Fallout 4 CPU Benchmark: i3 vs. i5, i7, & AMD FX

This benchmark looks at a few of the major gaming CPUs currently on the market, comparing their FPS in Fallout 4 at 1080 and 1440.

Read more here: http://www.gamersnexus.net/game-bench/2182-fallout-4-cpu-benchmark-huge-performance-difference

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K31TH3R says:

I bought an R9 290 for $219 on the release day of the R9 380x. A month later I ebay sniped a 12 thread Xeon X5650, an Asus Rampage II Extreme, and 24GB of G.Skill PC1600 for $239. I threw them on watercooling and have the CPU @ 4.6GHz, and the GPU at 1,240/1600. I am playing Fallout 4 on Ultra settings @ 3200×1800 and getting 45-60FPS and I paid less for my whole computer than some people paid upgrading to Skylake i5’s and I’m getting better FPS than they are. Say what you will about Gamebryo, but I’m sure happy as fuck.

kaz05050 says:

i own a 8350 and yet i can pull off 60 fps just fine gpu used is a gtx 960 ssc and fallout is on a ssd of its own.

sCoundrel blr says:


Adrian Pelletier says:

The CPU are not OC !!!

ymhayuociotlc says:

My i5 4670K really doesn’t handle fallout 4 well enough in my opinion, even if it’s more or less same as the 4690k. I often get under 40fps, can go as low as low 30s at times. My GPU is a 970, GPU usage usually is under 60% while CPU usage on all cores is above 90%.

Justin Johnson says:


Yearlink says:

4:32 the pickle count? lmao

Umaan Saghir says:

Can anyone tell if and amd fx4300 is good on fallout 4

chainsaw2010 says:

Why does TDP “thermal design power” a measurement of heat output, effect the AMD? Was it overheating?

Roberto PAlmeyda says:

i3 5005u + 940m + 8gb ram, run it?

No Commentary says:

No offence but i think your FX9590 was not properly cooled (which led to some throttling of your processor) I have watched about 20 videos of Fallout4 running on FX processor (including a lot of FX9590’s) and i never saw a single moment at 16FPS. Actually the minimum i saw on a FX8350 was 39 FPS and the minimum i saw on FX9590 was 55FPS… check the videos on youtube. You will see that your numbers look totally unlikely… (ps: i was just watching the benchmarks by curiosity. I am the owner of a 4790k… just telling so i dont get called the AMD fanboy by 2 millions youtubers…)

Elegantbutt says:

What would the i7 3700k be most comparable too?

Liam Yule says:

The game is almost unplayable at some areas in the city @1440p with a 980ti and i5-4690…

ShootAirsoftVideos says:

Here is my Question. If i have an i5 3570k OC to 4.1 watercool should that equate to a i5- 5930k. I don’t compare it to the i7 because of hyperthreading. Either way is this drop on frames a result of the limitation of hyperthreading in i5 ??? sorry very noobish when it comes to CPU.

FoodOnCrack says:

funny how the difference between fast and slow ram and i5 and i7 actually make a difference in fallout 4, since everyone always said none of these things matter.

DamZe says:

The Creation Engine is shit…. Nuff said…

dr. whet farts says:

outdated engine, sigh.

Bang4BuckPC Gamer says:

A poor Showing By AMD they must do better, but good to see the i7 4790K still owning

GoDLiK3 says:

Why didn’t you OC the g3258 to 4,5 GHz and see the real performance instead of STOCK. Thank you

Sean Wilson says:

Really don’t see how this game is poorly optimized. Two settings that cause problems. 1.) shadow draw distance. 2.)god rays. Other than that the game runs amazing. The frame rate issues and cpu bottlenecks come from a really messed up shadow draw distance, lower that and just about any computer can run it flawlessly.

Shadow Nightfall says:

How would an amd fx 6300 and nvidia geforce gtx 960 2gb ram do?

wuuht says:

Will you be making a optimization guide for fallout 4 where we can see what the most demanding settings are?

