i5 vs. i7 for Gaming | All You Need to Know

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– The Intel Core i5 lineup has long been the best value gaming chip on the blue team. With the newest rendition, the 8600K, we’ve got an extra two cores at our disposal. So how does it stack up against the gaming king, the Core i7 8700K?

Intel Core i5 8600K: http://geni.us/HxQV
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Xmans___ says:

I just don’t want micro stuttering in game.. Should i go 8600k oc 4.8 or i7 8700 non k 4.4?

Xehemoth says:

If we cared about cost we would go with Ryzen CPU/MB. The whole point of going Intel is because we want the best, and we are willing to pay for it.

anony man says:

I’m trying to figure out if there would be any difference between 9th generation i5 or i7 when playing RD2 on a 1080ti

snigam1965 says:

There is one point missed in this video. The current hardware always exceeds demands of current games or other software. When you are building new PC, you want your hardware to be able to handle software that will come along next 5 years or so. For that reason, get the fastest hardware you can pick up, couple of hundred dollars don’t matter in the long run. I had purchased i7 same week it was released with a intel reference motherboard. I used it for 10 years for all kinds of things, runs 24/7 with stock cooler, no slowdown or problems of any kind. I am glad I did not pick up i5 at that time, it would not have survived the long haul. Now I am going to buy 9th generation i7 or i9, just run it at stock speed (no need to overheat) and get at least 5 years out of it. Since i9 has been released, games will start using its potential in a few years and then you will be happy you made the right purchase. There is no point in buying outdated hardware and saving couple of hundred dollars.. After all we are not talking about thousands of dollars difference, it is just couple of hundreds (one refill of my printer ink costs couple of hundreds). I spend $500 on new intel cpu when building new PC, this time it will buy 9th gen. Interesting enough, new release of i7 was also priced at $500 in 2008.

One more point… if money is tight, buy pc components on black friday week. You will save so much on everything, no need to skimp on motherboard or CPU. Shop many web sites for prices, use coupons. There are so many vendors selling same thing, let them compete each other for price. I never ever pay full price for anything… never. It is amazing what a blazing fast affordable computer can be assembled now a days. Saving couple of hundred dollars on i5 has no meaning when one coupon code can save you that much.

Ares14 says:

Is going from an i7 4790k to a i5 9600k a viable upgrade?

Alan Ruiz says:

I am thinking of buying this CPU Processor fancyonline.shop/vb I heard its one of the best at the moment.


Got a ? for you……I don’t know much about streaming and I know like you said and I5 alone would not work well but, Iv heard that some people that stream use another pc to steam off of so not all the load is on one pc or rather cpu. My ? is would and i5 be enough to steam then if I had another pc with and i5 in it ? Even more so could and i3 stream in this way if this was it’s only task ? I’m sure if this is true 8th gen i3 could but, can it’s older 2 core counter parts such as skylake and kaby lake do the same ? ………………Thanks if you get this or anyone who gets this and writes me back it’s vary much appreciated!

Jorda n says:

If he had used a 1080ti you wouldve seen the i7 really smoke the i5.

some guy says:

sorry i’m not very knowledgeable in this but won’t the 6600k work in a z270 motherboard since it has LGA 1151 socket?

Dev mister says:

Just download more cores and speeds!

Jorda n says:

All this means is you’re GPU bottlenecked. You shouldve used a 1080ti to eliminate any bottlenecks.

Delta BoXeR says:

The i5 cant run titles like bfV on ultra very well. Online mine is maxed out constantly on that game bringing the frames right down I’m looking for an i7 now as I am sick of having to play the BF1 and BFV on lower settings because the game keeps crashing my system. Im running a 1080ti too! I rarely see more than 60fps on ultra settings online. I’ve seen as low as 40fps at times but as I say my CPU is maxed out.


I love u daddy

NachoManHD says:

Great video man. Building my first PC soon and didn’t really understand which was better. Thanks for making it a simple choice

DSM Dallas says:

8600k streaming and gaming CHAMP with 5.0 OC. For fun it hits 5.4OC all test pass at 5.3 with low voltages. BEAST MODE paid $181 at local pc store open box.

Statistic189 says:

Overclocking is so pointless. Back then id agree it was great but these days you cant squeeze shit out of cpus and gpus anymore.

Yashwant Garud says:

talk slowly

LukaMasterz says:

That PUBG clip tho. Your aim is worst than my setup for modern games. Also i5 ftw.

szsmix says:

3:44 really? How did you not kill that dude. This was hard to watch.

