Intel 2011 1155 & 1366 Socket and CPU Comparisons

I take a look at the new 2011 socket and compare the sizes of the 1155, 1366 and 2011 CPU’s


Kajihoshi says:

Wrong. The pin count does not matter. Compare S939 vs LGA775. The PCI-E lanes depend elsewhere.

MammonDurden says:

Please move your mic further away from your mouth, as numerous people have already expressed it’s kind of nasty having to listen to you swallow every 5 seconds.

Babu Diy says:

is it lga1150 and 1155 arw desame?

sathos says:

rofl nothing he did in this vid is harmful to the components, only harmful to highly strung people without a clue what they are on about… “i heard on teh nets that dropping a cpu kills it lulz”

BillyBrandon says:

Is the warranty up on your mobo?

Sixten Nilsson says:

i dont know what i should get, a motherboard with 2011, with a 4820k or a motherboard with 1150 4770k ?

ronda katut says:

Legend says his still alive after not swallowing since 14 November 2011

OrangeWolfie says:

thanks for the Video you was the answer for my question

Waldhallmer Heljumsdottir says:

the i7 is best for all of those things, but all the power is unneeded for the task, so your better off with a cheaper cpu, and more money left in your wallet

sathos says:

now find a woman that good lol

BoomSnap says:

that post gave me wood

The DV says:


Skindoggiedog says:

Fucking hell. Why are you swallowing every 6 seconds?

Can’t even watch this shit.

Waldhallmer Heljumsdottir says:

doesent really mather for desktop computers, because they arent suposed to be portable

Saas Soos says:

is So.2011-3 cpu compatible with So.1150

Gavin VS Gavin says:

Have you seen the Magny-Cours? More like (LOL MOAR CORES; BIGGER CPU)

Joey Pagliarulo says:

… An intel i7 3820 is lga 2011… its 299.99 right now

Babu Diy says:

is it lga1150 and 1155 arw desame?

Sperila Alcsandru says:

i7 is overkill for gaming so i5 is best

James Haggar says:

Erm no the best isn’t the i5, it’s the most cost effective for gaming because nothing today currently uses/needs hyper threading. The best processor is the i7 obviously…

Michael Rinkle says:

ahh this answers my question about mounting my ASUS Silen Square 775 to my new Xeon 2011-3, 775/115x series were prey much compatable far as coolers go.

woostar88 says:

Seriously… Very annoying to hear him sallow every 5 secs.

Sperila Alcsandru says:

you are wrong in so many ways.. first off we now have ivy bridge and there are a lot of z77 mb-s that support crossfire/sli on pci-e 3.0 16x
LGA 2011 is for the enthusiast user and is made for those who want something extreme. that’s why it’s called extreme series and shit… depending on what you can get other processors
for example for gaming the best processor right now isthe i5-3570k … if you want rendering go grab a i7 for work with documents (word, excell, etc.) you are best off with i3

delatroy says:

Then don’t..

saed younis says:

i need to know please if the Intel Core i5-4590 processor fits to my lenovo G580 laptop ?

Mathew Farry says:

Fuck yes!

SonicBoom says:

These dumbasses need to learn something about manufacturing process. New sockets =/= New cpus

GuidedPirate says:

His just swallowing his spit every 5 seconds FIX UP

X/2 says:

Which one is better, i7 4770K and I7 980X

Vidane says:

stop bitching its really annoying

Simon ..panda says:

i have to choose between 1155, 1366 and 2011 what are the differences between them? i need a better PSU for 2011 or whatever? i dont get this. i know i need a processor that fits 2011 i will get it but whats the difference between them numbers 1155 1366 and 2011 what they do?

BoomSnap says:

I don’t know if you can help me, i’m wondering if i can put my old i7 860 running in a 1156 lga socket into a 1155 socket on another mother board i don’t know the relevance of the numbers for the older sockets… or even if its necessary for me to be thinking about changing my mother board from the P55A-UD3P to a SABERTOOTH-Z77

lazyflame2 says:


Philip Nzw says:

2011 mean 2011 gold pins under the CPU,same goes with the other numbers.LGA 2011is very expensive,1000usd.

The more pins u have on the CPU,the more connections ,more SPEED.
Example ,crossfire,if u have 2 graphics card with 1155 CPU,they will run at x8 speed.but 2011 will offer x16 speeds.
Grab the 2011 if u have the money.

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