8086k?

pandurang naik says:

Next 8700k and 9700k plz and also include 8600k

The Naikan says:

You should have tested both at 100% stock and then tested both at max OC settings. You would have seen a MUCH bigger difference in performance in the 8086K. It really feels like you don’t understand what the 8086K was built for. It can withstand higher voltages and much higher clocks but you didn’t take advantage of that. All you accomplished was comparing two seemingly similar chips 100MHz apart.


Can we do a detailed overclocking guide video. As it will help for most of the users. Also post overclock like how to look after the system stability under load.

Garth806 says:

Jarrod, have you seen or heard about the Akitio Node Pro and any chance of a review?

Raghav Gulati says:

I can’t decide which laptop to buy i have a budget of 2k$

bloomfield295 says:

Hey man there is a direct die cooling tool for the 9700k/9900k which is made by der8uar, as the pcbs on the 9th Gen chips are taller, it is possible to cooler them directly with out the ihs, I would request u to cover it if possible.

Les says:

I would go with the 8700K why spend extra for such minimal gain.. Thanks for the video.


Basically all core turbo boost is same . It performs almost same in gaming.

Al says:

Great comparison Jar.. thank you.. however i know that is your testing rig but please swap those cables ! LoL.. black is better, white will get dirty 😉

Soap A says:

Anybody remotely considering an 8086K might as well just pay for a 9900K.

Dude Sensitive Ass says:

12 core – 24 thread r7 3700x is gonna kill Intel. Everybody press ‘F’ to pay respect.

Joey Femia says:

Have you seen the leaked specs for ryzen third gen? They are absolutely insane. Intel is about to lose their place in first!!!!

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