Me Catalin says:

I deff wouldn’t buy an i7 under any circumstance now but an i5 is rly good, or anything else rly, at this point pple should w8 for zen 2

Anzyclos says:

You need to poke into higher resolution before CPUs are bottlenecking you.

ant d says:

Im concerned if i’ll get at least 40fps?? Switching from FSX to XP11. Sold old rig ordered i7-8086K @ 5GZ, 6 core 12MB, 32GB dual channel HyperX DDR4 xmp @ 3200 rpm, GeForce 2080ti OC w/11 GB GDDR 6, but i’ll be running 3 1080 monitors, will i’ll be ok??

diwa karan says:

Can someone explain the 1% and 0.1% in the graph ?

odstzero22 says:

Will an i7-7700k last me for a while longer?

Joe Wayne says:

Hahaha pubg is broke not an anomaly

Elite Swag says:

One of the only youtubers that does not care about people disliking

al3rgen says:

Doom uses less cores, higher frequency – those higher frame rate.

Hans611 says:

8600k @5.2ghz…. ~1.4v its a beast….

indigodream21 says:

The reason you clicked.. Straight to the facts: Yw.. 07:16

Bench Salvador says:

I have RTX 2080 and i3 and i wanted to buy i5 or i7?

John Hollifield says:

If I’m going to go with an amd graphics card would it be best to also get a ryzen or should I do an i7?

JodyM2 says:

Just got i5 9600K & Asus Z370 A so nice to see this

Some Kidyboio says:

Frick frack. I let my friend help me make a pc part list and recommended a i5 8400 and me being the dumbass that I am, trusted him. I have a 2.8ghz cpu with 6 cores and threads where if I had spend $100 more, i would have been better off.

Jorda n says:

All you need to know.
The i7 is better.


im running a z370 i5 16gb of 3200 ram and can run any game plus iracing vr. unless you are doing some real heay lifting go with the i5

Arixoe says:

Would the i5 still work ok for streaming?

Alexander The Greek says:

i9-9900k is better.

Q A says:

Pepsi just called, they want their logo back.

Zylice Liddell says:

Is the GTX 1060 ok with the i5 4570k or should I upgrade to the i7?

Blue Cherry says:

for future i7 8700k is better i mean 2019 – 2020 even 2020 year, on 2020 year i7 8700k will have very more chance than i5 8600k, on 2020 year i5 8600k will be like now at the moment i5 6600k , nothing 😀

Jaza Noneyar says:

Would there be a difference at ultra wide or 4k?

he he says:

why does white guy have black hair? you got chinese dad?

James Russo says:

The i5 is always the workhorse, don’t let anyone tell you that you need an i7 for gaming. It’s really more for all the other stuff (sometimes at the same time.) The $100 I saved when I bought my 6600K isn’t keeping me up at night. It’s still super capable even running at stock speeds!

Alex Glen says:

Your videos are doo doo

M. H. says:

This is how it works, if you have a gtx1080 or less your good with 8400 or 8600, if you have a 1080ti, or rtx card, then you need and 8700 since thats when the cpu starts to bottle neck

MattCDOE says:

Over here rockin the i7 3770 non-k xD still very good for being 3rd generation, can still record/stream and watch my stream at same time using a 2nd monitor without much performance hit. Im also paired with the zotac gtx 1050ti mini

LanLock Gaming says:

about a 13% performance gain but not in single core , and also new mother board cost and here is my 7700k score on an asrock z270 gaming k6 against an 8700k as you can see my single core score blows this garbage away 8700 score – https://browser.geekbench.com/processors/2062 my 7700k score -https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/10800791 id love to tell you that the 7700k is better value for the money but its actually more expensive than the 8700k now , im guessing there a reason for that .thats right my 7700k is at 5 ghtz and 8700k is stock for a reason , it has 50% more cores and barely does more than 10% more performance on multi thread which is dead now with the new hyper thread security holes. so yea its a piece of shit. o was one click away from ordering an asus X rog formula and an 8700k for my new corsair mirror blck 570x and now i ordered the z270 code instead and will save hundreds of dollars and just upgrade my z270 system. thank you intel.and im sure im not the only one doing this which also makes nvidias new garbage a mute point . instead of spending 1200 bucks on useless tech i spent 350 bucks on another 1070 and will run that with the one i already had in sli and save another 800 again , ty intel.

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