UlTrApLeX says:

How many cores does this weird game use?

BeigeBox says:

Something is wrong with the 9590, it must be throttling. The 8370E being on par with the i3 makes me think a 8350/8370 might be between the i3 and the i5, maybe closer to the latter, and obviously a normal 9590 will be superior, as it makes no sense for it to have a worse minimum than the 8370E.

dafff08 says:

good video

mmatyp says:

guys help!
i bought an rx480 two weeks ago and i get really bad fps at games with these specs
-Amd fx 4350
-Msi gaming 970 Mainboard
-Gskill 8 gb ram
in Fallout 4 with 1080p low specs i get 10-25 Fps in Borderlands 2 same. I have already deleted all drivers from my old Gpu
non change.

baroccsmoker says:

nice video..should i get more performance if i change my fx8120 to i7 6770k on1080P?? i got 1070gtx and FX8120 is holding my gpu usage to 60-70%.. poor performance while gaming i must say!!

Kind Guy says:

dude.. cut ur hair and grow a short beard and HELOOOOOOOOOOOOO HANDSOME!

deenycest10710 says:

I’m always a bit cautious when viewing cpu gaming review performance benches. Example, I have an i3-4160 paired with a Asus strix 980 at default clocks. The combination runs assassin’s Creed unity @ 1080p 60fps in near ultra settings (AA being the only setting not at ultra).

Hype M4N says:

i7 4790k and you’re getting 83 fps on average on 1440p on ultra settings with a 980Ti? I have a 980Ti FTW, the fuck is going on here?

Tekuila Gaming says:

Is it worth it upgrading from a 3570k to a 6700k for fo4? I have a 980 Ti gpu.


now his hair is legendary. <3

No Name says:

I have an i7 5820k with a Corsair H11Oi closed loop water cooler so I expect to overclock the CPU to at least 4.5ghz which will I hope in theory give me the best of both worlds as I will have 6 CPU cores as well as a high clock rate for the games that can’t take advantage of lots of cores. For example you see how the I7-5930K has better minimum frame rate over the i7 4790k and I believe this is because the 5930k has two extra CPU cores. However the 4790k has slightly higher max frame rate and I believe this is because it’s running at 4ghz which is faster than the 3.5ghz 5930k. So if I overclock my 5820k to 4.5ghz I will benefit from two extra cores while as well as really high single core performance which is why I chose the 6 core 5820k over the four core i7 6700k.

Barry Anderson says:

Should’ve overclocked the pentium, i have it oc to 4.0ghz and get 60fps max settings lol (placeholder chip though)

Vasilijan Nikolovski says:

Will there be a difference if I buy a i3 instead of an i5?
My GPU is a GTX 960 OC 2gb.

Lv100FlexingFurby says:

not fanboying but i have a 9590 @5.1 ghz watercooled with h100i and a gtx 980 msi gaming 4gb and i stay at 60 fps for the most part with vsync on and only fps drops to mid 50s in cities. my lowest was 45 fps but that only happened a few times

DoubleMika says:

can you recommend a AMD FX-8370E ? Im looking for a good cpu on AM3+ Socket with 95 TDP max. Can you help me?

Thomas McKenzie says:

I want your hair.

TrillMurray says:

I’m surprised that I can run this game on ultra with a fx6300

Jonny C says:

Why did you not test the I5 / i7 At the same clock rate?

PΞNΞmue says:

my game is locked at 60 🙁


what i assume is that this game scales well on high ghz and high single core performance as the creation engine is pretty old and on dx11 uses heavily on core 1. one issue we saw with the dunia in far cry 3 and 4 as well. those engines are from old times and never got refurnished to fully use every core to its full potential, so the architecutre and performance besides high ghz numbers. we can see well done engines doing their jobs alreay way better such as cryengine or unreal, redengine, 4aengine etc. bethesda needs a new fucking engine badly.

FreakWhenSee says:

Pickle count, lol

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